Bike Week Exclusive: CamelBak Volt Hydration Pack

Eric Porter shows off the new CamelBak Volt

By Vernon Felton

Eric Porter goes over the nitty gritty details that went into making CamelBak’s new Volt hydration pack–more storage capacity, a larger hydration bladder and, well, just plain more.

Check it out.

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  • Dave Bartel

    This pack looks pretty awesome. Unfortunately, despite what the video says, the Camelbak site seems to have no mention of this product yet.

  • Bob

    I love the idea of most of the weight lower. I keep trying but have yet to find a better back than by 10 year plus old Ultimate Directions. During that time I have purchased Camelbaks, Ospreys, ad even a new UD pack but they don’t compare. Maybe this one has a shot. Eric? What is the volume of this pack?

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