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How to Shorten a Disc Brake Hose

For the first edition of Bike magazine’s Mechanic Mondays, Squirrel will run though how to shorten the brake hose of Shimano’s Saint disc brake.

Next week, Squirrel will show you how to perform a brake bleed on Shimano’s Saint stoppers.

NOTE: We know it’s not Monday, but due to this week’s site revamp, we will not be able to add new posts for a few days.

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  • Al

    If you take your pads out before you start, and pull the lever a couple of times (carefully!) to push the pistons outwards some, you can then shorten your hose as above and once done you can push the pistons back into the calliper to push any air at the join through into the reservoir. Thus avoiding any need to bleed.

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