First Impressions: Santa Cruz Nomad

Santa Cruz set out to build a new Nomad from the ground up to bring it back to meet the demands of a new type of racing.

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New York City and its “Ugly” Citi Bike Program


“You have a historical neighborhood being desecrated by these ugly bikes.”

Exclusive: Ibis Launches Mojo HDR


Today Ibis publicly unveiled the Mojo HDR—an updated version of their Mojo HD model. We've been riding the HDR, shod with 650b wheels, these past few weeks. Here are our thoughts on the new bike as well as the inside story from Ibis founder, Scot Nicol.

Video: Fort William DH Recap


The 2013 UCI World Cup Downhill season is officially underway, with a stellar event at Fort William now in the books. If you missed the live stream this morning, never fear -- you can watch the entire event replay here.

Gallery: Buzz #2


It's one of the things that has always set Bike apart from its competitors--the best photography and layout. With that in mind, here's another great gallery from the pages of Bike Magazine.

Sunday Cinema | Waffle Bike


“Waffle Bike is a fully weaponized waffle making device complete with call to prayer public address system…” Waffle Bike Film by Tom Sachs & Neistat Brothers. Editing by Brett Jutkiewicz and Alex Chohlas-Wood.

News: SRAM 7-Speed Drivetrain


There is no official word from SRAM at this point but we did track down Jon Cancellier, Blackbox's man on the ground, and squeezed some information out of him.

Video: This Is Peaty – Fort William Helmet-Cam Run


Let Steve Peat, along with Josh Bryceland and Greg Minnaar show you the 2013 Fort William Downhill' course... Fast, dry and loose....

Tested: Kali Protectives Amara Cam


While Kali may be a young company, compared to the more established names, it is certainly not lacking in experience. It comes as no surprise then that the company is stirring things up on the technological side of things. Consider the Amara helmet....

Video: Inca Avalanche Mass Start


Here’s a quick, drone’s-eye view of the mass start for the 2013 Inca Avalanche. Racers were challenged by bog, steeps, rocky and exposed terrain all along the 5000-foot descent. There was again spitting rain for run one and slight hail greeted the riders for the final run. Yannic Wende (Gravity Global -Tigo), the 2012 champion […]

Video: Peregrine Falcon Dive Bombs Gee Atherton


Is the premise ridiculous? Yes. Did I watch it twice? Absolutely. Proof positive that Red Bull Media can make anything look cool in a video.

Video: Sun Valley Has a Cure for Singletrack Deficit Disorder


Singletrack Deficit Disorder (STDD) is a highly dangerous and almost virulent condition that affects thousands of Americans and Canadians every day. Science is also showing it to exist in the four corners of the globe. We have taken a close look at this condition and in this video, episode 1 of the Sun Valley Remedy, we look back at the origin of STDD.

News: Santa Cruz Refines Tallboy 29er


Santa Cruz engineer, Joe Graney, sums up the changes to the Tallboy thus, "We learn more so we add these things to existing bikes in our range rather than make up new acronyms. We just improve our bikes." How did they improve the Tallboy? We went to Scotland to find out. Read on.

Dirty Words: The Volunteer State


Riding and racing a bike is a heck of a lot more fun than organizing, authorizing, certifying, insuring, assuring, cajoling and putting on a bike race. We feel guilty because we know our entry check doesn’t cover anywhere near the true cost of putting on a bike race. Volunteers who don’t get to raise their hands at the finish because they’re bent over wrestling with a heavy black plastic bag of your refuse see through your guilty gaze and easy wave.

Cycling’s Top Ten Influencers of the Past 25 Years — Good, Bad and Ugly | Part 2


What started as a quick exploration of who and what influenced cycling over the past 25 years ended up needing more words for a single sitting than we typically like to subject you to, so we cut our list in two. Like Part 1, this list is subjective, un-scientific, speculative and at times sideways. Doping: […]

News: GT Debuts 2014 Fury


GT's 2014 Fury has been rebuilt from the ground up--ready for the latest generation of World Cup tracks and bike parks around the world. Watch the full development story here.

Tested: Twenty6 Predator Flat Pedals


There’s plenty of real estate to play around on here and the clearance is excellent—shorn pins notwithstanding. The traction pins are well distributed and the body is nicely concave. Weight—with aluminum pins and titanium spindles—is an impressive 340 grams.

First Impressions: Trek’s New Fuel EX and Remedy 29ers


It's taken a while, but Trek has finally updated its popular Fuel EX and Remedy models with wagon wheels. Many of you must be wondering, with 650b all the rage these days, why not go with that wheel size? It's simple, really: they don't offer much advantage over 26" wheels.

The Bakery: Next Generation Tippie


This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Jessamy Carmen Tippie, the heiress to the Brett Tippie legacy and 4-year-old mountain biker. She was the Lance to my Oprah, but unlike Mr. Armstrong she wasn’t afraid to answer the hard questions as we tackled everything from wheel size to unicorns.

Theater Thursday


Join Ted King, Tim Johnson, Ryan Kelly and Co. as they embark on the 2012 200 not on 100 ride—200 miles of fun benefitting the Colorado Red Cross. Spurred by the original 200 on 100 ride, which traveresed the entire length of Vermont on Route 100, the 200 not on 100 takes the 200-mile distance, […]

Video: Connor Field’s Backyard Playground


Connor Field is an up and coming freeride mountain biker from Wilson, Wyoming. Riding on Teton pass near his house is where he trains an develops his skills. In an effort to expand his biking he built his own downhill jump course in his backyard and this is it.

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