Frorider Back ‘Behind Bars’

Brett Tippie returns to recently resurrected Race Face.

Brett Tippie rides the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Photo by Margus Riga, courtesy Race Face

By: Don Stefanovich

Just two months after the shocking demise of Canadian industry giant, Race Face, the brand was brought back from the dead at the hands of former employees and silent investors, and has already begun ramping up production, marketing and its roster of sponsored athletes.

Fellow Canuck and freeride pioneer Brett Tippie is the most recent.

“Tip’s roots with Race Face run deep,” said Chris Tutton, Race Face’s new Managing Director. “He has been with the brand since the inception of freeride, before the freeride scene existed.”

After originally riding the then emerging brand as he carved out an entirely new discipline in the ‘90s, Tippie re-signed with the brand in January of this year, just two short months before investors pulled the plug. Now he is “back behind bars, indefinitely” according to the press release.

Brett Tippie hucks a 15-footer. Photo by Blake Jorgenson, courtesy Race Face

As part of the company’s leaner, meaner new business model requiring the fewer-than-20-person staff (once greater than 70) to step up their collective game, Tippie will not only be riding and promoting the brand, but taking the social media reigns as well. The “frorider” will be a regular contributor on the brand’s blogs, Twitter and Facebook in addition to his various hosting and coaching gigs throughout the year and his own Web series, “Just the Tip.”

“I am so relieved Race Face is back in action,” Tippie said. “I’ve become good friends and family with many of the crew over the years. The products really are the cat’s ass.”

Brett Tippie. Photo by Blake Jorgenson, courtesy Race Face