Cane Creek Launches Headset Fit Finder


Cane Creek is making the convoluted world of headset standards a lot less overwhelming. The company recently launched a new online Headset Fit Finder— The site is intended to simplify the process of finding the correct headset size combinations for a particular bike. With more 20 different tapered and conversion headset configurations out there, compounded by the confusion of integrated vs. semi-integrated standards, the Headset Fit Finder should prove useful for even the average gearhead.

To use the fit finder, simply enter a bike’s make, model and year. The database will either show the bike’s headset options immediately, or take users through a series of  steps to find a fit for their particular frame/fork configuration.

Trek, Specialized, KHS, Niner, LaPierre and Salsa have already contributed years of headset information to the database, and details on about 100 bikes are added each day.

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