Winner Announced -Trek and Hermosa Tours Contest

Thanks to all who entered.

And the winner is: Daniel Lizio-Katzen from New York, NY.

Thanks to all who entered. Daniel will be the recipient of two Trek Fuel EX 8 bikes and an all-expenses-paid trip for two on a Hermosa Tours Adventure of his choice.

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  • matt

    I hope I win

  • Chris

    I’m sorry to say, you won’t. Because I will!

  • Ben

    I can always use two more bikes!

  • Kevin

    Hoping for the W

  • Lee Paul

    I’ve been thinking of getting a Fuel EX5, but two EX8’s will do just fine

  • Matthew

    I can only hope I win ,having worked so hard for my first bike it would be epic to have a new bike for friends and family

  • Lindal

    Because it would be a trip of a life time and a great experience for the guides. I tip big !
    On my new TREK bike.

  • http://bikemag nick

    I have a 2005 GF HKEK riden for 6 years with my son. we both have hardtails and have went to demo an ex 9, great bike best I’ve ridden. To win these two bikes for me and my son would be a dream come true. happy trails.

  • Mel

    I would love to ride some wicked trails. Here’s to hoping

  • Weasel

    sounds like a good start on my mid-life ah; “transition”, wife gonna kill me but what the heck.

  • Carlson Oldford

    My wife and I currently ride hardtails, but I have always wanted a bike like the EX 8. The braking system and suspension on this bike gives me goosebumps! It must be a wonderful ride!!

  • Harold

    I’m feeling lucky

  • Alejandro


  • Tim

    That’s the bike that is missing from my quiver. 120mm travel xc bike. Good luck to you all. I am going to start clearing space in my garage for my new bikes.

  • Di

    This jobless person needs a new bike!

  • Lauren

    Give me this bike and i will devote my life to cycling!!! haha

  • Otto Laszlo

    Bikes an Tour is a perfect mach.

  • Julie

    USA only… When a fair share of the pictures in that magazine are not from the USA, I would have expected a bit more international love
    Your cousins from the North

  • James C.

    Awesome! BIKE mag rocks! Hope I win!

  • McNeill

    Broke neck 2 years ago riding bike need a vacation and an adventure have a good one

  • Mike. L

    Epic win for me amirite!

  • Jerry Baxter

    I would love to have a bike to sleep with at night.

  • Billy Freytag

    I hope i win i have a santa cruz superlight that just completely brokeat my last twelve hour in new mexico (new chain, fluid in brakes, bleed my brakes, rockshox fork broke, and my chain has snapped twice) gonna be expensive to fix hope i win these two bikes need a bike that can stand a twelve hour race at least.

  • shadowwraith

    yo! (insert “yay me! gimee-gimee-gimee” statement here.)

  • George

    This bike would be for my wife, who is now pregnant. She and our dog are my favorite crew to hit the trail with.

  • Ken

    I can see myself crusiing on my new Trek right now.. ahhhh its gonnna be sweet.

  • Dennis

    I am saving to buy 4 Trek bikes for my family. 2 EX8’s would sure reduce that price load! Fingers crossed and prayers sent up!

  • Steven

    Awesome giveaway! May the most deserving win!

  • Brent

    US only what a pile of garbage do you guys forget that the best of mountain biking happens north of the 49th ah well guess I’ll spend my money on a Canadian product have fun.

  • Bryan Vong

    This would really make my year!

  • John

    The bikes are awesome, but I’m really salivating for the trip. Gimme some elevation, singletrack, woods and rocks, I’ve been stuck in Fl too long already!!!

  • Eric

    No whammies, no whammies, big bucks, big bucks, STOP!

  • DBAElvis

    Sure Could Use the Bike

  • Eddie

    One for me and one for my trail dog ‘Bob’………Do this come with a crash replacement deal? HIT IT !!!!!

  • greg welton

    The ex8 would be the dingoes dangles! Oh, the trip would “rock the free world”.

  • Oz

    Hermosa Tours rocks!

  • AG

    A dream come true if this happens for me!! =D

  • Eduardo La Hoz

    I will provide you with my soul for these bikesPOINT

  • norman

    this could be a first… :)

  • Sally Robertson

    Awesome! I love riding. Hope I win. Thanks for the contest.

  • Andy

    Excellent promotion – my wife and I both ride EX8s and love them – mine is a 2010 and hers is 2011 WSD model. I ride with friends all the time and rent EX8s from Poison Spider Bikes in Moab for my out of town friends – these bikes will be my own rental fleet for everyone coming to town – so when they announce me as the winner all of ya’ll can just e-mail me and reserve your dates!!! LOL!


    so want to get back into riding where i live all the guy’s have trek ex8’s don’t ride because my bike’s too old school but i could really get alot of exercise and ride almost daily !

  • William Cornwill

    I wish you offered people outside of the US to enter as well this would be an awesome prize.

  • David O’Haver

    If I win I will take these bikes to Utah and try to ride the wheels off of them ,the key word here is try.hopefully it cant be done

  • Paul

    Just got a ex 9.9 and freakin love it! If i win, i will give the bikes to deserving people who I know will appreciate it!

  • ken

    The wife and I would be happy anywhere enjoying the outdoors on amazing bikes like these!!!

  • Nancy Fallon-Houle

    Where to go? To one of the 35 states in which I’ve never ridden single track, perhaps Utah, Idaho, Hawaii or Alaska! or Whistler? Or anywhere again in Colorado or Arizona! I’m a 55 year old lady rider, who just started riding 9 years ago in 2002, at age 46. I’m just completely smitten with riding single track. The smell of the woods is intoxicating! The work stress relief is amazing! I’m not the fastest chick on the trails, and I don’t race. But I can kick some butt for a 55 year old gal, and can out ride some guys (and gals) who are younger than me! I ride as many nights after work as possible, and as many weekend days as possible. I’ve ridden single track in 14 states, plus mountain-road in Hawaii, by each summer or spring vacation, going somewhere to ride that I’ve never been. I’ve ridden single track in Illinios, where I live (Chicagoland), Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, plus moutain road in Hawaii. My first bike was a Trek Fuel 90 (2001). My current bike is a 2006 Trek Fuel EX9 WSD, which I LOVE! Rides like a dream! But alas, she is now 5 years old and I could use a new bike/spare bike. I keep a spare bike to lend out to friends whom I’m trying to get addicted to riding too (but I just sold the 2001.) We need more chicks on the trails! So I need a new “loaner bike”. If I won the EX8, I’d pay for an upgrade to another EX9 WSD, or higher. For the second bike: To my husband, who doesn’t ride: Please, please, please ride with me…I won you a new bike!

  • John Pooler

    I would go anywhere but here! 3rd tour in Iraq and this is the very bike I am looking for to upgrade from my 09 trek 6000…make my wish come true! fingers crossed!

  • Henrik Hansen

    just starte cyckling last year.. this year i cant get enough of it… cyckling every day… on my Trek 6500… and when the sun i shining im using my Trek madone 6.9 pro… i hope that i win so i have a bike to use in the woods :-)

  • Dave S.

    I’d give one to my son and go riding with him up at Case Mt with our dog following us.

  • Matt

    What an awesome giveaway! good luck to everyone!

  • Ryan

    This year has been been rough and this would be the greatest gift to turn things around.

  • Joseph

    I would definitely spend a month cycling the coastal mountain ranges in Oregon and in the Cascades! I love my Trek 520, no need for a car! But I would also love to be able to get into the mountains!

  • Jeff

    I live in New Jersey..,

  • Walter

    This is the stuff of bromances! The question would be which of my buddies to take with me?

  • Kris

    My wife and I sure could use some new Trek mountain bikes to spice up our date night…nothing like a good mountain bike ride and dinner with your best friend/wife.

  • Slvialynch

    It is so fun to be able to dream for at least few minutes while entering for winning. Thanks Trek and Hermosa Tours.

  • Kathy

    Great-looking mountain bike!

  • Tom

    Amazing give away! Thanks for the opportunity to dream!!!!

  • Chris

    Thank you for the opportunity to win two incredible bikes and an unforgettable trip!

  • shaun

    thats an awesome bike. i defiantly need a new trek my 6700 is a great bike but it keeps having some problems. hope to win

  • Benoit COUTIER

    I love this Bike !

  • Ben

    why not the Trek Fuel EX 9.9?

  • Greg

    I have an EX6, this would be a nice upgrade. Plus my son LOVEs my bike so this would be great for him too.
    Hmmm… where too go?

  • dan

    Awesome bike!

  • JaxsonJohn

    honestly, there is no better bike than TREK, I hope I win for reasons inclusive of the Trek; Hood River is AWESOME!

  • B I L L I E Luke

    The only bike brand that I’ve owned since my ability to purchase bikes has been TREK. That makes four. I’m loyal to your brand and I love your bikes. Very well-made! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest at a chance to own two more of your quality products!

    B I L L I E

  • Gary

    TREK bikes are so incredible and the attention to detail goes well above most. Having had the pleasure of a factory tour, I am an even more devoted owner and will continue to support the brand and the exceptional people I know who work there with passion!

  • John

    One can never have too many bikes in their stable. My last Fuel was cut off the bikerack on my car. I do miss that bike…

  • Brian

    If I win this, I am selling the bikes >.>

    Sorry, Trek. Already own an EX 8, but I am looking to go a bit bigger. Sell 2 EX 8s, buy Remedy, trick out with remaining monies.

    Or buy a Knolly ;x

  • jorge

    why two bikes ? already own a trek, would be great to have another

  • Matt

    I see contest ends 8/1/11. But when is the drawing?

  • Alvin

    Who won?

  • noah

    who won

  • Matt

    Who won?

  • Daniel

    I just want to say thanks to Bike. I never win anything and I’m thrilled for the bikes and especially the trip. It finally gives me an excuse to do the Durango to Moab ride!!!

  • Matt


  • http://bike.mag Nick

    there goes the only chance I had for a full suspention. daniel you should share the wealth maybe with an dedicated mtb bike rider from St. Louis. you have crushed my dreams daniel. Not mad at ya just jelous. If you cant figure out what to do with the 2nd ex 8 jesus will give you a free pass to the golden gates if you were to provide me with the 2nd ex8. would do almost any thing Almost.

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