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Get a tour of Ratboy’s narrowboat living quarters, watch him smash some UK corners on his trail bike and then get in a bit of mini-moto shredding for good measure.

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Luis Leao Pinto Wins the 22nd edition of La Ruta de los Conquistadores


After he considered quitting, Portuguese cyclist Luis Leao Pinto was crowned the winner of La Ruta de los Conquistadores 2014 on Saturday, Nov. 9, after crossing the finish line in sixth place in Playa Bonita, Limón. However, due to his performance on day 1, he had 6 minutes and 46 seconds of advantage over Luis Mejía

Juliana Bicycles Recruits New Ambassadors For 2015


Juliana Bicycles is currently represented by some of the funnest and toughest female riders out there. We’re looking to grow this family in 2015 by supporting more female racers, ambassadors, and juniors who share the Juliana spirit and are already active within our dealer communities.

Tool Envy


ASK YOURSELF WHAT PROJECTS YOU WANT TO TACKLE, LOOK at what tools your bike requires, and then choose a kit. The kits we selected for this test all fall somewhere in the middle of basic maintenance and complete assembly, with the Birzman being the most complete.

From Denver to Durango: 500 miles of the Colorado Trail


Sometimes the most challenging and arduous adventure is the one in your own backyard. The Colorado Trail links up the state’s largest metropolitan region with some of the best mountain bike trails in the country, spanning over 500 miles through the rugged and scenic alpine wilderness from Denver to Durango.

Long-Term Test: CamelBak M.U.L.E. NV


I’ve been humping the CamelBak M.U.L.E. NV hydration pack around in the rain and mud for a year. It’s seen the inside of my washing machine more than a few times and wound up being my go-to pack this past season. Here's how it fared.

Diamonds in the Dirt: Bozeman, Montana


Lydia Tanner is a dirt connoisseur who lives in her car. She spent her fall drinking gallons of coffee and riding lesser-known trails all over the Northwest. These are her stories.

Palmer’s Picks: Bertucci A-2T Field Watch


Watches are stupid. Most of them are heavy, uncomfortable, bulky things that sit there on your wrist and weigh it down. And for what? Just to tell you what time of day it is? No thanks, I'll pass.

Video: Cam McCaul Goes Rogue on The Weather Channel


In a Skype interview yesterday with Sam Champion on The Weather Channel's AMHQ, Cam McCaul appeared–much to the surprise of the show's host–dressed as a weather reporter. Through the entire interview McCaul never breaks character, explaining the only way they could make a mountain bike movie about riding on the snow was to do it from "the unreal world" where it was snowing dirt flurries. McCaul is Saturday Night Live worthy. Enjoy.

Bike Test: Trek Remedy 9.8 29


My first ride on the new carbon fiber Remedy 9.8 29 reminded me how capable this line of bikes is, plus now it’s much livelier, snappier and over a pound lighter. It’s a markedly better ride. The bike scoots up hills just as well as the Fuel EX, but ups the ante on descents.

Trail plans progress in Caliente, Nevada


A new IMBA-backed trail network in rural Nevada could open to mountain bikers as soon as 2016 if Patrick Kell wins over the right wallets. Kell is IMBA’s southwest regional director, and he’s been tirelessly promoting the project outside Caliente, Nevada–a town of fewer than 1,200 people located about two hours northeast of Las Vegas.

Video: Rising Above with Casey Brown


Pro downhill racer Casey Brown grew up in a remote zone in New Zealand with her father who was hiding out from the DEA. Her life eventually brought her to Revelstoke, B.C. where she chased her father and brother around on bikes until eventually they chased her. Her brother – also a pro freerider who she revered as her personal hero – lost his life in a drug-related incident. As showcased in this episode of Dirt Magazine's "Beyond the Bike" video, 23-year-old Casey has chosen to channel all of her life's intensity into an unbridled focus on her dream to be one of the best female mountain bikers in the world.

California Enduro Series 2014 Season Recap


The 2014 California Enduro Series challenged racers at five venues and on some of the best singletrack the Golden State has to offer. In just its second year, the series proved to be huge success with over 800 athletes participating and three out of the five races selling out. The organization of the series was incredibly successful with well-planned events, awesome courses, and consistent and accurate timing. Many racers were originally drawn to the series because of the world-class organization of the events, however as the season unfolded participants recognized something even more significant.

The Web Monkey Speaks: The Good Stuff


In our meticulously-preserved Botox’d, chin-tucked, Hair Club for Men-ified world, you can be fooled into thinking getting older ain’t going to happen to you. You’re just a young buck stuck in amber. Timeless. Forever fit and full of piss and vinegar. Yeah, good luck with that...

Video: Goin’ Full Blown Hoff At Retallack


From EpicTV: Retallack, in the Selkirk mountains of British Columbia, has over 5,000 vertical feet of amazing MTB trails. With a huge network of even more trails being constructed right now, this bike park is becoming a world-renowned mountain bike operation.

Beatdown: The Crank Brothers Iodine 3 Rims Gain Muscle


CRANKBROTHERS GOT A BLACK EYE WHEN IT RELEASED ITS first wheel line back in 2010 and the rear hubs failed at a rate of about 17 percent. When your product looks this odd and its guts start seizing up on the trail, you’re in a precarious position. So Crank- brothers redesigned its hubs in 2011 and they’ve proven up to the task ever since. With its hubs sorted, the company went into 2014’s version 3.0 looking to improve the rims.

Video: Backcountry Spirit from MADproductions


Have you ever thought about packing up your bike and heading deep into the alps on a mountain bike adventure of your life? Well, these two guys, Rui Sousa and Paulo Batista, did just that. And along the way they produced a beautiful video of the experience.

Giant Off-Road squad focuses on DH, Enduro in 2015


Former World DH Champ Danny Hart and veteran South African champion Andrew Neethling are departing Giant's World Cup DH squad next year, which will be led by Colombian Marcelo Gutierrez and newcomer Alex Marin, a 17-year-old from Spain.

Always Summer Somewhere


We always dream about journeys to places like this, but for most mortals these reveries rarely become a reality. When it was decided that a group of us would spend seven days on the roads and trails of New Zealand’s South Island, hovering largely around the Craigieburn and then Nelson area, most of us were in disbelief until the moment we landed on Kiwi soil.

Video: Bernardo Cruz at Taxco Urban Downhill


Here's GT's Bernardo Cruz racing the 2014 Taxco Urban DH race in Mexico. He’s riding ridiculously fast, flying past people’s living rooms, patios and experiencing near-misses all the way. This POV footage is from his qualifying run in 2014, which he went on to win outright. Would you ride this course full out?

Preview: RockShox Monarch Plus RC3 DebonAir


RockShox's answer to the question of how to achieve the perfect balance between small bump compliance and big-hit performance? They call it DebonAir. Here are some first ride impressions of the DebonAir-equipped Monarch Plus RC3 shock.

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