The Best Value Bikes of 2016

This year is brimming with blinged out, high-zoot, lightweight and thoroughly badass mountain bikes. Those adjectives, however, don’t always share real estate in the same sentence with words like “value.” So, what the hell, here’s a list of some bikes that I think present a good value. They aren’t “cheap,” they might not even be “affordable,” but they are all a hell of a lot of bike for the buck.

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The Syndicate Episode 3 – Leogang


Peaty, Ratboy and Minnaar head to the Leogang World Cup, where they put together a solid race day with plenty of shenanigans.

Superior Foundation


The Great Lakes city of Duluth, Minnesota, is planting the seeds for a future based around mountain biking.

Matt Hunter and Matt Miles in Peru – Destination Trail


Matt Hunter returns to Peru with Matt Miles in tow to re-ride one of his favorite trails on earth.

POV: Marcelo Gutierrez’s Pinned Leogang Training Run


On board with Marcelo for a hot lap on the Leogang World Cup track.

Aaron Gwin’s Chainless World Cup Run


With Gwin's record of mechanicals at Leogang, someone might have predicted that he would have trouble again today. But no one would have predicted that he'd win the race chainless.

Leogang World Cup DH Results


Full results inside.

Renegades of Fun


Singletrack passion bonds Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford and his dirt-slinging neighbor, Marshall Mullen.

Ratboy POV: Leogang Edition


Take a hot lap with The Rat during practice at Leogang.

Duncan Ferris: Under the Radar


Born in Bristol, England, Duncan Ferris has been racing for over 17 years. When the DMR team rider isn't on his bike, he's usually doing his day job, building trails for the company Architrail.

Weekly Wrap: Post-Soviet singletrack and UCI Whirlpools


Worthy news from this week: historic moments in Fort William, singletrack adventures in post-Soviet territory and the UCI's latest DH course feature.

The Pro’s Closet: Myles Rockwell’s 2000 Giant ATX One


Myles Rockwell talks about his Giant DH race bike, complete with a wooden derailleur and custom brake rotors.

Win a Trip to Shred the Sea-to-Sky Corridor


The Sea-to-Sky corridor is the core of British Columbia's singletrack haven.

Leogang World Cup DH Course Perview


Claudio does his best to stick Greg Minnaar's wheel for a run down the revised Leogang World Cup track.

Long-Term Test: Xpedo Spry Pedals


While eighty bucks ain’t chump change, it’s a relatively good deal for a durable set of flat pedals. But the question was this: were the Xpedo Spry pedals actually durable? Would they stand the test of time? A year and a half later, here's the answer...

Steps to the Top | Luca Shaw


While his classmates were waking up and preparing for their last day as high school seniors, Luca was in Leogang, Austria, getting ready for the third UCI Downhill World Cup of 2015.

First Look: SRAM X0 DH Hubs


This morning SRAM announced their new XO DH hubs, which, according to SRAM, are focused on durability and strength.

How to Trade a Pair of Socks for a Juliana Nevis


A series of product trades at this year's Sea Otter festival eventually led to the donation of a brand-new Juliana bicycle to an unsuspecting high school mountain bike racer from the National Interscholastic Cycling Association.

Nine Days to Go – Mind the Gap Episode 6


The Anthill film crew finishes up filming in Squamish with Tom van Steenbergen and works like mad to finish their upcoming feature film, unReal.

Red Bull Rampage 2015 Dates Announced


Tenth Red Bull Rampage to Return to Virgin, Utah.

Inside Specialized Racing: Episode 4 – Fort William


Follow Troy Brosnan and Aaron Gwin to the foul-weathered World Cup track on Aonach Mor, where Scotland treated them to a weekend of little practice, difficult conditions and very physical course.

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