Preview: GT Zaskar 100 9r Pro

A look at GT's new full-suspension 29er XC bike.

By: Ryan LaBar

GT’s top-end Zaskar 100 9r Pro retials for $5,500.

The 100-millimeter bike isn’t adorned with the lightest parts, but still comes in at a reasonable 27 pounds with pedals (size large).

GT’s Marketing Manager, Chris Hopwood runs through some of the Zaskar 100 9r Pro’s new features:

To better accommodate the characteristics of carbon, GT now mounts the floating BB link on the inside of the rear triangle. GT claims this also improves stiffness.

One pinch bolt cinches down the two 1 1/8-inch headset bearings per side. These bearings are adjustable much like a headset.

All threaded parts of the frame are replaceable so if you strip them out accidentally, it’s not the end of the world (or your frame).

GT has been all about building its bikes to last. This point is punctuated by the DT-Swiss M1800 All Mountain 29 wheels (shown here) and Syncros AM V2 stem.

GT didn’t forget about riders who like to run water bottles. This may not be a conventional spot for a bottle cage, but GT says it works quite well.

Look for a full review of the GT Zaskar 100 9r Pro in an upcoming issue of Bike magazine.

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  • Reed

    You know, that bottle spot might work better than the conventional seat tube location. I’ve always thought it was kind of tough to reach the seat tube bottle.

    At $5,500 and 27(!) lbs though it’s hard to imagine buying this over a Superfly 100 or Scalpel 29.

  • Eric

    It is on the porky side, although with a light wheelset, I doubt a few extra frame pounds will be noticed. GT’s have always been beefy, overbuilt, and durable. Although my current ride isn’t one, I raced GT’s for a long time (a Marathon and before that a Zaskar), and the frames felt as good and stiff at mile 5000 as they did at mile 1.

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