Video: Green River Recon Featured in July Issue of Bike

Kelly McGarry and Eric Porter go rafting in search of virgin terrain.

By Brice Minnigh
Photography by Haruki Noguchi
Video by Justin Olsen

A small group of mountain bikers set out on an exploratory mission down a stretch of Utah’s Green River last autumn in search of remote and untarnished riding territory. Floating on inflatable rafts retrofitted with bike racks, the team navigated 68 miles of water between the towns of Green River and Mineral Bottom, armed only with a topo map and the roughest idea of which places they wanted to scout.

The crew—Diamondback riders Kelly McGarry and Eric Porter, along with photographer Haruki Noguchi, filmer Justin Olsen and a river-rat guide named Stephen ‘Chalupa’ Darrigo—spent nine days on the journey, encountering riverbank vermin and a slew of previously unridden terrain.

The arid arroyos to the north of Canyonlands National Park yielded more mind-blowing riding than any of the group had expected—from miles of pristine, animal-trodden singletrack to natural halfpipes in slickrock slot canyons and giant, Rampage-scale spines.

Check out the full feature in the July issue of Bike, which should be landing on a newsstand near you any day now (or downloaded here).

Until then, here’s the group’s official highlight video:

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  • Stu

    Wow, Do you realize that riding off trail in this area is illegal? What a lame thing to promote. I hope these guys get the book thrown at them. Shame on you guys. How much crypto did you have to crush to feed your ego, and sell this article.

  • Will Kelley

    Being a resident of the area, a shop mechanic, a rider, boater, etc, I just want to say to these skilled clowns….Thanks for making it harder than it already is to get trails legalized in this area. There is so much potential here, but every trespass by every, “all about me”
    idiot just sets us back from realizing trails that would rock riders the world around, not just us who live and play in this amazing area.

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