Video: Cam Zink successfully lands world-record backflip

Cam Zink successfully landed a 100-foot, 3-inch dirt-dirt backflip on a mountain bike last night, setting a world-record live in front of a national TV audience.

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The Hunt


Rad video from one of Sterling Lorence’s photo shoots with Matt Hunter. It’s in high definition too, so switch the settings if you’ve got fast internet.

Dizzy Yet?


Looks rad. And dizzying.

Danny MacAskill: How To Bump Hop


Danny MacAskill is an absolutely amazing trials rider. We cannot promise that this video will allow you to magically ride like him, but it’s still rad to watch and it’ll give you the basics.

Mechanic Mondays


This week Squirrel shows you how to improve your bike’s shifting by lubing your cables and housing.

Video: Urge Cabo Verde Winner: Vouilloz Shreding the Volcano


Video edit of the Urge Cabo Verde Winner, Vouilloz, ripping down the volcano.

Video: Dean Tennant of Dunbar Cycles’ World Cup Team


A rad edit of Dean Tennant from the newly-formed Dunbar Cycles’ World Cup Team. The Dunbar Cycles World Cup Team consists of canadian riders: Dean Tennant and Andrew Mitchell. Tennant and Mitchell will be traveling to most of the world cup races this year, as well as several high profile North American events. For 2011, […]

Valparaíso Cerro Abajo – Urban DH Race


Two videos from the Valparaíso Cerro Abajo: Top 10 Men: 1: Filip Polc – Slovakia 2: Cedric Gracia – France 3: Mario Jarrin – Ecuador 4: Antonio Leiva – Chile 5: Enrique Genova – Chile 6: Chris Van Dine – USA 7: Jeremias Maio – Argentina 8: Pedro Ferreira – Chile 9: Santiago de Santiago […]

Mechanic Mondays


This week Squirrel shows you how to adjust your derailleur limit screws.

Danny MacAskill Conquers To Re-Air at 6PM PST (2/20/2011)


Watch Danny MacAskill Conquers at 6pm on the west coast (9pm on the east coast) tonight at this link:

Brian Guse and Adam Ransavage at Port Angeles


Proper usage of the Contour GPS. Check out the video from its source here to check out elevation and speed with the map. It looks like the elevation readings may be off just a hair overall, but it’s still pretty rad.

Video: Kyle Young’s Maui Ride


Looks like there are some pretty big hits to be had in Hawaii.

Danny MacAskill: How To 360


Danny MacAskill is an absolutely amazing trials rider. We cannot promise that this video will allow you to magically hop 3, but it’s still rad to watch and it’ll give you the basics.

Video: Andreu Lacondeguy – We Are Family


Andreu Lacondeguy going big off some of the jumps he designed. It’s a long edit, but has some real bangers.

JD Swanguan’s Colombia Urban DH Trip


Check out JD Swanguan’s day-by-day highlights of his trip to Colombia for the Chiguiro Extremo Urban DH race.

Mechanic Mondays


This week Squirrel shows you how to true a wheel without a truing stand.

Video: Chris Van Dine – Descida das Escadas de Santos


That Course looks gnarly. We wonder if he ever got his helmet cam back and whether or not it is broken.

Mechanic Mondays


This week Squirrel shows you tips and tricks to easily change a flat tire without the use of tire levers.

Lear Miller in Slow Motion


The slow motion is partly special effects, but it’s still rad.

Going Super Slow with Bruno Hoffmann


BMX bikes are rad. BMX in slow motion is amazing.

Marzocchi Suspension Testing at Bootleg Canyon


Kevin Aiello, Bryson Martin Jr., Quinton Spaulding and Logan Binggeli testing Marzocchi’s suspension at Bootleg Canyon.

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