Bike Week Exclusive: Cannondale’s Trigger

The most in-depth preview of Cannondale's new trail bike to date

By Vernon Felton

With the Trigger, Cannondale has taken the unique frame design from the Jekyll and Claymore bikes and scaled it down into a lightweight trail bike that can destroy XC courses and, with the flick of a switch, also tear it up on ugly descents.

In our video from Bike Week, Cannondale’s Mike Cushionbury gives the most comprehensive overview to date of the new Trigger.

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  • Disco

    Pretty cool, nice to see a lefty on one of the pull shock frames for a change; still not sold on the concept however since not even a “magic link” can create a bike ideal for all situations. Dump the gimmicks and just make a siple cheap desgin like the old rush which just plain works, these are bikes not the space shuttle.

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