Following Cards – A ride through history

In late June, a group of five riders set out on a multi-day exploration of the French Maritime Alps near the Italian border aided by note cards from locals, maps and a compass. The following are excerpts from rider Ross Measures’ journal and directions from the cards that guided the group on multiple rides each day.

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News: Santa Cruz Debuts New Heckler


Words by Vernon Felton/Seb Kemp Photos by Dan Barham Now with the same geometry as the acclaimed Bronson (see the chart a bit further on down the post), plus six inches of travel and 27.5-inch wheels to match, the new Heckler is, well, new. Some things, however, remain the same…. Still single pivot. Still durable […]

Dirty Words: Stairway to Hell and Heaven


Summer is coming to the Washington, D.C. area not on little cat feet, but with hammer blows of scorching heat, high-velocity derecho winds, sour armpit afternoons and enough humidity to grow mold in your toilet bowl.

RAAM Report | Episode 4


Host Dave Towle checks in on the Race Across the West, as well as the heated battle between race leaders Christoph Strasser and Reto Shoch in the fourth episode of the RAAM Report. Check it out, and be sure to stay tuned—there’s still nearly a week of racing yet to go.

Friday Five: Trail Maintenance


Trails sustain our mountain biking experience. Without them all we would have is some really expensive fat tire bicycles with nowhere to go. To preserve our experience we need to conserve our trails. Below is a very cursory look at some techniques that make for good trails and which you can apply to existing trails to prolong their excellence.

Video: The STDD Breakout


Singletrack Deficit Disorder (STDD) is a highly dangerous and almost virulent condition that affects thousands of Americans and Canadians every day. Science is also showing it to exist in the four corners of the globe. We have taken a close look at this condition and in this video, episode 1 of the Sun Valley Remedy, we look back at the origin of STDD.

A Different Christoph Strasser


Words and photos || Vic Armijo MEXICAN HAT, UTAH (June 13, 2013) — Compared to 2012—so far—circumstances are vastly different for 2011 winner Christoph Strasser. Last year it was evident in the very first miles of the race that Strasser was suffering in the heat, as seen in the photo below, taken before the first […]

News: Avid Updates Mechanical Disc Brake


Avid recently debuted the BB7S--a sleeker and slightly lighter version of the long-enduring BB7 mechanical disc brake. While its been ages since mechanical disc brakes were an apples-to-apples alternative to hydraulic discs in the mountain biking arena, mechanical disc brakes still make sense for cyclocross bikes, commuters and folks with phobias involving hydraulic fluids.

The Bakery: Vagabonds, Nomads and Too Many Gonads


So, what is enduro, aside from the poor fashion choices? Enduro is a world of opportunities at the moment and, through this multi-day format and transition stages, it is building a strong community.

Video: This is What It’s Like to Ride Val di Sole


How challenging is the the Val di Sole track? If this video is any indication, it's pretty brutal. Gstaadt Scott team manager Claudio Caluori comes out of retirement to give us a POV of the brutal Val di Sole World Cup track.

Video: John Watson’s “The Ends”


Setting out from Shanghai, John Watson and Mission Workshop began their cycling tour of China's Yangtze River Delta. Using both film and digital formats....

Theater Thursday


Theater Thursday | ‘The Ends’ John Watson and Mission Worksop went on a cycling adventure in Eastern Asia. Here’s a taste of what went down—and what’s to come. Setting out from Shanghai, John Watson and Mission Workshop began their cycling tour of China’s Yangtze River Delta. Using both film and digital formats, Watson photographed the […]

Video: Brook MacDonald Charging


The Bulldog (a.k.a, Brook MacDonald) doesn't go around stuff; he goes through it. Shot on location at Skyline Bike Park in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Race Across America | Folks, we have us a bike race!


Words and photos || Vic Armijo COTTONWOOD, Ariz.( June 12, 2013) — RAAM fans have known that this 32nd edition would be exiting, with three recent winners entered in the solo male category. And day one did not disappoint with last year’s winner Reto Schoch (Switzerland) being the first to reach time station one at […]

RAAM Report | Episode 2


Join host Dave Towle as he looks at the start of this year’s Race Across America and the ‘one-percents’ that can make the difference between winning and the dreaded ‘DNF’. Not to mention, the 30,000-plus miles that make up the average RAAM Solo rider’s annual training load. For more up-to-the-minute info, be sure to check […]

Video: This Is Peaty Season 2 Episode 2


The hilarious and entertaining This Is Peaty show rolls on with Peaty making a trip to the Isle of Man to do a few laps of the TT course and then onwards to California for Sea Otter. Josh Bryceland is clearly having a lot of fun and he makes this episode even more worthwhile watching.

Vivé Le RAAM!


Ed. Note: You may be noticing a flurry of coverage on this year’s Race Across America on our website. Why? Because as ‘The World’s Toughest Race’ we think it deserves more than the average he-won-she-won-wow-that’s-a-long-race coverage. Look for race reports from Vic Armijo, veteran RAAM reporter who has embedded with the RAAM press corps for […]

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – GT Distortion 2.0


Of all the bikes in our gear-guide issue, we had the toughest time pinning GT's Distortion 2.0 to a specific category.The Distortion presents an interesting departure from the standard trail-bike formula—with surprisingly fun results.

5 Reasons Why He’s Justin Spinelli and You’re Not


Words || Gary J Boulanger On a recent road ride in the Santa Cruz Mountains with my friend Anthony Mangieri, I noticed a unique glint off the rear Royce hub of his new wheelset, built by Luxe Wheelworks in Boston. Intrigued by the quick-release skewer, I did some cursory research on the man behind the […]

Tested: POC Trabec


The first thing you’ll notice about the POC is its fit. For those accustomed to primarily XC offerings, be prepared for a different experience.

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