Tested: ACRE Meridian Jacket

Is the Meridian the right jacket for you? The top-tier price tag will keep some people from even considering it, but the ACRE has few equals in the “waterproof yet breathable” arena.

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Dirty Words | “All Politics is Locomotion”


By Sal Ruibal Living in the Washington, D.C. area can really mess up your grip on reality. When you think of all the trillions of dollars that pour into and out of this medium-sized city on the Potomac River, it can make your own lot in life seem really, truly insignificant. A billion is chump […]

Dirty Words: All Politics is Locomotion


There are monuments to just about every shooting war you can think of and statues of generals who ran those wars. There is a Jimmy Carter Peace Institute but I’ve never seen anyone in there. The military dead are across the Potomac in Virginia, where the tens of thousands of silent grave markers won’t disturb your vacation. But there is no statue of a bicycle.

Ferrous Friday: Speedvagen 2013 Lookbook


Sure, by now you’ve probably realized that this isn’t your standard Ferrous Friday post, but the launch of Speedvagen’s 2013 lookbook is reason enough to break from the mold. A house brand of the famed Vanilla Workshop, Speedvagen is the brainchild of frame builder Sacha White. Offering the custom steel experience in stock size runs […]

Friday Five: Buy Yourself Some Real Improvement


To be a better rider you have to make yourself better; buying stuff won’t actually make you better. Unfortunately the sirens of the marketeers are louder than all, so sometimes we may give into the hyperbole and forget that we need to improve ourselves first. Really, the truth is often that we suck, rather than the things we choose to project our suckiness upon.

Video: Out There


Blackburn's "Out There" program tells the story of two iconic cycling routes, the people who ride them and the uncommon adventures they have along the way.

Video: UCI Downhill World Cup 2013 Teaser


Following a painfully long off-season, the speed, the carnage and the excitement -- some of which you can see in this video -- of the UCI Downhill World Cup is almost upon us once more.

VIdeo: Brendan Fairclough in Southern California


Southern California has its merits. Be it for the weather or the trails, Brendan Fairclough finds reasons to head down that way to get some final training in every year before the World Cup season begins in earnest.

Video: Night Riding with Brett Tippie


Brett Tippie, Geoff Gulevich, Andrew Baker, and Dave McInnes take a spin on their home trails in North Vancouver, BC well after sunset--illumination courtesy of NiteRider.

Cycling’s Top Ten Influencers of the Past 25 Years — Good, Bad and Ugly | Part 1


Perhaps it’s the close connection with Bike magazine, which turns 20 this year, or maybe it’s that we recently put to bed our Summer issue, which explores some of our sport’s romantic past, and it could even be Gary Boulanger’s ode to Dave Stohler that has me reminiscing. Suffice it to say, I’m feeling a […]

McKenzie Pass Open for Busyness


Folks, it’s time to get busy. Making travel plans that is. Every year the McKenzie Pass, one of Oregon’s most beautiful rides, is open just to cyclists for a limited time. Well, as you’ve hopefully gathered, that time is now.

Theater Thursday


Theater Thursday | Cipollini, Mario Cipollini Join Mario Cipollini on his mission to protect his manufacturing secrets in a rip-roaring—and completely over the top—flick that leaves no doubt as to who dreamed up the plot line. All said, however, Daniel Craig could only hope to look so suave in a skinsuit. Guess its time to […]

The Bakery: Be the Change


“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Ghandi may not have been talking about women in mountain biking specifically, but this is exactly what we need to do. We could debate endlessly about how to get more women into riding but there is one simple technique that is so obvious it is often overlooked or dismissed; introduce a woman to the sport.

Exclusive: The Tenacious Booger Injury


I’ve been injured riding bikes for the better part of 50 years. While there have been a few spectacular crashes, I’ve gotten away with mostly minor scraps, cuts and bruises. But for my most recent injury, the most life interrupting, I’ve given myself my own personal Darwin award.

Video: Specialized/SRAM Enduro Series #3


The third stop in the 2013 Specialized SRAM Enduro Series took place in Samerberg, Germany. The muddy and soft soil brought the riders to their physical limits.

News | San Francisco’s Mission District to Host Rivendell Pop-up Shop


You may have had a chance to read about Grant Petersen in the 5 Reasons column, several weeks ago. But, now you also have a chance to visit him in San Francisco from June 1st until June 9th, where Rivedell Bike Works has set up a pop-up shop.

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Trek Remedy 9


There’s a reason the Remedy is so popular: it’s incredibly versatile and sports one of the best rear suspension designs available. We just wish it came with a stouter fork.

News Of The Tweet: Liberty and Lawbreaking


Web 3.0 is jeopardizing our privacy and liberty, but we seem more than eager to let that happen. However, we can't narcissistically broadcast to the world one minute and then claim to be owed privacy the next. Especially when it comes to threatening tweets of a criminal nature.

Video: Chasing Trail with Kelli Emmett


Kelli Emmett is the type of rider that can't be categorized. And that's how she likes it. For her, racing is a way to see the world in her own way.

Video: Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate


With the clock ticking down to the first day of filming it's time for Danny to step up his riding. But with the full scale of the project starting to dawn on him, Danny finds himself feeling the pressure. As the warehouse goes into lockdown and the cameras start to roll will he be able to take his riding to new levels and realise his dreams for the film?

5 Reasons Why He’s Dave Stohler And You’re Not


Words || Gary J Boulanger To many, Gino Bartali, Fausto Coppi, Felice Gimondi, Francesco Moser, Dave Stohler, Gianni Bugno, Ivan Basso and Vincenzo Nibali are all famous Italian cyclists from the 1940s to present day, elevated to legendary status based on their exploits in the Giro d’Italia or on the cinder track at Indiana University. […]

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