11 Questions – Lindsey Voreis

Lindsey likes her burgers rare.

Photo: Greg Maino

The everyday American might know Lindsey Voreis for her part as a competitor in the 2001 season of the television show, Survivor Africa. Now, she works alongside her husband Kirt Voreis as part of the Specialized AllRide Academy. Recently, Lindsey was part of the coaching team at the Ray’s MTB Women’s Weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1 — Describe the perfect hamburger.
Has to have cheese. Cut the horns off the cow, and serve it to me rare. Everything on it.

2 — Who are your heroes or role models?
Kirt Voreis and my dad.

3 — What would you be doing if you never discovered bikes?
I’d be sad and depressed and still riding horses, and not getting any exercise.

4 — Where is the most interesting place on earth?
The forrest.

5 — Who is your favorite musician or band (right now)?
Lady Gaga.

6 — What was your first bike?
Specialized Hardrock. It was pink and purple.

7 — If you could play any instrument, what would it be?

8 — Who do you think is the best bike rider of all time?

9 — What is on the perfect pizza?
Lots of cheese, every veggie imaginable and pepperoni.

10 — If you could have coffee and conversation with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
Amelia Earheart, because she took life by the balls.

11 —Describe yourself in three words.
Spastic, compassionate, strong.

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  • http://www.kirtvoreis.com Lindsey Voreis

    uhm, am I eating something, sucking on something, trying to be funny or just plain weird. ? Sorry I’m so boring people….

  • Glen

    Boring you are not. Great riding the Umpqua with you last summer with Cog Wild. Now if you could just warm up that water… also waiting for Big Balls II: “This time It’s Personal”.

  • http://www.kirtvoreis.com Lindsey Voreis

    GLEN!! So great riding with you guys!! Please keep in touch and come ride with us again!!

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