Holiday Gift Guide Guests

Welcome to the Bike magazine Holiday Gift Guide Guests.

We’ve asked some of our industry and athlete friends to compile their ideal gift lists following the same $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 format of our other Gift Guides.

The catch, however, is that they are only allowed to choose one product from the company they work for (or are sponsored by).

Listed from new to old:

Here is Morgan “Morgadeth” Meredith’s gift list:

Here is Rebbeca Rusch’s gift list:

Here is Mark Sevenoff from Western Spirit Cycling’s gift list:

Here is Rad Ross Schnell’s gift list:

Here is Carl Decker from the Giant Factory Racing team’s gift list:

Here is Dain Zaffke from Giro’s gift list:

Here is Michael Raney from Commencal’s gift list:

Here is Noah Sears from MRP’s gift list:

! Check back often for more guest entries. !

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