First Impressions: Santa Cruz Nomad

Santa Cruz set out to build a new Nomad from the ground up to bring it back to meet the demands of a new type of racing.

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News: Big Bear Opens with a Bang…


Snow Summit's Miracle Mile Trail was built by Gravity Logic (the guys behind a lot of the trails at Whistler) and boasts sweeping S-turns, 34 berms, six rollers, 10 jumps and three wood features including a 30-foot bridge, diving board and berm. Check out the video to see it yourself.

Preview: Magura eLECT compression damping


Electronic, automatic suspension lockout. Has the future arrived? Or is it a bit ahead of itself?

News: SRAM Updates 10-speed Drivetrain


SRAM recently announced that the bulk of its 10-speed shifter line (X0, X9 and X7) will now be outfitted with the same internals as the premier XX shifters. The company is also bringing its rear derailleur clutch mechanism down to the X7 ($89) price point.

Today’s Word is Snow


By Jen See || Photo by Kristof Ramon Hello boys and girls, today’s word is snow. What is snow? It’s cold. It’s wet. And it’s stuck to all the mountains in Italy in exceedingly large quantities. Also, it seems to be falling from the sky at a very high rate. At least, on all the […]

Friday Five: Hardtail


Call it a hardtail if you must, but truly this is just a very capable, all-terrain, all-mountain, all-seasons, all-weather, all of the above, all-purpose, all-around, all-aboard, all-inclusive, all-hell-breaks- loose, all-star, all manner of brilliance, bicycle.

Dirty Words: My Wheelie Mojo–Lost and Found.


I managed to get in a lot of riding all over this greasy planet without being able to loft a wheel and knock out a few pedal strokes. I could get it up enough to get over rocks and log-piles but never recovered the grace to see that angled front wheel spinning slowly in front of my face for one-two-three pedal strokes. Until last weekend. After some 50 years, I got my wheelie mojo back.

Video: FRAMED II – with Andi Wittmann


After a shoulder dislocation put Andi out of commission for a few weeks, the Giant Bicycles' pro trained hard to regain his top form. Once he was back on the bike, he teamed up with filmmaker Mario Feil to produce FRAMED II, a sequel to 2010's popular film, FRAMED.

The Bakery: Discovering YOLO


Go have adventures! Carpe diem doesn’t always have to be about quitting your job and riding off into the sunset of your next adventure, unless you can (and if you can, go now!). Sometimes it’s about knowing what that adventure is and how you are going to make it happen.

Theater Thursday


Theater Thursday | Made by Hand: The Bike Maker The fifth film in the ‘Made by Hand’ series (be sure to check out the rest of their films—they’re great as well), ‘The Bike Maker’ tells the genuinely compelling story of Ezra Caldwell of Fastboy Cycles. It’s a story sadly lacking in happy endings, but solemnly […]

Preview: Vredestein Tires


Vredestein might not be well-known to many mountain bikers but the Dutch-Indian tire manufacturer has been moulding rubber rings for cars, tractors, road bikes and mountain bikes for 105 years.

Video: Fourtitude: Four Riders, One Altitude


Rocky Mountain’s riders are a diverse bunch--a fact the company takes pride in. With the Fourtitude video above, Rocky is setting out to show that its new Altitude bike line is equally diverse: to wit, four very different riders push the limits on one bike--Rocky Mountain's Altitude 790 MSL.

Video: Darren Berrecloth crushes it in Five Ten’s new Freerider VXi


While rocking a particular pair of shoes isn't going to turn you into superman overnight, Five Ten is famous for its tenacious grip for a very good reason. When it comes to traction, Five Ten's Stealth Rubber compound is hard to beat. The new Freerider VXi shoe is lighter and narrower than Five Tens of the past and features a new sole design. Look for a review in the near future.

Video: Sunshine Coast – Welcome the Trail Wizard


In this clip, Linden Feniak and James Doerfling just rip through one amazing scene after another. Absolutely stellar camera work on this one. Not to be missed.

Exclusive: The Racer’s Perspective–Enduro World Series #1


It’s funny, the collective mountain bike community has been pretty pumped on the inception of the Enduro World Series (or "EWS"), myself included. On one hand, at the inaugural round, there was certainly a lot of excitement. On the other, the EWS is a series comprised of events that have been running for quite some time.

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Rocky Mountain Altitude 750


Rocky Mountain's new Altitude 750 is a capable trail bike that can be fine-tuned like no other model on the market.

Video: Red Bull “Born and Raised”


We've seen the racing, we've seen the action, but what happens away from the track? What makes a World Cup winner? Mike Parenteau documents the elements that came together on the day of July 29, 2012, a day that will live long in the memory of Brook MacDonald.

5 Reasons Why She’s Shelley Verses And You’re Not


Words || Gary J Boulanger In professional cycling, riders grab all the attention whether they make the podium or not; slogging it out in the heat, driving rain, snow and over nasty French cobbles is part of the job. Their effort is made possible by the tireless, behind-the-scenes circus act of a support crew which […]

Video: Cedric Gracia, Through My Eyes #1


The CG Brigade is rolling out a new series of videos. Will they include scenes of men riding around in banana hammocks or in very little clothing? Yes. Will it make sense? No. Will there be great riding? Absolutely.

Video | Riding the Long White Cloud


A featured film in last year’s Bicycle Film Festival, this flick follows several professional skateboarders on a cycling tour of New Zealand’s skating hotspots. It turns out cycling all day and then trying to ride a skatepark a harder than you think. While we’ve already shown the intro in a previous installment of Theater Thursday, […]

Video: Chasing Trail with Curtis Keene in Sedona


Ostensibly a promotional video for Avid brakes, this is simply a pretty cool video about Curtis Keene, the impact bikes have had on his life and, if you are not particularly into the transformative powers of the knobby tire, you can just geek out to some rad footage of Keene roosting around the red rock of Sedona. Good stuff.

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