Troy Lee Designs announces TLD Sprint race kit

Troy Lee Designs partners with Arron Gwin to create their lightest weight, most athletic fit, limited edition TLD Sprint race kit. The all new Sprint race wear for 2014 has been completely redesigned from the ground up and is our lightest, most athletic race fit kit we have ever designed.

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Tested: Hammer Gel Raspberry


WHAT: Hammer Gel Raspberry 26-Serving Jug WHERE: www.e-caps.com HOW MUCH: $17.95 The first thing you have to understand is that I’m a cheap bastard. I’ve bonked on plenty of rides because I repeatedly convinced myself that I could complete the final two hours without reaching into my jersey pocket and “wasting” that last pack of […]

Tested: WTB MotoRaptor 2.4


WHAT: Wilderness Trail Bikes MotoRaptor 2.4 Race WHERE: wtb.com HOW MUCH: $45 per tire WTB makes the MotoRaptor in three different sizes: the 2.14, 2.24 and 2.4-inch models. I’ve spent a solid season aboard the 2.4 Race version (folding bead) and have become a believer. I’m a fan of large-volume tires (up front, at least) […]

Test: FRS Plus Sports Drink


FRS Plus: It’s not the same old sugar-water cost: $22.95 (16-ounce bottle) contact: frsplus.com; (877) 377-4968 Free Radicals aren’t the mullet-sporting, rightwing, militia-type activists many people think they are—but they are every bit as dangerous. The by-products of hard exertion, free radicals are essentially molecules that float freely through your body, latching onto, and damaging, […]

Yakima HitchFork Rack and King Cobra Mounts


Cost: $300 for HitchFork; $125 for Cobra Contact: 888-925-0703; www.yakima.com Shuttle riders and road-trippers can appreciate a good bike rack, and Yakima’s new HitchFork hitch rack is worthy enough to satisfy them-and anyone else who has to transport bikes to the trailhead. The HitchFork mounts to 2-inch receiver hitches easily and comes with locking hardware […]

Tested: Kenda Karma DTC


Cost: $45 Contact: 866-536-3287; www.kendausa.com In a perfect world, we’d all have tires that grip like 2.5-inch knobbies and roll as fast as semi-slicks, but life is cruel and we’re forced to settle somewhere in between. The new Kenda Karma DTC (Dual Tread Compound) tires are the latest attempt to solve this dilemma. Low weight […]

TESTED: Morningstar R2.O.C.-TECH


Morningstar Tooling Products R2.O.C.-TECH Cost: $98 Phone: 760-379-2133 Like the wheel, disc-brake rotors can be out of true, which affects performance. More often than not, this causes the rider to go mad from the horrific squeals let loose from a bent disc rubbing on the brake pads. You can use the eyeball method of spinning […]

Tested: Chris King Coffee


Chris King Precision Blend Premium CoffeeCost: 1-pound bag, $14; 3/4-pound tin, $29Phone: 800-523-6008Web site:

Tested: Nokon Brake Cable Housing


Nokon Brake Cable HousingCost: $66Phone: 888-665-6677Web site:

Gear: Honest Tea


$1-$1.50800-865-4736www.honesttea.com A friend of mine once told me that he helped two girls quit drinking soda by submerging a pork chop in cola. After one week, the pork chop had dissolved and the only thing left was sludge and two disgusted ladies. I don’t know if the story is true or not, but I do […]

Tested: Park Tool TW1 and TW2 Torque Wrenches


Park TW-1 and TW-2 WrenchesCost: TW-1, $42; TW-2, $51 Phone: 651-777-6868 Web site: www.parktool.com Technology is generally a good thing. In the world of the mountain bike, it has given us better-gripping tires, more efficient suspension and new, lightweight materials. These advances have necessitated change in the way we approach servicing the bike — specifically, […]

Gear: Magic Eight Ball


Price: $10Contact: Any novelty store near you The future. Destiny. Fate. Deep down, most of us would like to be able to predict if we’ll win the lottery, get lucky tonight or rear-end Mike Tyson at a stoplight. Unfortunately, looking for answers from a Magic Eight Ball will tell you jack-shit. Well, maybe it will […]

TESTED: Ortlieb Velocity Pack


Ortlieb Velocity Pack Price: $95 Contact: 253-833-3939,

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