Bikes on Bikes in Taos, New Mexico

They call it “Bikes on Bikes,” and off-road moto riders Cole Kirkpatrick, Chris Fillmore, Russell Bobbitt, and Nick Fahringer have turned it into an annual autumn ritual since the first adventure in 2013.

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Video: Northstar, California, ProGRT Course Build and Preparation


Source: Northstar Mountain Bike Park In its fourth year, the 2012 USA Cycling Professional Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) has expanded to six races and continues to raise the level of competitive gravity racing across the United States. As the country’s premier gravity calendar, the Pro GRT aims to provide a consistent stage of […]

5 Minute Break: The Nomads – Santa Cruz Blur XC & TallboyC


Source: Santa Cruz Bikes Chris Johnston & Dylan Wolsky of the The Nomads ride Mills Peak, Sardine Lakes and Tamarack on the 2013 Blur XC and TallboyC near Downieville, California.

Bike Week: Sun Valley, Idaho – Photo Gallery and Video


By Vernon Felton Photos by David Reddick Once a year all of us at Bike head for the hills to sample the latest bikes and products on location, somewhere, far, far away from I-5, cubicles and smog. The annual event is called Bike Week and this time around, we and some of our friends descended […]

Video: Andreu Lacondeguy – The Making of Lacon de Catalonya


Source: Rasolution Some behind the scenes at Llinars del Valles, Barcelona, with Andreu Lacondeguy. FMX rider Edgar Torronteras came to ride with Lacondeguy at his compound, and legendary BMX rider Cory Nastazio joined in for a session at Andreus’ trails. These two have been the biggest inspiration for Lacondeguy’s riding, so here is some quality […]

5 Minute Break: These Are The Days – Kyle Norbraten


Source: The Coastal Crew “These are the days, the ones that really matter. Memorable laps with friends, summer time vibes and golden sunsets. Nothing beats time at home, it is paradise to say the least. From dusk to dawn this is how we choose to spend our days.”

Video: Round One Of Enduro Of Nations


The Vibram Enduro of Nations Round One ended with victory for Jerome Clementz Cannondale/SRAM) in the Superenduro Powered by SRAM race.

DirtTV: Val d’Isere World Cup Recap


Source: DirtTV Pretty much everything happened that could have in the downhill-racing weekend at Val d’Isere, France. The track here was new, which threw up more than just dust and rocks for the riders, Tracey Hannah took the unfortunate title of worst crash breaking her femur and collarbone. Although fastest in qualification, Cam Cole couldn’t […]

Video: Where the Trail Ends – Official Teaser


Source: Red Bull The much anticipated full length trailer for ‘Where The Trail Ends’ is here! One of the most progressive and ambitious mountain biking ever attempted caught on film in an adventure unlike anything experienced before in breath-taking locations all over the world. www.wherethetrailends.com

Bradley Wiggins Gives The Best Interview Ever


By Vernon Felton So, let me begin by apologizing to Seb Kemp for shamelessly poaching this clip from his latest, excellent News of the Tweet post, but I can’t resist: this is two minutes and 45 seconds of pure gold. Having sat in on my fair share of race-day Q&As, I’ve often been astounded by […]

Video: Steve Peat POV at Val d’Isere


Here’s a quick clip from the second-to-last stop on this year’s World Cup circuit. Oh, and for those of you who weren’t riveted to your computer all weekend, here’s the top five breakdown for the men and women. It was yet another big day for the Athertons. Men 1. Brook Macdonald 2. Gee Atherton 3. […]

Video: Specialized’s R&D Team


By Vernon Felton To anyone who’s ever considered a job in engineering and thought, “Nah, that’s not for me–too many slide rules, too much math, too much time imprisoned in a dungeon whilst being forced to crank out meaningless equations relating to bridge pilings, traffic circle dimensions and waste-water treatment cleansing cycles.” Well, apparently, a […]

Lezyne Goes Nuts With The Product Testing


Lezyne says their new Year 6 LED line of lights will be crazy durable. How can we say such a thing? Want proof. Check out this video in which the new light is frozen into a block of ice, immersed in scalding espresso and just keeps on blinking away.

5 Minute Break: These are the Days – Curtis Robinson and Dylan Dunkerton


Source: The Coastal Crew “These are the days, the ones that really matter. Memorable laps with friends, summer time vibes and golden sunsets. Nothing beats time at home, it is paradise to say the least. From dusk to dawn this is how we choose to spend our days.” Curtis Robinson: Dylan Dunkerton:

Video: Wrenching with Yeti Cycles


Assembling a bike: theoretically it's the least sensational and sexy aspect of bike building, but this stellar video from Yeti proves otherwise.

Life Behind Bars: King of the mountain – Episode 7


Source: Red Bull Brandon Semenuk and the crew finally arrive in Europe to compete at the muddy Châtel Mountain Style event in France. Despite the plague of injuries, Semenuk comes out on top on the gnarly course. It’s then time to have some fun and ride the longest zip line in the world.

Contour ‘Where The Trail Ends’ – Cam Zink: Gobi Desert, China


In this first episode of Along for the Ride, Cam Zink heads to China in search of unridden big mountain lines. Before dropping in, he shows a glimpse of his travels through China.

Sterling Lorence’s Latest Masterpiece


By Seb Kemp Twenty-five….that’s how many times Sterling Lorence’s photos have graced the cover of Bike magazine. In fact, our latest issue–the Photo Annual–sports yet another one of his images. While that may not sound earth shattering to everyone, many accomplished professional photographers never snag even a single cover of Bike, much less the issue […]

Bullet meet sunglasses. Sunglasses meet bullet.


By Vernon Felton What level of eye protection is necessary for mountain biking? Chances are you probably never gave the question much thought. The average cyclist is content with the thought that his sunglasses keep glare at bay, fend off the random, errant bumble-bee and, may or may not make them look more like a […]

Video: Behind the scenes at Mavic


By Vernon Felton Back in April, Mavic announced that they were greatly expanding their 29er line–a good thing since they had just one wagon wheel in the line up for 2012 (the 1,755 gram C29ssmaxx). For 2013, Mavic will have three new 29er models that span the cost-performance spectrum from chi-chi racer fare (that’d be […]

Video: Geoff Kabush and Co. Weigh in on Maxxis’ Aspen


Many people view Maxxis as that company that rolls out tenacious downhill tires. While there’s no denying the appeal of the company’s well known gravity-oriented meats like the Minion and High Roller, Maxxis has always had an expansive line of cross-country treads. Here’s a quick rundown on the design and philosophy behind Maxxis’ Aspen tire, […]

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