Tested: Shimano Deore Brakes

Shimano’s latest generation of Deore brakes lack outright sex appeal, but more than make up for it in reliability, power and consistency. Oh, and you can probably buy a set without having to sell a pint of your blood; that’s always a plus.

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Tested: Magura Louise BAT


MAGURA LOUISE BAT $161 per wheel 618-395-2200; MAGURAUSA.COM Now in their 14th year, Magura’s Louise brakes benefit from some significant improvements for 2008. First, the brakes now feature a hinged-back clamp, which makes for easy-on/easy-off action and allows the lever to be mounted on either side of a SRAM or Shimano shifter. I ran mine […]

Tested: Hope Moto V2 Disc Brakes


WHAT: Hope Moto V2 disc brakes WHERE: 936-582-2411; hopetechusa.com HOW MUCH: $325/Wheel Brakes are undoubtedly the most visceral point of interaction on the bicycle. Right there, in the finger, their performance and reliability is a crucial element of a good ride. More often than not, unfortunately, we notice our brakes. They’re pumping up, squealing, jacking, […]

Avid Mechanical Disc Brake Review – Stronger than Dirt


WHAT: Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brakes WHERE: www.sram.com/en/avid HOW MUCH: $120 (suggested retail price per wheel) I distinctly remember testing the first generation of cable-actuated disc brakes—back in 1998. We had a set that came spec’d aboard a Giant full suspension bike we were testing at BIKE and, man, they were nothing short of terrifying. […]

A Contender to the Avid Throne?


WHAT: IRD Dual Banger Mechanical Discs WHERE: www.interlocracing.com HOW MUCH: $99.99 per wheel (includes cable housing) Most mechanical disc brakes operate in the following fashion—pulling brake cable causes a piston to push the outboard brake pad against the rotor. The rotor then bends and rubs against the stationary inboard pad, which bring your bike to […]

Powerful, Adjustable…The El Camino Lives Up to its Hype


WHAT: Hayes El Camino WHERE: www.hayesbrake.com HOW MUCH? $250 per wheel Can’t decide whether to go with more power or better modulation in your next set of disc brakes? Hayes might make your decision a little easier with the new El Camino. The brake levers feature dials that can modulate power on the fly, even […]

Hayes in a Carbon Flavor


WHAT: Hayes HFX Mag Plus HOW MUCH: $250 per wheel WHERE: www.hayesdiscbrake.com There are a few disc brakes on the market right now that everyone is talking about and the HFX Mag Plus is not one of them. This is unfortunate, but I suppose, also a bit understandable, as the HFX Mag Plus does not […]

Bantam Weight Stoppers


WHAT: Magura Marta SL disc brakes WHERE: magurausa.com HOW MUCH: $300 per wheel At 324 grams per wheel (that’s the whole shebang…brake levers, rotor and caliper) the Marta SLs are the lightest hydraulic disc brakes available and are aimed directly at the “I won’t buy it if it isn’t made out of carbon and weighs […]

Bolt-On Disc Brakes…You Might Be Surprised


WHAT: Brake Therapy Disc Brake Conversion Kit WHERE: 765-528-2138, www.therapycomponents.com HOW MUCH: $149.00 A bolt-on disc brake mount? It looks…well, it looks kinda hokey. Isn’t it a pain in the ass to set up? Will my rotor rub? Will it flat-out fall apart? All those questions were rolling around my own head when I bolted […]

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