First Impressions: Santa Cruz Nomad

Santa Cruz set out to build a new Nomad from the ground up to bring it back to meet the demands of a new type of racing.

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Friday Five: Tires


Choosing the right tires is an absolutely vital part of setting up any bike. Seb Kemp takes you through some of the fundamentals to getting the most performance out of your bike.

Sick: Brett Rheeder’s Over Vert Flip Transfer


One complicated name for one very sick trick.

News: TRUVATIV Creates “BlackBox” Bar Series


TRUVATIV is releasing its own version of BlackBox-branded components with a line of signature-series handlebars; each of which was shaped to the specific demands and requirements of one of the brand's sponsored riders. Jerome Clementz gets his own bar. Ditto for Danny Hart and Steve Smith.

Theater Thursday


Theater Thursday | Remembering Wouter May 9th, 2011 marked a day a dark shadow engulfed the cycling world—a reminder that life is much more vulnerable than we’re ready to admit, and our sport far from being free of risk. This one’s for you Wouter.

Review: Rocky Mountain Instinct 970


There are plusher bikes out there. Lighter bikes as well. Where the Instinct excels, however, is its balance and versatility. I'd happily ride this thing anywhere outside of a bike park. A quick tweak of the geometry and the bike is ready to tackle just about anything. That's not something you can say of most 29ers.

Proof | 2013 Tour of California: Stages 3 & 4


Photo Gallery by Mark Johnson Sprinters and Superfans take top honors in stages 3 and 4. View Gallery

The Bakery: Chasing the Dragon


As I watched the girls in the camp improve, hitting bigger jumps and drops, pumping confidently through big bermed corners and tackling steep sections I got a little twitchy. I knew how they were feeling; I knew that as they pushed themselves a little further each time they were chasing the rush of accomplishment. The euphoria, the hi-fives, the smiles, I started to jones for all of it.

Interview: Whistler Bike Park Team


The Whistler Bike Park Team are about sharing the stoke of shredding sculpted berms, high fives, and having a ruddy good laugh while prating about on bicycles. It’s simple, honest, good natured fun – don’t knock it, join in.

ATOC: The Cliff Notes


Not everyone can afford using up all their sick days to stay home and watch every stage of this year’s Amgen Tour of California from start to finish, so with that in mind, we’re compiling a sort of slacker’s cheat sheet to this year’s race. Be sure to bookmark or check back regularly as we’ll […]

Introducing the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame


Source: Urban Cycling Hall of Fame San Francisco, CA – May 14, 2013 – Chrome Industries and ECHOS partner with urban bike pioneers to celebrate and announce the Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame (UCHOF). UCHOF is a collaborative effort that celebrates the culture of urban cycling and showcases the history and people shaping the modern […]

Wanted: Your Help


Eleven-year old rider, Alex Shepherd, was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor On April 16, 2013. Alex's friends and family are seeking donations to help offset the costs of what will be an expensive medical procedure, and have set up a website to help raise donations. We're asking our readers to help out if they can.

Video: Fabien Barel Presents–Season 2 Trailer


This season of "Fabien Barel Presents" takes a new perspective, as Fab and his guest riders intimately sample not only the regional trails, but also the culture, the food, and the climate of diverse places like Sicily and Scotland.

Interview: Sven Martin Makes His Enduro World Series Predictions


Who will do well? How will the newcomers cope in Italy? What are the chances of overall success for Enduro racers in the new Enduro World Series? These are some of the questions we asked Sven Martin.

5 Reasons Why He’s Andy Hampsten And You’re Not


Words || Gary J Boulanger Born in Ohio and raised in North Dakota, Shiras Andrew Hampsten—named after his Scottish grandfather Shiras Morris—came to cycling rather circuitously. Like most good American kids raised in the 1970s, Hampsten mowed lawns to raise money to buy his first 10-speed bike. He learned drafting from some older local riders, […]

Video: Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate–Episode 3


"Perfect Space" - As the project gathers pace, Danny finds the perfect space to start building his lines. He takes some inspiration from the Athertons at Fort William and as the UK prepares to welcome the Olympics, Danny has the honor of carrying the torch through Glasgow.

Proof | 2013 Giro d’Italia Stages 5 & 6


Photo gallery by Daniel Wakefield Pasley/Manual for Speed View photo gallery

Be There | John Watson Tour of California Photo Exhibition


If you’ve ever had the chance to visit the Rapha Cycle Club in San Francisco, you already know it’s worth the trip in and of itself—Four Barrel coffee served up by talented baristas, a cycling library that inspires inordinate envy and the full Rapha line on display make it hard not to enjoy yourself. Add […]

Video: This is Peaty–Episode 1, Season Two


The second season of This is Peaty rolls off with a bang, Rocky-style: cue the beards, the sweats, the pummeling of beef slabs of beef, the splitting of lumber...from a cinematic point of view, this clip is actually a marriage of both Rocky I and Rocky IV, but more to the point, it's just funny as hell. Good stuff here. Oh, and there's riding too.

Video: Nicolas Vouilloz – The relentless pursuit of balance


After being the most successful male mountain biker of all time, and a rally car racing champion, Nico Vouilloz now embarks on the next phase of his competitive life: the first Enduro World Series.

Review: The North Face Long Way Home


At $125, The North Face's "Long Way Home" jacket is a hell of a value. It's also a smartly-designed product: highly breathable, incredibly comfortable and, thanks to its removable sleeves, extremely versatile. An ideal jacket for cross-country rides in fall and spring conditions.

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