Getting the shot: Danny MacAskill and the solar eclipse

You might have seen the incredible photo of Danny MacAskill and the solar eclipse, with Danny dropping off a ledge just as the moon crosses in front of the sun, forming a picturesque crescent in the sky. But the real story concerns what it took to capture that photo at the perfect moment of eclipse.

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2014 Bible of Bike Tests Roundtable Reels: Turner Czar


Why did the 29-inch-wheeled Turner Czar, the company's first foray into carbon, blur the lines between a trail bike and an XC race whip? And why did it make our testers feel like Superman?

Video Exclusive: Bas van Steenbergen Slays Wet, Greasy B.C. Trails


Think you ride fast on wet, greasy roots and leaves? We bet you wouldn’t send it like Bas van Steenbergen does in this new Deity/Bike magazine collaboration, "Island Air."

2014 Bible of Bike Tests Roundtable Reels: GT Sensor Carbon Expert


The 2014 Bible of Bike Tests is now on newsstands, and it features straightforward reviews of 34 of this year's most promising bikes. We've created videos with highlights from our candid 'roundtable discussions' of each bike, all against a backdrop of shredding footage from our test trails in Sedona, Arizona. Here's the first: On the all-new GT Sensor Carbon Expert, a bike that totally took our testers by surprise. Be sure to watch until the end to find out what this bike's awesomely low bottom bracket meant for one of our testers....

Video: 2014 Bible of Bike Tests Arrives


Our fifth-annual Bible of Bike Tests is much more than your usual buyer's guide. It is not a 'pay-to-play' magazine. It does not contain copied-and-pasted catalog copy and photos. And it is devoid of regurgitated marketing babble.

Video: I’d Rather Be Klunking


We recently discovered this incredible throwback video covering a Repack downhill race in the early 1970s. In case you skipped mountain biking 101, The Repack downhill race, founded by Fred Wolf and Charlie Kelly 1976, is now touted as the first downhill time-trial race. The race earned its name from the need to repack the single rear hub break on the vintage balloon tire “klunkers” after the 2.1-mile, 1,300-vertical-foot drop on an old dirt road in Marin County.

Video: Cold Rolled, Chapter 4


Chapter 4 of Cold Rolled explores the development of Marquette's Snow Bike Route--a 15-mile stretch of perfectly-packed singletrack amidst the deep snow. If you never thought you needed a snowmobile and a welding torch, this video might seed a lust for those very things. Very cool.

Exclusive: Bike’s Best of 2013–The Videos


Puppets, shouting engineers, advice from a cranky uncle, inside the heart of the toughest man alive and a serious side to the clown.... At the risk of patting ourselves on the back like some kind of obnoxious prat, these are a few of our favorite videos of the year.

Video: Matt Brooks – Out From Behind The Lens


How does a cinematographer shoot their own section? It's a challenge that Matt Brooks of Lone Wolf Productions goes head to head with every year.

Video: From Where We Stand, Episode 1


From Where We Stand is a love letter to the east coast mountain bike community. There are so many incredible places to ride your bike around the world and the east coast is no exception. Here's Episode 1--straight outta New Jersey.

Video: Mountain Biking Kirroughtree, Scotland


Everything you need to know to go ride one of the BEST singletrack loops there is: Kirroughtree. In a moment of GoPro madness the Trail Ninja shuns the lure of the Mediterranean to man up and head North to Scotland to mountain bike in November instead.

Video: “Hills of Home”


It's easy to get caught up in stereotypes, but as always, stereotypes fail to capture reality. Case in point: cross-country riders are technically unskilled. There are so many reasons why that "true-ism" falls flat, but rather than dissect it, I submit Pirmin Kuß, an XCO racer from the Black Forest region of Germany, who absolutely rips. Check this video out.

Video: Cedric Gracia’s Brush with Death


I've been sitting on this video for the past few hours, wondering whether I should post it to bikemag.com After watching it, I've decided to publish it because I think there's one very valid message in this video: when an accident occurs, stay calm. Gracia survived this because he and his friends saved kept their heads, got help and did what was in their power to minimize his blood loss.

Video: Cold Rolled, Chapter 3–The Lake Superior Session


"So, riding snow...It's a little bit like mountain biking, but it's a little bit like skiing...and not totally like anything else," that's how one rider puts it at the outset of Cold Rolled Chapter Three. There's some great footage of lakeshore riding, grand vistas and the occassional flying Squirrel. Another cool chapter from a movie that proves that sub-zero temperatures and the risk of hypothermia aren't enough to stop some people from having a good time on their bikes.

Video: RockShox Game of Bike


In this final episode of the RockShox Game Of Bike for 2013 with Aaron Chase who has challenged one of the best tricksters around. For years Kirt Vories has pushed the limits of street riding finding stunts and obstacles out of things most of us would consider every day architecture. Who will win the final match up!?

Video: A Glimpse of Giant’s Latest Quiver Killer


Giant's new Trance Advanced SX 27.5 is a bit of a quiver killer. The lightweight, 5.5-inch travel bike is incredibly capable. All day grunts in the outback? You bet. Punishing descents? Sure. Fast-paced cross-country rides? Absolutely. Here's a quick pick at a bike that impressed us during our testing for the Bible of Bike Tests, in Sedona, Arizona.

Video: Rad Santa


There's a lesson to be learned here--never leave a brand new bike sitting beneath the Christmas tree where Santa can find it.

Video: Hannah Barnes–NorthWest


Hannah Barnes embarks on an epic mountain bike adventure up the west coast of Scotland. Taking in the incredible trails, scenery and beaches on the way.

Video: Our Process: Yeti Cycles’ Lunch Ride


The lunch ride is a sacred thing for the employees of Yeti Cycles. To put it in their own words, "Don't call us between 11:30 and 1:00. We won't be here. Every day, weather permitting, we shut our doors, turn on the answering machine and head out for a ride at lunch...This daily opportunity to get out and ride is a large part of why many started working here, but at the same time, it allows us to test and refine new models, try out component spec, or just drop the boss on a climb."

Video: Junkyard Cyclocross–Bikes, Bails and Brief Nudity


For one day each fall, the crew at Bilenky Cycle Works transform a working junkyard into a cyclocross racecourse. Over 200 racers navigate the salvage yard -- twisting chicanes around rusted cars, hopping over barriers fashioned from tires, bumpers and miscellaneous eroding auto parts.

Video: Cold Rolled, Chapter 2–The 30-Year Winter


Chapter Two of "Cold Rolled" explores the history and progression of winter cycling culture in Michigan's remote Upper Peninsula. And, yes, there is a long history of riders making pump tracks in the snow and ice, snow jumping and truly riding at the height of winter, when the the place is smothered in the kind of snow that makes most mountain bikers hang their bikes up until spring.

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