Trail Doctor | How to setup your suspension fork

It may seem basic, but we can’t all be experts here! Dan Milner walks you through setting up your suspension fork in two and a half minutes.

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News: Tahoe Project Marks First of its Kind


Builders broke ground this week on the first-ever legal trail purpose-built with features on National Forest land in the South Lake Tahoe area.

Video: Big Mountain Enduro – 2014 Season Preview


The Big Mountain Enduro Series Presented by Yeti Cycles, is an authentic multi-stage, multi-day annual Enduro series throughout the best riding locations in the Rocky Mountain region. In this video, the top racers from the 2013 Big Mountain Enduro Series take you through what to expect in 2014, where a $45,000 pro purse awaits.

Scene: Friday Freedom


FOR MOST OF US, FRIDAYS ARE SPENT WATCHING THE CLOCK, waiting anxiously for the workweek to end. At Chromag Bikes, however, the weekend starts a day early. On Friday–every Friday–staff and friends of the Whistler-based frame and components company spend the day riding.

Tested: Showers Pass Refuge Jacket


If this review sounds like an unmitigated love letter to Showers Pass…well, I guess it does. The Refuge, however, merits that kind of sloppy-kiss praise; it’s simply an outstanding piece of kit. Here's why.

Video: Fox MTB Presents | Kirt Voreis & Cam McCaul 2014 Trail Edit


Check out Kirt Voreis and Cam McCaul together in a video for the first time.

Showcase: Riding Shorts


Despite what it looks like out your window right now, summer is upon us. Time to break out the shorts or update your old, nasty ones. Here are six great options to get your wheels turning.

Where Are They Now? Kirt Voreis


Like so many mountain bikers of his generation, Kirt Voreis fell into the sport kind of by accident. Growing up without a dad, his dream career, motocross, was out of financial reach. Dirt jumping and skateboarding, though, those were attainable activities, and Kirt was naturally gifted. Add to the airtime a penchant for pedaling 30 miles or more on his mom’s 10-speed mountain bike looking for lizards and rattlesnakes, and you’ve got a fairly decent recipe for success in the fat-tire world.

Video: “Matt Hunter Broke Your Photoshop”


Behind the Scenes of Matt Hunter's bar-dragging berm-shredding session in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Five Bucks A Foot Is Back


Offering up the chance to win the the bike of your dreams built however you want from Santa Cruz Bikes seems like a no-brainer premise, but this runs a bit deeper than that. “Five bucks a foot" is a campaign being run by the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship to generate funding for, as well as interest in, their ongoing trail construction projects.

Matter: Marzocchi Bomber Z1


In 1997, Italian suspension manufacturer, Marzocchi, unleashed the Z1 Bomber. Marzocchi’s engineers had received the same "How to Build a Fork" memo as everyone else, but with the Z1 they essentially doused that memo in gasoline, lit it on fire, went on a bender and woke up the next morning with a hangover and this mutant lovechild of a fork. The Z1 Bomber was heavy, ridiculously plush and built like a brick shithouse. The Z1 changed the world of bicycle suspension, sure, but it also changed the way products were marketed and sold in the bike industry.

Exclusive Feature: Fringe Benefits


FOR CANADIANS, Newfoundland is one of those places we all talk about visiting. Every Canadian will tell you they want to go, but few actually do. It’s not the kind of place you drive to for the weekend; you either fly there or take the ferry. And depending on the ferry, the trip can take six to 14 hours, sometimes over rough, vomit-inducing waters. Once you’re at the ferry terminal, it’s still a huge drive to St. John’s.

The Web Monkey Speaks: I Mock You Because I Care


We all do stupid things. It’s part of being human. Our friends, however, are supposed to function as our de facto idiocy buffer. Friends are the ones who cut the crap and tell it like it is: a mullet isn’t ironic, it just makes you look inbred, a 1986 IROC-Z is not a classic and there is no way in hell I am going to be seen anywhere in public with you if you wear that f@cking cape. We mock those we love, as Sigmund Freud once noted, because we care about them.

SRAM Announces More Affordable Version of XX1 Drivetrain


From SRAM X1 comes the integrated drivetrain engineered in Germany for every rider and every trail. The simple, smart and synchronized design delivers confidence in the face of any terrain—from cross-country racing to all-mountain adventure.

News: June Issue of Bike Magazine Hits Newsstands Today


The June issue of Bike magazine hits newsstands today, signaling the beginning of summer in North America and the start of another awesome shredding season.

Video: Curtis Keene Sets Sights On Podium For 2014 Enduro World Series


The relatively young sport of enduro racing has attracted mountain biking's best athletes and become highly competitive – quickly. American athlete Curtis Keene was ranked 12th in last year's Enduro World Series. For him, that's not good enough. This video – from Red Bull TV – beautifully and thoroughly illustrates what it takes to hang, compete, and win in this grueling sport that athletes say is no safer than world cup downhill racing.

Preview: Fresh Rubber


For my money, there’s no greater upgrade than a fresh set of rubber. Good tires boost traction, reduce rolling resistance and improve braking performance. Well, they might not do all three, but chances are you’ll get at least two on that list and that’s still a hell of a lot bang for your buck.

Where Are They Now? Jeff G. Holt


As this article goes live, Jeff is living the dream and traveling the country promoting the upcoming Geico ¬– Hotbike Power Tour, which is no doubt slowing the progress on his many motorcycle and classic car projects. And if you’re wondering…yes, Holt still is known to throw a leg over a pedal bike and, in fact, still has a bit of a collection that would make most bicycle folks jealous.

Great Days 4: Chile Part 3 – Finding The Unexpected in Chillan


After the race dust settled, disco music fizzed, and athletes wounds started to heal, the Smith team took off south heading into the unknown hoping to discover more wild trails, breathtaking views and experience much more of the welcoming Chilean culture. They found bamboo forests, volcanic rich soil, and some unbelievable trails in Chillan. This time with a lot less bloodshed...

Tested: Magura TS8 R Elect


That’s right, dear reader. With the Elect system active, this fork will lock and unlock dozens, even hundreds of times in a ride, at its own will. While this may sound like a slippery slope toward these machines getting too smart and eventually enslaving all of humanity, please remain calm. This fork is nothing to fear.

Video: Introducing the Trek Session 650B


You've seen it in action, piloted by Trek World Racing athletes. But what's the story behind Trek's 650B Session? We headed out to America's heartland to find out.

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