Al-ASS-ka or Bust: “If this is singlespeeding, I want my derailleur back”

The $500 Yukon is sold, Matt and Swan John are on airplanes headed back to the lower 48, and I sit here in Anchorage with one final day before ending our unforgettable journey.

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Friday Five: Front Wheel Lifts


The front wheel lift might seem elementary to some readers, but for others it is something that might help them flow their local trails better or create a building block for later development.

Happy 4th!


You know what to do… #useyourweekend

Theater Thursday


Theater Thursday Special Edition: #useyourweekend Sorry folks, normally Theater Thursday is meant to let you sit back and relax, but class is in session for this week’s video, which means it comes with a little assignment at the end. Sure, two days (four if you do the right thing and call in sick on Friday) […]

The Bakery: Can You Keep a Secret?


Much like we fight aging, we try to fight the natural life of a secret trail. We want to keep it pristine and untouched, we want to keep the loam and keep it exclusive. But it won’t last and it shouldn’t last.

Off Track Podcast: Val d’Allos


Off Track host Tristan Merrick and guests DH pro Rémi Gauvin and Bike's hired gun Seb Kemp, dissect last weekend's Val d'Allos race, the latest event in the Enduro World Series.

Sideshow Slideshow | Taking in the Tour from a Different Perspective


A roving carnival as well as a bike race, it’s easy to lose perspective as we immerse ourselves in race-day recaps and finish line photos. All it takes is a look at the numbers behind the Tour de France to realize that it’s an enourmous operation. Welcome to the Sideshow. View Gallery

Video: An Ode to the Bicycle


Kiwi Tim Pierce is a director, producer and cinematographer who has been shooting mountain biking since he was a teenager. He travels all over the world on assignments for skiing and snowboarding clients, but his truest passion remains that of the two-wheeled, trail shredding sort.

5 Reasons Why He Was Henri Desgrange And You Couldn’t Have Been


Words || Gary J Boulanger Tour de France founder Henri Desgrange was a stubborn old cuss who didn’t suffer fools gladly, and carved a sporting event into infamy out of the same granite resolve he wielded on riders, team managers, sponsors and manufacturers from 1903 to his death in 1940. There’s no way he would […]

Feature: BC Bike Race–Powell River


You look at the schematic of each day’s course in your handy Racer Handbook and you mentally gear yourself up for the punishment ahead. Some days are obviously brutal—with jagged peak after jagged peak and humbling mileage and elevation gains. Today, however, looked like a piece of cake by comparison: 30 miles and 2,500 feet of climbing. A long ride, but not nearly as hard as the first two days or the following four. But then…sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

Tested: Troy Lee Designs A1 Helmet


Most people know Troy Lee Designs is the king of petrol pipe style, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that its helmets are leaders in safety. That is why the A1 is a welcome addition to the helmet marketplace.

2013 Tour de France: Now on the Mainland


Photo: ASO/G. Demouveaux I don’t mean to diminish the efforts of everyone involved in the Tour de France, but now that we’ve got a time trial under our belts, it feels like we’re finally racing. I missed the prologue, that ceremonial, official launch of the Tour. The scenery on Corsica was absolutely stunning, but now […]

News of the Tweet: The Internet is an Open Book and the NSA is a Peeping Tom


You are being watched. Every site you visit, every email you type, every meal you photograph is being filed away by your government. It should come as no surprise that this happening, the internet is just a giant digital Rolodex. There's a lot of information swirling around now that we are almost entirely internet integrated.

Shinola: Open for Business in Detroit


“Is that you, man?” I asked, pointing in the general direction of a set of framed portraits lining a wall of Shinola’s Midtown Detroit, Michigan, store. “Yeah, that’s me,” he answered, smiling proudly. At 7:00 a.m. on Friday, June 28th, Shinola opened its first Flagship Store to a long line of people anxious to spend […]

Brianna Walle Makes European Racing Debut in Giro Rosa


Photo: Casey Gibson/Optum Pro Cycling The Giro Rosa started in Italy on Sunday. It is one of the most prestigious races on the women’s calendar, and the U.S. National Team has sent an eight-rider team that includes 2010 Giro winner Mara Abbott. The team also includes first-year professional Brianna Walle. Walle is not only in […]

L’Etape du Tour: Prologue


On July 3, Paved contributor Gary Boulanger gets on a plane bound for Annecy, France, where he’ll ride his first L’Etape du Tour. Filing travelogue reports throughout his adventure, he’ll chronicle his experience to shed light on what it takes to enjoy saddle time on the same route as the professionals. This first installment sheds […]

Feature: BC Bike Race–Campbell River


Stage two of the BC Bike Race began and finished in Campbell River. The race rolled to a gentle start with a middle-ring fireroad climb before funneling riders onto Box Lunch, a trail that alternates from steep descent to rolling traverse, but is always technical. There are off camber roots, really sharp rocks that you must power up and attack. Riders flailed about in their stiff soled shoes for several miles, doing a lot more stumbling than riding. By the time racers hit the first rest zone, many of them had that hollow-eyed, walking-dead look.

Feature: Sun Valley Super Enduro


Peaks and ridge lines crest off into the forever and ever. Green summits and mountainsides look like an ocean frozen in motion. This is the sort of view that becomes mesmerizing. Beneath me the town of Ketchum looks so, so small and the little bit of single track I can make out looks good, really good.

Spotlight: Factor Vis Vires


Technology with a Side of Style If you’ve never heard of Factor before, no worries. With previous exposure in the bicycle industry limited to projects done for clients like Aston Martin and custom one-offs, it’s not exactly a corporate behemoth of the likes of Trek, Specialized or Giant. What it is, however, is a company […]

Feature: BC Bike Race Stage 1–Cumberland


The first wave of racers takes off, fittingly, to the gentle strains of Guns ‘n Roses’ "Welcome to the Jungle." The first dozen or so kilometers are a fairly gentle introduction to BC riding—velvety singletrack that rolls and weaves through dark forests. The first hour or so, however, is also a constant congo line of squealing disc brakes, muttered curses and cries of “Sorry!." Nerves are still high. Racers from dry climes are quickly learning that there’s a slimy root just waiting to take them out every few feet of trail.

News: Rocky Mountain Launches Carbon Instinct 29er


Rocky Mountain Bicycles just unveiled the 2014 Rocky Mountain Instinct MSL: a massively versatile rig that’ll satisfy both marathon-style racers and more aggressive trail riders. We got our chance to test that claim when we pedaled the new Instinct MSL on a network of trails criss-crossing the North Shore’s famous Mt. Seymour.

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