Video: Complete Coverage From The Enduro World Series in Nevados De Chillan

Did you miss the first stop of the Enduro World Series? Well, you’re in luck. Our friends at DirtTV put together this excellent, comprehensive video coverage from the Nevados De Chillan. Watch the complete story of the race here.

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Video: Enduro World Series–Punta Ala


Check out this video. It's an excellent recap of all the action from Round 1 of the new Enduro World Series in Punta Ala and a good primer on what enduro racing is all about.

Proof | 2013 Tour of California Stages 7 & 8


Photo gallery by Mark Johnson View gallery Stages 5-6 gallery Stages 3-4 gallery Stages 1-2 gallery

News: Fabien Barel Wins First Round of Enduro World Series


Fabien Barel won the first round of the Enduro World Series in Punta Ala. Clementz came in 2nd place. Jared Graves took third.

‘Twas The Night Before Opening Day


The Whistler Bike Park opening weekend is like Christmas, birthdays and Halloween all rolled into one, and the party continues like this all summer long. The smiles, high fives and good cheers are testament to this.

Video: Enduro | A Bike Movie 3 – Episode #6


Watch this video and marvel that the second rider, Thibaut Daprela, is just 12, freaking years old. How fast will this kid be when he's the ripe old age of 17?

Video: Coppi and Bartali Duet


Two of the most iconic cyclists of all time singing a duet on Italian television? Yep. Could this be a hint at what we’re working on for our next issue of Paved? Perhaps. If you’re impatient and/or can’t understand a word of Italian, skip forward to about the 2-minute mark. – –

“Thank you _______”


Sure, remembering to tip your bartender will get you far in life (trust us on this one…they also really appreciate Christmas gifts). Randomly telling your significant other “I love you” (and meaning it, of course) can point some serious goodwill in your direction come time for that next weekend Target run when you gather up […]

Proof | 2013 Tour of California Stages 5 & 6


Photo gallery by Mark Johnson View gallery Stages 3-4 gallery Stages 1-2 gallery

Video: A Road Trip with Rheeder


Brett Rheeder used to be just another kid ripping it up on his backyard slopestyle course. Today he's full-on freeride royalty. We rode along as he traveled to Trek to pick up his new bike, then on to Ray's Indoor Park to put it down.

Video: Yeti Cycles in Green River


Green River, Utah. Take a racer to the desert and he will still find a corner to rail. This trip was Yeti's first foray shooting with the highly anticipated and much hyped Red EPIC.

Video: Mike Montgomery at Ranchstyle 2013


This is what a dialed-in practice run looks and sounds like from the point of view of Specialized rider Mike Montgomery.

‘Job Description’ Revisited


About 18 months ago, photographer Daniel Pasley and I were discussing plans for a feature story we were planning to do for Paved magazine’s sister publication, Bike. At some point during the discussion, the “Manual for Speed” project that he and business partner Emiliano Granado had been working on was brought to my attention—and I […]

Video: Aaron Gwin Makes Crazy Look Sane


Aaron Gwin has a big target on his back these days. Winning will do that for you. If this video is any indication, a lot of racers are going to have to get up real early in the morning to take this guy down.

Gears and Loathing: 2013 USA Crits Finals Move to Las Vegas


As if Interbike needed another setting to encourage opportunities for bikes and booze to collide in the bliss of not-so-holy matrimony, the spectator-friendly finals for the USA Crits series have been moved to Las Vegas for 2013. Specifically set to coincide with the trade show, the course will be on the grounds of the Mandalay […]

Dirty Words: Bike to Work?


Today is National Bike To Work Day. Lots of folks are leaving their cars in the garage.... I’m OK with that because some percentage of them might actually start riding to work, but my cynical side says this is a feel-good day, then its back to using the EZ-Pass to the Lexus Lanes on the way to resting a $30,000 German-made automobile in a concrete stall for the eight or nine hours you’re at work.

Friday Five: Tires


Choosing the right tires is an absolutely vital part of setting up any bike. Seb Kemp takes you through some of the fundamentals to getting the most performance out of your bike.

Sick: Brett Rheeder’s Over Vert Flip Transfer


One complicated name for one very sick trick.

News: TRUVATIV Creates “BlackBox” Bar Series


TRUVATIV is releasing its own version of BlackBox-branded components with a line of signature-series handlebars; each of which was shaped to the specific demands and requirements of one of the brand's sponsored riders. Jerome Clementz gets his own bar. Ditto for Danny Hart and Steve Smith.

Theater Thursday


Theater Thursday | Remembering Wouter May 9th, 2011 marked a day a dark shadow engulfed the cycling world—a reminder that life is much more vulnerable than we’re ready to admit, and our sport far from being free of risk. This one’s for you Wouter.

Review: Rocky Mountain Instinct 970


There are plusher bikes out there. Lighter bikes as well. Where the Instinct excels, however, is its balance and versatility. I'd happily ride this thing anywhere outside of a bike park. A quick tweak of the geometry and the bike is ready to tackle just about anything. That's not something you can say of most 29ers.

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