Tested: Chromag Squarewave Grips

I almost never think about grips. Let’s face it, if they don’t slip and they offer decent traction for your mitts, you’re pretty much golden. The bar is kinda low in this product category. But then I started using Chromag’s Squarewave grips and, I have to admit, they made me realize that most of my other grips aren’t cutting the mustard.

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Tested: Hopey Steering Damper


VITALS Hopey Steering DamperCost: $220Weight: 140 gramsContact: 724-449-9305,

Gear: Chris King NoThreadSet


Steeped in 25-year history, Chris King headsets are with out doubt the finest in existence. And, how can you argue with a 10-year warranty? That’s right. Ten years of guaranteed performance. As one of the pioneers of threadless headsets, King offers all standard sizes as well as Devolution, which allows 1 .25″ headtubes to accept […]

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