NiteRider 2015 line includes increased lumens, extended run times



NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems unveils the 2015 bike line showcasing new products, slight boosts in lumen outputs and decreases in pricing of popular lights. Overall, the line focuses on riders’ need for longer run times and increased commuter safety.

Enduro Batteries Increase Run Times

The NiteRider line is divided into the Pro Performance, Sport Performance and the Commuter Category. The flagship Pro Performance lights are designed for the highest output, durability and functionality bikers expect for hard-core night riding. Although companies often put the most focus on lumen output, the race for increased lumens has taken a toll on battery life. This year, NiteRider has added the “Enduro Battery” to the Performance Line. The Pro 2200 Enduro and Pro 770 Enduro boost run times up to 60 percent longer depending upon setting. The top-of-line Pro 3600 is available in both D.I.Y. and Enduro versions. Expect to see additional battery performance features from NiteRider in the upcoming months.

The Pro 3600 Enduro

The Pro 3600 Enduro

The Pro 3600 DIY Battery

The Pro 3600 DIY Battery

Increased Lumens, Decreased Price and New Offerings in the Sport Performance and Commuter Line

The Lumina Series has become known as the best all-around light for both the trail and the daily commute. Four of the five lights have been boosted by an additional 50 lumens and bear the names Lumina 750, Lumina 550, Lumina 400 and Lumina Micro 250.

A Lane of Your Own with the New Sentinel Tail Light

A cornerstone in cycling safety is the tail light and sometimes trail rides end up on roads. A new offering for 2015 is the Sentinel 2W USB. The light is equipped with 30 lumens of regular projection similar to the Solas, but with the addition of down-facing laser lights that project visible lanes onto the road. Instant visibility is the name of the game and it is extremely effective during the day as well as the night.

The Lumina 750

The Lumina 750

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