One On One Brings The Party To Frostbike

Unearthing treasures in Minneapolis' one and only.

We’ve ventured out of our winter paradise to the colder climes of of the American midwest to partake in all that Quality Bike Product’s Frostbike show has to offer. Kicking things off, a celebration at One on One Bikes in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota left us with more than a few gems we felt we needed to share.

One on One is one of the most unique bike shops you’ll ever encounter. Period.

For as many eccentricities as you’ll find upstairs, the shop’s basement is a cut above—er—below?.

Don’t come down here unless you clear your schedule for at least a week.

One fucking speed: broken.

Naturally, everything we wanted wasn’t for sale.

A lot has changed in 15 years.

Business in the front…

…Party in the back.

We’ve forced ourselves to stop collecting bikes, but the basement almost had us falling off the wagon. Sorry.

Warning: May Cause Seizures

One on One’s Geneo can pour beer as well as he pours on the speed.

Mustache Kit: Free … Rides: That’ll cost ya. All Hail The Black Market

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  • Gene O

    Thanks for coming by Hotdog!
    The drag races and Derby out back kinda fell flat. I think most shop peeps were a bit cautious as it was the first night or they never seen anything like that.
    It was a blur of a weekend thats fer sure. Did we see you at the Handsome Cycles Cutters Ball?
    Next year we’ll have the Circulus up and we will REALLY get blurry!
    Oh! Oh! The March issue showed up today. Again you NAILED it!

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