Video: Great Days 3 – Chile Part 2 – Questioning Your Limits

This (somewhat graphic) video is the second of a three-part series by Smith Optics that brings you through the last few days of the Andes Pacifico Enduro stage race with an unexpected hospital visit to keep things exciting. A blind course makes it an even playing field, but also a game of question on how hard racers should and can push themselves around every turn. Viewer discretion is advised…if you go lightheaded at the sight of blood you SHOULD NOT WATCH the video. If not, take a look for a raw and real view into the highs and lows of enduro racing…

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News: Rocky Mountain Launches Carbon Instinct 29er


Rocky Mountain Bicycles just unveiled the 2014 Rocky Mountain Instinct MSL: a massively versatile rig that’ll satisfy both marathon-style racers and more aggressive trail riders. We got our chance to test that claim when we pedaled the new Instinct MSL on a network of trails criss-crossing the North Shore’s famous Mt. Seymour.

Tested: Osprey Zealot 16


Thirty-eight years in the trade have clearly taught the designers at Osprey a thing or two about making packs, because the Zealot 16—their 976-cubic-inch dump truck of a hydration pack—is the king of comfort. Go ahead, load the Zealot with 100 ounces of water, body armor, a full-face helmet, tools and any other creature comforts—the one thing you won’t feel is a pain in the back.

Video | Peter Sagan Finds Rooftop Parking


For those of you lacking the upper-body strength necessary to handle even the waifish carbon super bikes of today’s pro peloton, you may want to consider this method of getting your bike atop your car post-ride.

Spotlight: Mission Workshop Arkiv Field Pack


$ Varies / missionworkshop.com The Arkiv series from Mission Workshop is one I’ve taken a particular liking to. I carry all different assortments of miscellaneous crap (primarily oddly-shaped booze vessels if you must know) so I appreciate a pack that anticipates just such a thing—and so much more. With the Arkiv’s ingeniuos modular system, one […]

Video: 12 Months, 12 Stories with Jerome Clementz


What's it like to live with Jerome Clementz? Chances are, you never asked yourself that. Well, this video tells the story and if you dig the nouns, verbs and past participles...well, Jerome's better half, Pauline, shares her thoughts on the experience.

News: Big Mountain Enduro, Crested Butte, Begins


The second stop of the Big Mountain Enduro Series begins today in Crested Butte, Colorado. Big mountains, amazing singletrack and, yes, those wildflowers Crested Butte is famous for, should all be on the menu this weekend.

Video: Top 10 Riders Never to Win a Grand Tour


Sometimes it’s hard to seal the deal, and sometimes that’s just cycling, where luck and preparation often have their own separate agendas. Meet the top 10 riders never to win a grand tour, as ranked by the Global Cycling Network.

Dirty Words | My Tour de France


By Sal Ruibal The 100th Tour de France begins Saturday on the French island of Corsica. The entire entourage that is the bolus of the Tour will cross the Ligurian Sea on an ocean liner. Suzanne, one of six student journalists who won a spot covering Le Tour, describes her delight at spending the next […]

Spotlight: American Classic Hurricane Wheelset


American Classic Hurricane Wheelset $900 / amclassic.com Midnight Adventure Tested, Mayhem Approved “Here’s my keys, take my car and we’ll just meet you at the brewery…and sorry, what was your name again?” … “Who was that?” I ask Morgan Meredith, Paved’s publisher and resident like-a-boss man after he finishes handing off his keys to a […]

Video/Gallery: Keith Bontrager–Bike Mag’s “Ask a Founder” Remix


"Ask a Founder" is Bike Magazine's live broadcast series in which we invite pioneers from the cycling world to tell their story and answer your questions. Engineering guru, Keith Bontrager, recently gave us a glimpse into his life during a live broadcast on bikemag.com - Here's a sample video and photo gallery from the event.

Friday Five: Bar Width And Stem Length


Mountain biking is a dynamic activity that requires a rider to move around on the bike and move the bike under them, rather than be fixed into position.

Dirty Words: My Tour de France


This year I may get up early or stay up late and watch the Tour. But I will also ride my own bikes at least one hour every day the race is on. I owe it to the sport to turn my own pedals not in anger, but in the joy of moving on the surface of this beautiful planet under my own power.... The dopers may have cheated the sport, but they haven’t killed it.

Paved | Inside the Summer Issue


For those of you who are terrified by the deep personal commitment it takes to enter into a long-term, subscription relationship with a magazine, we’re pleased to announce that our Summer Issue of Paved is now officially available on newsstands. Of course, subscribers’ copies should be about dog-eared by now, and we’d guess that at […]

Showcase Rerun | Eddy Merckx Art Box


Are you the ultimate Eddy Merckx fan? Is your copy of Merckx 525 already dog-eared—the spare copy, that is, the one you don’t keep locked in a climate-controlled safe? If your collection of cycling books and memorabilia isn’t quite large enough yet, and you have a spare thousand Euros burning a hole in your pocket, […]

Video: Chasing Trail with Kenny Smith


Kenny Smith does things on a mountain bike that no one else does. He finds possibilities in places where no one else even looks. Bigger, steeper, faster—that's his style.

News: BC Bike Race Poised to Begin


The BC Bike Race is ready to roll with a stacked roster of singletrack hounds salivating at the mouth to get out and race the ‘Ultimate Singletrack Experience’. Over the course of the race week, competitors will cover some 217 miles, 25,000 feet of climbing and more than 75 percent of those miles will be on single track--a fact that sets the BC Bike Race apart from a good many marathon-style races.

Theater Thursday


Debuting at this year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Breadwinner Cycles is the product of master framebuilders Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan joining forces to create a lineup of six semi-custom models. And, apparently, in addition to welding up a good lookin’ frame, the duo is pretty handy at video production as well.

Spotlight: Recon Instruments Jet Heads-Up Display


While Google’s Glass has been getting quite a bit of press as of late, the internet behemoth doesn’t completely own the world of wearable computing. Enter the Recon Instruments Jet. As powerful as an iPad—and nearly as expensive—the Jet Heads-Up display packs quite the technological punch. It’s also made with cyclists in mind.

RAAM 2013 | A Year of Records and Inspiration


By Vic Armijo ANNAPOLIS, MD (June 25, 2013)—Certainly, the big news of RAAM 2013 was the dominant win by Austrian Christoph Strasser, who in finishing in a time of 7 days, 22 hours and 11 minutes became the first solo rider to finish RAAM in under eight days, averaging 15.58 miles per hour, and in […]

Video | A Bicycle Can…


Yeah, we know…we’re preaching to the choir, but this video is worth watching.

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