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Sport Boss Helmet ($110)

One of the most popular helmets from Uvex, the reasonably priced Sport Boss includes a mesh “bee stopper,” enhanced back-of-the-head protection and an absurdly comfortable one-handed internal adjustment system. This particular feature comes in handy, especially on hot days when sweaty straps tend to shrink and stretch- a quick spin of the simple click wheel ensures a lasting snug fit.

LED light ($15)

LED light ($15)

For commutes that extend after dark, this tiny but powerful LED light ensures that you’ll be seen on the road. The light easily clips into Uvex helmets, weighs almost nothing, and at only fifteen bucks, it’s easy on your wallet. In other words, there’s no longer any excuse for riding in stealth mode after sunset.

Kuro Softshell ($159)

Kuro Softshell ($159)

This season marks Vaude’s first foray into the world of outerwear. With an emphasis on water and wind protection, pieces range from a functional (and flattering) commuter poncho to the more conventional Kuro women’s soft shell. This well-cut jacket showcases the outstanding material Vaude is known for, along with snazzy features like cord routing for your tunes, multiple pockets, and a long back panel to cover your butt on mudstripe days.

Solar Recharging Station ($179)

Solar Recharging Station ($179)

The most feature-leaden GPS in the world will still leave you stranded in the wilderness when it runs out of batteries. With the Solar Recharging Station from Vaude, you’ll no longer have to worry about falling off the grid. The station reliably charges most cameras, GPS systems, and cell phones, (including the iphone) and the system clips into the helmet carrier clips on all Vaude packs, so you can even charge up while riding.

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