Last night felt surreal as we slept beside a monstrous battlement. The lights of Sospel twinkled far below us, where Ash Smith had taken us in for dinner at his home earlier that night We had a roaring campfire and I piled up my soaking-wet gear as close as I could get it without it toppling into the flames.

My shoes and chamois are dry, my socks and gloves are fresh and, apparently, breakfast this morning will be at the English hotel in Sospel—sausage, eggs, bacon, ham, beans and toast. I plan on three helpings of each.

The trail we’re riding this morning is right out of the campsite and straight down to the restaurant. Later this afternoon, we plan to descend all the way to the warm Mediterranean. It doesn’t get much better than this.

This descent might have been the rockiest of the trip. My hands are really sore as I write this."
We passed through an abandoned mansion on the hill. The view from the balcony was incredible. How this house hasn’t been repurposed or restored is insane."

We rode so much today. It was amazing. What an amazing end to our adventure. The clouds finally cleared as we neared the sea and entered back into civilization. It was strange. Suddenly the sound of traffic on the highway was irritating, and the cabanas and crowded beach felt claustrophobic.

While we were only truly lost once, I felt lost-in-time the whole week. Every day we rode something different, experienced something new or saw something incredible. The history that we saw along our routes was surreal, relics that we could never see in North America, let alone explore, like some of the bunkers and castles we discovered.

It’s humbling to know how hard the people who built the trails and roads must have worked, creating lifelines through incredibly rugged terrain. I am sure they could never have imagined crazy mountain bikers navigating through them just for a thrill.

Meet the crew and check out some of their gear below.


One set of L-bend allen keys; hand pump; 4 tubes; lighter; Euros; US dollars; 5 canadian dollars; housing end caps; cable ends; matchmaker; derailleur cable; chain; EpiPen; first-aid kit; spare bolts; cleats; Time pedals; knife; rope; gloves; zip ties; T-25 torx; chain breaker; chain pliers; electrical tape; chain lube; brake pads; XX1 rear derailleur; multi-tool.

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