Bike Magazine’s Reader Survey

We are giving away a swag pack—worth more than 200 bucks—to two lucky people.

Hey readers. Yes, you. We are giving away a prize pack—worth more than 200 bucks—full of Bike magazine merchandise, to two randomly-chosen (and very fortunate) people who fill out our Reader Survey.

Why a reader survey? We want to hear your thoughts so that we can make the best damn mountain-bike magazine possible.

Click the link, fill out the survey, and you could be one of those lucky people. Tell you what; we’ll also give five randomly-selected people the sweet Stealth hat in this photo too. Act now!

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  • Justin

    Keep up the good work ! And more dh / fr please !

  • Michael Beam

    Thanks likee the mag

  • Reed Llewelyn

    Great mag I love it

  • Jeremy

    Keep it up.

  • Kevin Jargo

    Rad publication

  • Dave

    Great mag!

  • Ken Slanie

    I love Bike Magazine almost as much as I do mountainbiking. Its a great read and I look forward to it every month. It keeps me motivated to stay out there and in turn, I try to keep my riding buddies motivated, too. I’m always the one that calls to push them out the door. I’m 65 and have been ridiing the dirt since I was 21 on either an MX bike or my mountain bike and will only quit when they scatter my ashes on a hilltop. Just give me my bike, my gear and my Aleve, and I’m happy. Oh yeah, and my wife, kids and grandkids, too. ;-)

  • Ed

    Nice to read…good reason to keep the tv off.

  • Randy sage

    Enjoyed the survey and love the magazine

  • Mitchell Pichson

    Although, I like seeing high end product, the bike tests are all out of any price range I would ever buy. Boring stories, and those dumb editorials that try to be funny. The shtbike is a waste of time. Some of the articles are intersting. I don’t have the magazine in front of me to pinpoint specifics.

  • Michael Wallace

    I love the essays, especially those that make me laugh. Of course some are better than others.

  • Ray Walters

    After having subscribed and read many different bike magazines over the years, Bike and Dirt Rag are the only ones worth reading.

  • Joe Torres

    Keep up the great work and continue putting out a great mag!

  • Luis Garcia

    The only reason to look forward to get to the mailbox!

  • Aaron Patrick

    How about that gear

  • Glenn Crist

    Please don’t send me an XL tshirt, I’m a small guy.

  • Jay Davis

    Great mag – keep up the good work and keep up the stories about great domestic rides!

  • Nathan Somerville

    Awesome magazine, keep up the great work!

  • Eric Hansen

    My favorite mag, been reading since issue #1, keep up the great work.

  • Don Hart

    My favorite bike mag by far!

  • Neight

    Ride or die!!!!!haha love the zine keep up the great work.

  • chris wilken

    Good bike mag

  • alan

    Wow, I needed hydration during that LONG survey. I think we all deserve some swag after that experience. Promised my first born to win the big prize!

  • Matt Schiefferly

    Nice work. Keep it up.

  • Rob Haze

    Photos, flavor, & fun….great mag.

  • Inga

    About to go….

  • Kelly

    Awsome photos, very good articals, read ever month cover to cover

  • Jim

    photos are fantastic, stories from the ride and being out on the road are great. No other magazine of any time captures the scenery in motion that you guys do

  • Steve

    Love the magazine. Look forward to it every month. As a relatively new rider I am hungry for info about the sport.

  • Doug

    Great Magazine. I wish you had more hard tail bike stuff and trail info

  • Neil

    Yes I like beer.

  • Nick

    No choice for “sex” as an off-bike exercise?! You guys at Bike need to stop working so many hours and slay it to your wives!

  • anderson

    great mag looking forward too next month issue

  • john kastan

    great photography, cool articles

  • Andy Colombo-Dougovito

    Gets me from one ride to the next… great articles.

  • Adam X

    Excellent mag, but I love to see more female content to lure my wife into reading it more often. And Kristen Butcher is outstanding!

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