Cannondale OverMountain Team to Race on New SuperMax Lefty Fork

Longtime Fox Racing Shox Rider Mark Weir, Recovering from Serious Injuries, Will Race on the SuperMax

By Brice Minnigh

All of Cannondale’s North American OverMountain team members will race this year on the new SuperMax Lefty fork, including longtime Fox Racing Shox rider Mark Weir—who is rapidly recovering from serious injuries he recently sustained in a freak accident and is planning to race this season.

The new fork, a redesigned 160-millimeter-travel Lefty, has been put through the ringer over the past several months by all members of Cannondale’s OverMountain team, including Weir and enduro standout Jerome Clementz.

“We went to the Canary Islands, me and Jerome, and we just rode the shit out of that fork,” says the 41-year-old Weir, who resumed walking without the aid of crutches on March 17. “The fork is just so frickin’ stiff it literally changes the way you ride. Because of its stiffness, this Lefty is really precise, and it really allows you to be more precise with your riding.”

While Clementz is still under contract with SRAM and will be racing on a RockShox fork this season, he still has been involved with the testing and development of the new SuperMax Lefty. The other OverMountain team members—Ben Cruz, Jason Moeschler and new addition Marco Osborne—will all race this season on the SuperMax Lefty.

All of the team riders were instrumental in the development of the SuperMax’s new internal components—particularly the new “Wide-Mouth Piston,” which is designed to increase small-bump sensitivity and the high-speed suppleness of the fork. Cannondale says the SuperMax’s dual-crown structure radically increases its stiffness, while the single-leg design keeps it as light as some cross-country forks on the market.

Cruz has been particularly involved in the new fork’s development and has been testing it for the better part of a year. Meanwhile, new team member Marco Osborne—who, like Cruz, is another protege of Weir, who has taken him under his wing—is said to show great promise.

“Marco is rad,” says Weir. “He’s real loose in his style and is definitely one of the most gifted kids I’ve seen on a bike. The kid’s had a hard life, and I’m stoked to see him get this opportunity.”

Weir, who has been sponsored by Fox Racing Shox for over a decade, will continue his relationship with the company and will race on their rear shock and dropper post.

“They’re like my family,” Weir says. “I’ve been there forever and they’ve been so good to me. I’ll always be tight with them.”

Weir says his decision to race on the new long-travel Lefty was the result of Cannondale’s proven dedication to him and his teammates.

“What these guys have done for us is unreal,” he adds. “They’ve given an aging enduro rider a three-year deal, signed Marco and remained loyal to Ben and Jason. It’s our duty to do the right thing by the team, and everyone understands that.”

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Mark Weir might have broken his sacrum, shattered his pelvis and fractured the base of his spine, but never mind that, he'll be back racing enduro this summer. And for the first time ever, he'll be racing on a Lefty.

Mark Weir might have broken his sacrum, shattered his pelvis and fractured the base of his spine, but never mind that, he’ll be back racing enduro this summer. And for the first time ever, he’ll be racing on a Lefty.

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  • Jesse Maxson

    Just got the New Lefty Supermax 2.0 Carbon. My old bike had the Pike on it and I almost sold the Lefty to get another Pike, but I thought I’d give it a chance. I’ve only had 3 rides on the Lefty and I immediately felt it was way stiffer at high speeds and tight in the corners. I will post again in a few months after I’ve had some time to break it in (they say it takes 7 hours of riding to break in)

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