Holiday Gift Guide Guest: Michael Raney – Commencal

Guest Gift Guide: Michael Raney – Commencal

By: Michael Raney

Welcome to the Guest Editions for the Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve asked some of our industry and athlete friends to compile their ideal gift lists. The catch was that they were only allowed to choose one product from the company they work for (or are sponsored by).

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Rad BMX DVD: $10

The greatest BMX movie of all time. This movie changed my views on bike racing forever, and also how I eat Kix before a ride.

Honey Stinger Waffle (Box of 16): $23

When you have been riding all day and you reach in your bag for some sustenance do you want to pull out a gel? Negative. You want 2 waffles with honey in the middle. They are also rad with a cup of coffee.

Cobalt 2 handlebar: $50

Good width, good rise, good sweep, and good price. A good handlebar plain and simple.

Apple AirPort Express: $99

Wires are for the weak, especially when it is time to impress.

Flylow Higgins Jacket: $270

Because there are times of the year then the mountains are covered with snow and we still need to get out and play.

Commencal MAX MAX Atherton: $599

Cause this is a special edition Atherton DJ bike. It has a 6061 frame and rocks as hard as it looks.

Craigslist: 1977 Chevy Camero: $900 obo

Bichin Camero.

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