Video Flashback: 1992 downhill racing

With the Kamikaze Bike Games currently in full swing at Mammoth Mountain, this video pretty much sums up how far we’ve come since the first Kamikaze race in the mid-80s.

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Teaser clip for the 2012 Monster Energy White Style


Pretty cool promotional video for the January 27th event. Source: Monster Energy White Style Year after year, the Monster Energy White Style attracts an international riding field. Even though the riders’ line up is not final yet, a famous US rider has announced to travel to Leogang: Mike Montgomery, 24-year-old rider from San Diego has […]

5 Minute Break: World Cup Track at Hafjell, Norway


This track looks super fun and super burly. According to the video’s author, this is the track that will be used for 2012 World Cup Final.

5 Minute Break: Kona Cyclocross Team – 2008


Source: Kona Bikes – “A video spotlight on the Kona Cyclocross team in 2008 produced by Freeride Entertainment.”

5 Minute Break: Catalunya 2009 MotoGP – Rossi vs Lorenzo


Some insanely tight racing between Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

5 Minute Break: Art Barn – Kevin Landry Early Season Trail Edit


Rad riding by Kevin Landry and a plug for the North Shore Bike Shop.

Video: Bike’s 2013 Bible of Bike Tests


We took a year's worth of the best bikes and gear and beat the snot out of it on the trails of Fruita, Colorado. You'll soon see the results in our Bible of Bike Tests issue. Here, however, is a glimpse into the madness.

5 Minute Break: Far Dirt Movie


This video is a bit more than five minutes, but that’s OK, because this video has bikes and cowboys. Director : Sam Bouchon DOP : Jeff Kieffer AC : Gäelle Tanguy Crane OP : Ken Fitzke & Pit Wagner Jib : Eric Ebstein SFX : Ken Fitzke Editor : Andy Lamesch Sound Design : Ben […]

5 Minute Break: These Gals Can Rip


These gals can rip. Need we say more?

5 Minute Break: INDEX INK – Andrew Bigelow – Happy Holidays!


We know it’s over, but really, what screams Christmas more than riding skatepark and old-school hip-hop songs about Santa Claus? That’s what we thought.

5 Minute Break: Happy Holidays


Happy holidays from your friendly neighborhood Bike staff. Now get out and ride your bike.

5 Minute Break: Miranda Miller’s Segment from ‘You Like This’


Miranda Miller’s Segment from ‘You Like This’. She rips.

Boys In The Yard – Bilenky Junkyard Cross Recap


By: Harlan Price Video: Erik Silverson Northeast Philadelphia doesn’t rank high on my list of areas for a romantic spring picnic, but if you turn a junkyard into a racecourse I’ll venture with glee into the city’s maze of tired row-homes and dirty streets. And, when I say “Northeast” I’m not talking about states that […]

5 Minute Break: Alex Pro Five Days In Pemby


After some (expected) silence from Alex Pro, here’s an edit of him, presumably filmed over the course of five days, riding in Pemberton, BC.

5 Minute Break: Radwanderung… (and Heights)


Afraid of heights? Might not want to watch this one.

News of the Tweet: The UCI Makes Waves


By Seb Kemp. As the Japanese whaling fleet set sail on its annual whaling mission hoping to bring back 1,000 blubbery carcasses, Hollywood just got back from its father-son hunting mission with the last remaining rainbow unicorn tied to its gun rack. Yep, that’s right, Captain A-list has harpooned the Moby Dickhead of bicycles: the […]

5 Minute Break: Matt Miles in the Fall Extra


Matt Miles in the Fall Extra: A rad video of Matt Miles by Silvia Films.

5 Minute Break: Stoemper X Milliman – Ben Berden CX


Ben Berden completes his 2011 American cyclocross tour.

Bible Teaser: SRAM Rise 60 Wheels


SRAM recently launched a preview video for its Rise Wheels. To find out what we thought of the wheels, check out our full review of the Rise 60 wheels in the upcoming Bible of Bike Tests issue. The Bible of Bike Tests will go on sale everywhere January 17th.

5 Minute Break: Yeti – New Zealand


A nice video from Yeti Cycles’ trip to New Zealand. More photos and videos from the trip here: yeticycles.com/#/features/new_zealand/

5 Minute Break: The Descent – Part II


A semi-behind-the-scenes look at Cameron Zink’s and Kyle Strait’s trip to Virgin, Utah. Video also shows some different angles of Cam Zink’s massive backflip.

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