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News of the Tweet: The Value of a Like

01.22.2013 //

Can you reduce brain-dead commentary and message-board bombast by charging people for the privilege of commenting on the articles they read online? Perhaps that’s just as idiotic as the idiocy it seeks to eliminate.

News of the Tweet: The Speed Of Our Integrity’s Demise

01.03.2013 //

We have to get used to the fact that Twitter and other social media platforms will form powerful means for information transfer, but we have to make sure that we aren’t losing anything in the process.

News of the Tweet: InstaKneeJerk

12.20.2012 //

It seems like every two weeks mob mentality takes over and people indignantly chirp status updates about how miffed they are something has changed. In the early days of social media it was about the layout of Facebook changing, now it’s people being worried that they will see their photos floating around in the public domain despite the fact that they were quite happy to take that photo of their intimate moment and put it up on a social media site in the first place.

News of the Tweet: What is the Point of It All?

12.18.2012 //

Commenteers and forum users live in a safe house of anonymity that they can get away with things they can’t in real life. It is a sort of blow off valve for society, a vocal, yet noiseless, demonstration of a larger anomie raging within.

News of the Tweet: Instagram

12.11.2012 //

By Seb Kemp College Humor nailed this one. I dare any Instagram user to watch this and say they have never matched some of the behaviors they satirize. How do you feel about Instagram pulling images from your tweets? Are you looking for a workaround? If so, here’s one: — USA TODAY (@USATODAY) December […]

News of the Tweet: Lies and Mistruths

12.05.2012 //

Bigfoot may just be our cousin, Facebook is ruining marriages and the Pope’s Twitter account is strangely silent.

News of the Tweet: Bombs and Boobs

11.20.2012 //

Tweets as weapons of war, boobs getting banned and all manner of Internet-related crazy.

News of the Tweet: Social Media Gurus

11.05.2012 //

What makes somebody a social media guru, a Facebook oracle, Twitter swami, Instagram unicorn?

News of the Tweet: Follow the Leader

10.30.2012 //

What does it take to become a Twitter success (and will doing so make you feel like a bit of a whore)?

News of the Tweet: Hashtags

10.23.2012 //

No longer innocent search terms, hashtags have evolved into something unique and more than a little disturbing,

News of the Tweet: The Fall Out of the Fall

10.18.2012 //

The gory details of Lance Armstrong’s doping regimen and revelations about many other top pros pharmaceutical escapades have created a busy week in Twitter World. An Austrian falls from outer space and breaks some media records in the process.

News of the Tweet: Highly-Judged Thought Process

10.11.2012 //

Last weekend the world’s bravest mountain bikers congregated on a tiny patch of the Utah desert to try and out do each other at the Red Bull Rampage. It was like a band of cowboys decided to have a dick-swinging contest, just without the homosexual undertones.

Exclusive: Trans-Provence…The Last Day

10.03.2012 //

Crashes, injuries and airlifts to the hospital mark the final day of racing, but fail to put a damper on the world’s premier Enduro race.

News of the Tweet: On the Nature of Shame

09.05.2012 //

Riding bicycles is stupid. It’s only by some stroke of cosmic chance that no one laughs and points when they see an adult riding a bicycle down the road…

News of the Tweet: Not So Easy PC

08.29.2012 //

One of the biggest name in cycling got in trouble, the world feels the wrath of renegade, raging grannies and so much more.

News of the Tweet: Crankworxed

08.21.2012 //

Crankworx is arguably the best event in mountain biking. And if you agree with this statement, you probably agree that it is better by a very long way.

News of the Tweet: Heroes, Superstars and Hacks

08.18.2012 //

By Seb Kemp Apologies to anyone who was waiting for this. Somewhere around last Friday things became a blur after a rider plowed their front wheel through the back of my head. After that it has all been bright colors and loud noises, blow-up sex dolls and the odour of seared body armor. That’s right, […]

News Of The Tweet: The Zombification Of Social Media

08.07.2012 //

By Seb Kemp Book reviews are being killed by kindness, says @silvermanjacob. Where has the venom gone, is social media to blame? — The Millions(@The_Millions) August 4, 2012 The above link to an article by @silvermanjacob points out an unforeseen problem with social media: that is, the niceness epidemic. In his article, Silverman says […]

News of the Tweet: Inane Entertainment

06.12.2012 //

By Seb Kemp Britt is halfway through her year of buying nothing new — no gear, no iphone, no nada. Here’s what she’s learned. — Adventure Journal (@adventurevida) June 8, 2012 I get drawn to certain tweets, not just for the benefit of this weekly workout but also in my day-to-day scanning of Twitter […]

News of the Tweet: CopyCats

05.21.2012 //

Similar to the ‘Discover’ tab – where links and Tweets are summarized to help you decide which are more important to you, the emails feature “the most engaging Tweets seen by people you follow, even if you don’t follow those who wrote them”, Twitter wrote on its blog.

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