Sea Otter Gravity Results

Jared Graves railing the DH course.

Jared Graves railing the DH course.

Pro gravity racing saw close competition during the 2010 Sea Otter Classic.

Saturday’s DS event had its share of upsets and triumphs beginning with first-place qualifier Brian Lopes crash early in the game during his run against 32nd qualifier Josh Bryceland who also ended up eliminated in a slip-up during a later heat.


Mick Hannah rallying to a win in the Dual Slalom

Mick Hannah’s check of second place finisher Aaron Gwin during the finals could possibly be the event’s greatest upset with Hannah’s power overtaking Gwin’s lead on the course’s sprint section.

Women’s DS was also action packed with Jill Kintner taking first, closely followed by Rachel Atherton. Sabrina Jonnier took third.

Taking first place on DH was Jared Graves who rode the same 4x bike that he took fourth in DS on. A couple seconds behind Graves was teammate Aaron Gwin who ended his weekend with two-second-place finishes. Placing third was Brian Lopes, with Mick Hannah placing fourth. Taking eight was DH World Champion Steve Peat.

Darting down the hill with a first-place finish in women’s DH was Melissa Buhl, defeating Rachel Atherton who mirrored her placement in DS. Tracy Moseley finished in 3rd place.

Dual Slalom:

(Pro Men)

1st – Mick Hannah (GT)
2nd – Aaron Gwin (Yeti)
3rd – Jared Rando (Giant)
4th – Jared Graves (Yeti)
5th – Greg Minaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate)

(Pro Women)

1st – Jill Kintner (Transition)
2nd – Rachel Atherton (Animal/Commencal)
3rd – Sabrina Jonnier (Maxxis/Rocky Mountain)
4th – Melissa Buhl (KHS)
5th – Leigh Donovan (Intense)


(Pro Men)

1st – Jared Graves (Yeti)
2nd – Aaron Gwin (Yeti)
3rd – Brian Lopes (Ibis)
4th – Mick Hannah (GT)
5th – Cam Cole (Maxxis – Rocky Mountain)

(Pro Women)

1st – Melissa Buhl (KHS)
2nd – Rachel Atherton (Animal/Commencal)
3rd – Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing)
4th – Sabrina Jonnier (Maxxis/Rocky Mountain)
5th – Leigh Donovan (Intense)

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