Photo Gallery III: 2015 Bible of Bike Tests

After nearly two weeks of testing, we’re wrapping up the 2105 Bible of Bike Tests in Central Oregon. Here is one more batch of photos from our annual buyer’s guide test. Keep an eye out for complete print and web coverage in the coming months.

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First Impressions: Bontrager RXL Shoes


Kevin Rouse shares his thoughts on Bontrager's redesigned RXL shoes.

Trailhead: Introducing Bike Magazine Merchandise


Congratulations! Bike magazine is pleased to present you with its ultra-rad merch-for-the-masses program.

Fresh: Swobo Short Sleeve 753 Jersey


Swobo Short Sleeve 753 Jersey $100 / swobo.com Swobo mated Merino wool to synthetic threads to create a jersey that marries the best attributes of both materials. The end result, according to Swobo? Fantastic moisture wicking, temperature control, funk-management and comfort.

Sidi Shoes: Fifty Years of Innovation


Pie in the sky. Sidi has long aspired to produce the best in the business.

Fresh: Royal Racing Tech Tee


Royal Racing Tech Tee $30 / royalracing.com Operating under the premise that jerseys needn’t look like enormous neon flags, Royal Racing’s Tech Tee gets the job done in simple fashion. The jersey is finished with an enzyme wash that helps the jersey wick sweat away from your skin and resists funk.

Fresh: DZR Strasse Shoes


Cyclists often face a paradox: Dress in functional clothes that make you look like an escapee from a Jazzercize-themed gulag or wear stylish clothes that chafe and pinch things that should never be chafed or pinched. DZR’s new line of clipless-compatible shoes are an exception to the rule: They sport semi-rigid soles that offer plenty of power transfer to the pedals, yet also allow you to walk around, minus the pregnant-duck waddle.

New Giro Goods


Giro swung by the office on their way to Euroland for some trade show that’s supposedly going on across the pond. Big news for 2012 is a beefed-up shoe lineup (which expands by a whopping 13 models) as well as some key updates to their increasingly popular gloves. Here’s a sampling:

Review: ThermoGnar Bib Knicker


By: Colin Meagher Swobo ThermoGnar Bib Knicker / $180 / swobo.com It may have been three weeks since Punxatawney Phil gave the nod for an abbreviated winter by turning a blind eye to his shadow, but I’m not buying it. I think the fix is in. I live in Seattle, and I know that the […]

Preview: Fox Debuts 2010 Protective Gear


Fox recently leaked some highlights from its 2010 lineup, and these three new products top the list. Building on its arsenal of helmets and knee, shin and elbow pads—and drawing from decades of experience in the motocross world—Fox has significantly expanded its protective gear quiver. The V3R full-face helmet is based on Fox’s successful V3 […]

Tested: Diadora Ergo Mountain Bike Shoes


Diadora Ergo // $170 Cannondale.com Pity the shoemakers. The demands of mountain biking create an almost impossible set of goals: create a shoe that is stiff, yet soft enough to hike in. Keep it secure to the foot during 100-rpm sprints, but also be comfortable enough for eight-hour rides. Make it light, make it durable. […]

7-24-08 // Tested: Scott All Mountain Shoes


Scott All Mountain Shoes // $95 800-292-5874; scottusa.com The first pair of clipless shoes I ever owned were Scotts: Tan, synthetic, nubuck, lace-up high-tops, and I loved the them right up until the sole plate cracked at the cleat after a few months of use. That was 10 years ago, and Scott has since left […]

7-24-08 // Tested: Bell Variant


Bell Variant // $100 800-456-2355; bellbikehelmets.com Helmets are one part protection and one part personal fashion statement. A challenge presented itself, then, when a Variant—Bell’s latest high-end, all-purpose mountain bike helmet, with hot pink highlights—showed up for a thrashing. This color scheme bounces my selection theory straight out the barroom door. Can its performance overcome […]

Tested: Specialized Trail 110


SPECIALIZED TRAIL 110 $135 408-779-6229; SPECIALIZED.COM I’ve always thought that this sort of shoe—a no-nonsense, 3/4-cuff job with a stiff sole and an aggressive tread—is exactly what a mountain bike shoe should look like. Forget about those brightly colored, Italian-made ballerina slipper with carbon fiber stickers, zero ankle protection and space-age buckles that fail when […]

Tested: Lake MX230 Shoes


WHAT: Lake MX230 WHERE: 800-804-7777; lakecycling.com HOW MUCH: $160 My three-year-old, beaten-down shoes had finally taken on the shape of my feet perfectly. Unfortunately, they also had taken on a certain funk and shed every last remnant of tread. I dreaded the process of breaking in a new pair of shoes, but after just a […]

Tested: SixSixOne 2007 Pro Pressure Suit


WHAT: SixSixOne 2007 Pro Pressure Suit; WHERE: 888.520.4888, www.sixsixone.com; HOW MUCH?: $229.95 It’s no secret all the young punks in the bike park don’t wear upper body armor. And sure, they may be dumb for doing so, but one thing remains certain: when the sun’s cooking and your’e riding hard, a T-shirt sans sweaty, bulky, […]

Tested: Craft Thermal Jacket


WHAT: Craft Thermal Jacket; WHERE: 877-662-7238; craft-usa.com:HOW MUCH: $170 Mountain biking is rife with technology that makes the sport more enjoyable today than it was 20 years ago. While SPD pedals, suspension and disc brakes seem to hog all the glory, there are a boatload of less distinguished advances that, when you think about it, […]

Tested: Mace Cryogen Gloves


WHAT: Mace Cryogen Gloves HOW MUCH: $40 WHERE: macegear.com Riding in the cold can be a big challenge, but a few choice pieces of equipment can make things easier. Warm winter shoes, a windproof jersey, windproof tights, some means of keeping your ears warm and a good set of gloves top my list of must-have […]

TESTED: Louis Garneau Wind Dry F2 Jacket


WHAT: Louis Garneau WindDry F2 Jacket WHERE: www.louisgarneau.com HOW MUCH: $199.99 It’s been a long, cold and wet winter. In fact, this spring has been one long, cold and wet winter. 55 inches of rain to date and summer isn’t exactly promising balmy weather, blue skies and the like. Thus, I’m still rocking this neon […]

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