Video: Tyler McCaul’s God Luck and Good Speed, Ep. 4

Graham Agassiz invited some of the best MTB freeriders in the world up to his hometown of Kamloops, B.C. for “Aggy’s Reunion,” a huge freeride event and the first stop on the infamous Fest Series. The idea was basically for MTB riders from all over the globe to fly in, have a good time, party hard, and hit some of the biggest jumps ever built for mountain bikes.

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Showcase POV


Ever wonder how the video quality changes between the top-brand POV cameras? Well, in this web-feature, Squirrel puts them each to the test. Check out the July issue of Bike magazine for a more in-depth rundown and test of these cameras. Squirrel compares five POV cameras head-to-head, back-to-back on the same (overgrown) course. The same […]

A Season Begins – Yeti/Fox Team Ep1


Watch riders, Jared Graves, Shaun ‘O Connor, Elliot Jackson, Tyler Immer and Richie Rude, kick off their 2011 season.

Home Turf World Cup Emergance


Timothy Bentley entered his first World Cup at his home course in South Africa. Video Link

Video: Contour+ is Coming


The forthcoming Contour+ is rumored to have a wider-angle lens, better-quality lens and sensor, a port for an external mic and a video-out port along with all the other features already found in in the ContourGPS.

Mechanic Mondays


This week, Squirrel shows you how to make a mud flap from an old tube.

Trek World Racing In Pursuit


Trek World Racing DH athletes, Aaron Gwin and Tracy Moseley, top the podium at the first World Cup event of the season. Here’s a little peak at the event and behind the scenes.

Giant Factory Off-Road Team World Cup 1 DH


Video of Duncan Riffle, Danny Hart and Andrew Neethling racing the South African course and talking about their plans.

Helmet Cam: Long Gully


We don’t know who these guys are, but they sure make that trail look a lot of fun. Cuss-word warning: there is some profanity in this video. Also, there is no music in this video so choose your own. NOTE: It has been brought to our attention that the rider in front is Bryn Dickerson. […]

Kona’s New Entourage and Operator


Behold the Kona Entrourage–baby brother to the Operator (see bottom of page). No need to take the cranks or chain guide off to tighten up the main pivot. It can be easily tightened from the non-drive side of the bike. The Entourage has short-for-its-class 16.3-inch chainstays. The back end of the Entrouage sports a 150-millimeter […]

Mechanic Mondays


This week, Squirrel shows you how to straighten your derailleur hanger without a derailleur hanger tool.

Pro GRT 1 – Specialized AllRide Style


Vampires and DH racing. Yep.

KHS Team Travels


Three good edits from the KHS Team’s journey from the Port Angeles Pro GRT (Part One) to Hood River (Part Two) to Sea Otter (Part Three). Part One: Part Two: Part 3: .

Video: Rain or Shine Jump Jam Highlights


Some highlights from the Rain or Shine Jump Jam at Sea Otter.

Bikemag Sea Otter Overview


Bike’s editor, Joe tells us what the Weasel’s all about.

ConnectView Cards for Contour Viewfinder App Available Now


Source: Contour Contour cameras recently announced the availability of its ConnectView card and Viewfinder App for iPhone and iPod Touch. The ContourGPS camera is a hands-free video camera designed to capture location and HD video. The ConnectView card is inserted into the ContourGPS camera and connects it with iPhone or iPod touch over Bluetooth. Once […]

Video Highlights: Pro GRT 1


Some video highlights from the first race in the Pro GRT series.

Brian Lopes Riding the Sea Otter Dual Slalom


Second place finisher in the 2011 Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom, Brian Lopes flying through a practice run.

Mechanic Mondays


This week, Squirrel shows you how to accurately straighten your handlebars.

Oakley’s Impact Tests and New Shades


If you like the Jawbone’s lens replacement system, but don’t fancy the full frame style, the Fast Jackets might be your ideal shades. Check out this video of how to replace the lenses of the new Fast Jacket glasses: Oakley prides itself in durable, quality sunglasses. Here are two of the tests the company puts […]

Rocky Mountain Slayer


Check out former Olympian, Andreas Hestler, riding the Slayer.

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