Spotlight: Mission Workshop Arkiv Field Pack

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The Arkiv series from Mission Workshop is one I’ve taken a particular liking to. I carry all different assortments of miscellaneous crap (primarily oddly-shaped booze vessels if you must know) so I appreciate a pack that anticipates just such a thing—and so much more. With the Arkiv’s ingeniuos modular system, one can mix and match a shocking number of waterproof accessories to create a pack tailor-made for your particular needs.

Laptop case? No problem. Tool pouch? Ditto. Foloio case? You get the picture. An attachable shoulder strap even turns each accessory into its own easy-to-carry bag.

Available in several trims, as well as two different sizes, not to mention a whole host of accessories the Arkiv system presents a mind-boggling number of potential build combinations—not to mention one of the most utilitarian bags on the market. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

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