Photo Gallery III: 2015 Bible of Bike Tests

After nearly two weeks of testing, we’re wrapping up the 2105 Bible of Bike Tests in Central Oregon. Here is one more batch of photos from our annual buyer’s guide test. Keep an eye out for complete print and web coverage in the coming months.

All accessories

TESTED: Topeak Whitelite HP 5W


For an on-trail comparison between this light and seven other LED models click HERE. Topeak WhiteLite HP 5W Price: $350 Contact: 800-213-4561 More Information: Topeak.com Includes: Top-cap mount, handlebar mount, wall charger, extra handlebar/batter mount, Li-Ion battery Right off the bat, this light sticks out from the bunch for its unorthodox but surprisingly effective mounting […]

TESTED: Niterider MiNewt X.2


For an on-trail comparison between this light and seven other LED models click HERE. Niterider MiNewt X.2 Price: $190 Contact: 800-466-8366 More Information: niterider.com Includes: handlebar mount, wall charger, Li-Ion battery Fittingly named, the X.2 is twice as bright as the MiNewt that Niterider introduced just last year. The system abides well by the KISS […]

TESTED: Lupine Wilma 6


For an on-trail comparison between this light and seven other LED models click HERE. Price: $669 Contact: 717-283-0041 More information: gretnabikes.com; Lupine.de Includes: Li-Ion battery, wall charger, helmet mount, handlebar mount, padded carrying case Lupine is just asking for trouble. The company claims its latest LED light system, the Wilma, produces a whopping 830 lumens, […]

TESTED: Nite Rider Trinewt LED Light


For an on-trail comparison between this light and seven other LED models click HERE. Niterider TriNewt Wireless Price: $500 Contact: 800-466-8366 More Information: www.niterider.com Includes: Helmet mount, handlebar mount, carrying case, wireless remote, wall charger, extension cable, Li-Ion battery When a company like Niterider throws out the “brightest light ever” label, you’d better believe it—the […]

TESTED: Knog Gator 605 LED Light


For an on-trail comparison between this light and seven other LED models click HERE. Knog Gator 605 Price: $400 Contact: 419.433.9057 More Information: knog.com.au Includes: Handlebar Mount, wall charger, wired handlebar switch, Li-Ion battery Knog, the offbeat accessory company from down under, makes its first foray into trail-quality LED lights this year with its Gator […]

12-14-07 // Tested: 8 New LED Trail Lights


Thanks to advances in bulb, reflector, lens and battery technology, ripping your favorite trails in the dead of night has never been better. More than anything, LED technology has been lighting the way, so we tested eight new LED trail lights to see what all the fuss is about. Look below for an on-trail apples-to-apples […]

Custom, carbon…Handlebars?


WHAT: Calfee BarStem HOW MUCH:

Carbide-Studded Joy


WHAT: Nokian Hakka WXC 300 Studded Tires HOW MUCH: $89.95 WHERE: www.bikeman.com As a rule, you crash your bike just once on the ice and never ever look at the tire-ground bond the same way again. Besides the obvious reasons – tires coming out from under you with no warning – there is a litany […]

Arm Your Bike–or Your Booze


What: Bike Guard Motion Capture Remote Bike Alarm Where: www.bikeguardlocks.com How Much: $60 Only a crotch-to-stem impact rivals the feeling that strikes when you discover that your ride is MIA. Earlier this summer several friends’ downhill and dual slalom rides were stolen from outside their condo. The bikes were locked with a cable, but the […]

Thru-Axle Necessity


WHAT: Hurricane Components Fork Up-Standard Version WHERE: www.hurricanecomponents.com HOW MUCH: $29.99 “Is this product good?” I get asked that question a lot. People always want to know whether the latest wheelset, disc brake or bike is worth blowing their paycheck on. While it seems like a simple question, it’s actually not quite so black and […]

One for the Long Haul


WHAT: Ritchey WCS Logic Headset WHERE: www.ritcheylogic.com HOW MUCH: $95.00 There are plenty of headsets on the market. Ritchey’s WCS Logic model is designed to compete at the elite level, with the likes of Chris King. At $95, this headset is also priced alongside the best of them. So, what exactly makes it a premium […]

Energy Bar Redux


WHAT: Balance Bar TrailMix Energy Bar WHERE: www.balance.com HOW MUCH: $1.39 each Someone once told me that there’s no such thing as unhealthy food, because everything you eat fuels your body in one way or another. It only took one pre-ride stop at McDonald’s (and one post-ride toilet thrashing) to disabuse me of such a […]

Precisely How Steep is “Steep”?


WHAT: Sky Mounti Inclinometer WHERE: velimpex.com HOW MUCH: $24.99 There are a lot of complicated devices that you can strap to your bike; this product isn’t one of them. The inclinometer is essentially a miniature version of a carpenter’s level. Screw it onto your handlebar and the little bubble tells you exactly how demonic the […]

Tested: Hammer Gel Raspberry


WHAT: Hammer Gel Raspberry 26-Serving Jug WHERE: www.e-caps.com HOW MUCH: $17.95 The first thing you have to understand is that I’m a cheap bastard. I’ve bonked on plenty of rides because I repeatedly convinced myself that I could complete the final two hours without reaching into my jersey pocket and “wasting” that last pack of […]

Tested: WTB MotoRaptor 2.4


WHAT: Wilderness Trail Bikes MotoRaptor 2.4 Race WHERE: wtb.com HOW MUCH: $45 per tire WTB makes the MotoRaptor in three different sizes: the 2.14, 2.24 and 2.4-inch models. I’ve spent a solid season aboard the 2.4 Race version (folding bead) and have become a believer. I’m a fan of large-volume tires (up front, at least) […]

Test: FRS Plus Sports Drink


FRS Plus: It’s not the same old sugar-water cost: $22.95 (16-ounce bottle) contact: frsplus.com; (877) 377-4968 Free Radicals aren’t the mullet-sporting, rightwing, militia-type activists many people think they are—but they are every bit as dangerous. The by-products of hard exertion, free radicals are essentially molecules that float freely through your body, latching onto, and damaging, […]

Yakima HitchFork Rack and King Cobra Mounts


Cost: $300 for HitchFork; $125 for Cobra Contact: 888-925-0703; www.yakima.com Shuttle riders and road-trippers can appreciate a good bike rack, and Yakima’s new HitchFork hitch rack is worthy enough to satisfy them-and anyone else who has to transport bikes to the trailhead. The HitchFork mounts to 2-inch receiver hitches easily and comes with locking hardware […]

Tested: Kenda Karma DTC


Cost: $45 Contact: 866-536-3287; www.kendausa.com In a perfect world, we’d all have tires that grip like 2.5-inch knobbies and roll as fast as semi-slicks, but life is cruel and we’re forced to settle somewhere in between. The new Kenda Karma DTC (Dual Tread Compound) tires are the latest attempt to solve this dilemma. Low weight […]

TESTED: Morningstar R2.O.C.-TECH


Morningstar Tooling Products R2.O.C.-TECH Cost: $98 Phone: 760-379-2133 Like the wheel, disc-brake rotors can be out of true, which affects performance. More often than not, this causes the rider to go mad from the horrific squeals let loose from a bent disc rubbing on the brake pads. You can use the eyeball method of spinning […]

Tested: Chris King Coffee


Chris King Precision Blend Premium CoffeeCost: 1-pound bag, $14; 3/4-pound tin, $29Phone: 800-523-6008Web site:

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