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Heaven shreds downhill with 2002 French Cup overall winner and former World Cup racer Nicolas “Têtard” Ortiz.

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Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Kona Operator


Calling a bike ‘vanilla’ is usually an insult, but inthe case of the Kona Operator, it’s just the opposite. This bike is plain, simple and durable, and these traits are exactly why we loved it.

Video: Sam Pilgrim–California 2013


Just in case you forgot why Sam Pilgrim was in contention for the FMB title in 2012, this video comes along, blows your mind and makes a mockery of gravity. Amazing.

Video: Clarity–An Ice-Biking Session


It'd be easy to hang up the bike for the winter when you live somewhere frozen solid, bitter cold and just damn unpleasant for a good chunk of the year. That, however, isn't how folks from Michigan roll.

Exclusive Video: Bell’s Full 9 and Super Helmets–The Inside Story


Over the past decade, Bell's been positioned as the "affordable" brand of helmets while its twin sister, Giro, received the sexy features. That's all changing. Bell's new Full 9 and Super helmet models suggest that Bell is on track to regain some of its former glory as a high-end, no-holds-barred helmet maker. We went inside Bell’s think tank to get the inside story on how a helmet is born: from rough sketch to high-tech brain bucket.

Teaser: Coming Soon


Another Bike Magazine-exclusive video? Yes. With Camaros. It will all make sense soon enough. In the meantime, master thespian, Seb Kemp, gets into character....

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Cannondale Trigger Carbon 1


Cannondale's Trigger Carbon 1 is fast, flickable and tons of fun, though it left some testers wondering whether bigger wheels would make green grass greener.

Video: Chromag–Collectors


Hardtails, cedars, mist in the trees….lines carved. If this video doesn’t inspire you to get out and ride now—right now—you need to go check yourself for a pulse.

Exclusive: The Heart of Enduro


Mountain biking is about the experiences you have on and off the bike, the jokes that are shared, friendly races between mates, waking up with sore legs yet wanting to get back on the bike...and getting into situations that you wouldn’t if you stayed at home playing it safe.

Video: Building a Carbon Frame


This is one of the few out there that really shows the basics of frame building with composites. There's obviously still a lot that's missing and I'm not suggesting that all carbon frames are made the same way (far from it), but it's a good starting point on wrapping your mind around this labor-intensive and utterly unique process.

Video: 12 Months, 12 Stories – Episode 2


Last month's episode found Jerome Clementz battling the snow. This time around? Not at all. Apparently it's a good time to rail trails in the Canary Islands, which, as the video clearly shows, is home to an insane network of singletrack.

Video Exclusive: Specialized Enduro 29er


We went into the heart of Specialized Bicycles to find out both how and most importantly, why, the company decided to squeeze those big wheels onto their Enduro model. Welcome to the first installment of our new Blueprint video series: the story of an impressive new product, from the perspective of the people who designed it. Hard questions asked. Interesting answers given.

News: Specialized Enduro 29 Unveiled


Our test pilot raced the previously top-secret Specialized Enduro 29er in one of Europe's most grueling enduro races. Here's what he thought of the bike and the race.

Video: “The Escape” Teaser


This video is about bringing you the pleasure of the road and the thrill of the trails. Although the video’s backdrop is the back roads of British Columbia, we want to remind the world that adventure can be found on your own doorstep; you just need to get off the couch and seek it.

Video: Race Face’s “Off-Season” Edit


Rather than stage a summer-themed ad and cross their fingers that mother nature would get on board, Race Face embraced the Winter Wonderland that is our backyard....and sent Chubey up Mt. Seymour to hit a massive snow booter for the first time. No pressure.

Video: Shaun Palmer, the Miserable Champion


The movie, The Miserable Champion, makes the case that Shaun Palmer changed everything about competitive mountain biking. If you said that about any other athlete, I'd tell you that you were full of crap, but in this case, yeah, it's true.

Video: Kona’s New Hei Hei Supreme and Raijin


For three days Kona Team rider Spencer Paxson and Kona Grassroots rider Eric Goss took two of the company's 29-inch wheel XC bikes and laid waste to many kilometers of ultra-buff B.C. singletrack.

Video: The Odd Couple


Think Southern California must be lacking in quality trails? Think again--it's not all boob jobs, smog and traffic jams. Kyle Strait and Tyler McCaul pummel the fine trails within a pedal of Laguna Beach in this video from GT Bicycles.

Video: Introducing the Bell Segment


Sure, it looks like a simple dirt-jumper helmet. Get the Segment into your hands, however, and it’s clear there’s a surprising bit of technology going into this lid.

Video: Reece Wallace–Into the Dark


I completely understand why people feel that the Pacific Northwest is overexposed...I just finished watching this video and am struck yet again by how amazing this chunk of soggy dirt is. Oh, and Reece Wallace is absolutely rippin' in this clip.

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – BMC Fourstroke FS01 29


The FS01’s geometry is set somewhere between ‘trail’ and ‘cross-country,’ making it eager to rally through corners and manual through whoops when the track points down. Where other cross-country bikes might start feeling sketchy, this bike just wants to go faster. Our test model broke, but BMC states that this is a first-time failure for this model. Check out the review for more.

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