Eric Porter | The forgotten trails of the Uintas

Three friends find challenge and solitude while lost in the Uinta backcountry.

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First Ride: Fox RAD 34


Fox Racing Shox paid Bike magazine a visit recently and let us ride the forthcoming RAD 34 fork. It's still in the prototype stage, but the RAD 34 is a glimpse of what's to come next year. If our first ride is a good indicator, this fork will be a welcome addition to the Fox family.

Mini-Bike Mayhem


I NERVOUSLY ROLLED up to the starting line, wrapped my hands around the bars in a white-knuckled death grip, firmly planted my flip-flop on the pedal and hunched myself over in racing position. I glanced at the two competitors to my left, then at the racer on my right. The announcer count- ed us down. I pedaled half a stroke, promptly popped a wheelie and landed flat on my back, clumsily taking the woman to my right down with me.

Preview: Sugoi RSX NeoShell Jacket


Sugoi is making big claims about their latest top-shelf rain jacket, the RSX NeoShell, which features a serious dose of waterproofing and advanced venting capabilities. Here are some first impressions after a dozen or so rides in the wet.

Exclusive: Bike’s Best of 2013–The Stories


We published more than a thousand stories this past year. Here are just a few of the stories that we were particularly fond of.

Totem: Skin to Win


Compared to the haberdashery of modern downhilling, Greg ‘HB’ Herbold’s roughly 20-year old, sublimated, spandex skinsuit is about as alien as a vegan in a steakhouse. But for a few years during mountain biking’s early history, a costume like this could turn a talented mortal into a hero.

Video: Cold Rolled, Chapter 4


Chapter 4 of Cold Rolled explores the development of Marquette's Snow Bike Route--a 15-mile stretch of perfectly-packed singletrack amidst the deep snow. If you never thought you needed a snowmobile and a welding torch, this video might seed a lust for those very things. Very cool.

Exclusive: Bike’s Best of 2013–The Videos


Puppets, shouting engineers, advice from a cranky uncle, inside the heart of the toughest man alive and a serious side to the clown.... At the risk of patting ourselves on the back like some kind of obnoxious prat, these are a few of our favorite videos of the year.

Video: Matt Brooks – Out From Behind The Lens


How does a cinematographer shoot their own section? It's a challenge that Matt Brooks of Lone Wolf Productions goes head to head with every year.

Tested: 2013 Specialized Enduro Expert Carbon


Lighter and more efficient--Specialized tweaked the 2013 Enduro with an eye towards improving its climbing abilities while retaining its unrivaled descending traits. I've been riding this bike for a solid year. Here's how it fared.

Tested: Turner Burner Expert


It’s clear that Turner set out to make a 27.5-inch-wheeled bike that was uniquely its own with the new Burner. the high-speed stability and outstanding cornering prowess are standout ride features. Knowing that the bike climbs as well as it descends makes it an ideal candidate for someone looking for a no-nonsense, do-it-all trail bike.

Exclusive: 2013 Heavy Pedal Tour–Snow Summit (Big Bear)


Drawing from a surrounding population of almost 20 million people and a rich mountain biking history, Snow Summit is poised to achieve great success moving forward? Well, judging by the number of vehicles with bike racks filling the parking lot, there’s no doubt that Snow Summit wins our vote for most likely to succeed. The weekend we spent there was a record breaker with 700 riders purchasing lift tickets in just one day! Coming back with a vengeance is an understatement.

Video: 2013 Heavy Pedal Tour–Snow Summit (Big Bear)


The L.A.-area's only lift-served mountain bike park is open for business again. With its close proximity to the city of San Bernardino and the Los Angeles Metro area, Snow Summit (a.k.a. "Big Bear") is the obvious first-stop for Southern California riders.

Video: From Where We Stand, Episode 1


From Where We Stand is a love letter to the east coast mountain bike community. There are so many incredible places to ride your bike around the world and the east coast is no exception. Here's Episode 1--straight outta New Jersey.

Bike Mag’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide


Life is too short for crap coffee. And, yet, so many of us settle for precisely that when we're on the road. This gadget eliminates that problem entirely. Score some hot water and you can pull some impressive shots of espresso out of the Handpresso in no time.

Video: Mountain Biking Kirroughtree, Scotland


Everything you need to know to go ride one of the BEST singletrack loops there is: Kirroughtree. In a moment of GoPro madness the Trail Ninja shuns the lure of the Mediterranean to man up and head North to Scotland to mountain bike in November instead.

Video: “Hills of Home”


It's easy to get caught up in stereotypes, but as always, stereotypes fail to capture reality. Case in point: cross-country riders are technically unskilled. There are so many reasons why that "true-ism" falls flat, but rather than dissect it, I submit Pirmin Kuß, an XCO racer from the Black Forest region of Germany, who absolutely rips. Check this video out.

Bike Mag’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide


We live in a golden age of television. Well, sure, there's still a ton of schlock "reality" TV series to avoid, but there are also standouts, such as Breaking Bad, which I recommend enjoying in a giant binge-fest, courtesy of this box set.

Video: Cedric Gracia’s Brush with Death


I've been sitting on this video for the past few hours, wondering whether I should post it to bikemag.com After watching it, I've decided to publish it because I think there's one very valid message in this video: when an accident occurs, stay calm. Gracia survived this because he and his friends saved kept their heads, got help and did what was in their power to minimize his blood loss.

Bike Mag’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide


The G-Form knees are fully flexible and stealthy enough to fit under a pair of jeans (if that's your style). The Made-in-America pad features G-Form's own Reactive Protection Technology, which (like D3o) is soft and pliable 99 percent of the time...right up until the moment that something slams into it. At that point, the molecules within the pad material instantly bind together, "stiffening to absorb and redistribute the energy."

Video: Cold Rolled, Chapter 3–The Lake Superior Session


"So, riding snow...It's a little bit like mountain biking, but it's a little bit like skiing...and not totally like anything else," that's how one rider puts it at the outset of Cold Rolled Chapter Three. There's some great footage of lakeshore riding, grand vistas and the occassional flying Squirrel. Another cool chapter from a movie that proves that sub-zero temperatures and the risk of hypothermia aren't enough to stop some people from having a good time on their bikes.

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