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The Web Monkey Speaks: The Other Guy

01.13.2014 //

There’s this guy that I hate. He’s a complete tool. I guess my dislike for him is sort of ironic because we have a lot in common. We’re from the same town. We ride the same trails. We wear the same general-issue, bike-dork uniform, except his fits better. Bastard.

Tested: Thule 917XTR T2 Rack

01.10.2014 //

I’ve subjected Thule’s T2 rack to plenty of abuse—winter snows, spring rains, summer heat, lots of mud, no maintenance given, no kindness shown. The T2, however, keeps on keeping on.

The Web Monkey Speaks: A Strange Love Affair

01.06.2014 //

I hear some people arguing that all this wheel-size talk is just crap. I understand that sentiment perfectly. It truly doesn’t matter what wheel size you’re riding, so long as you are actually out there riding. I’m simply interested in the tipping point and how we reached it with so little debate this time around. Most new products are met with serious skepticism–650b, on the other hand, was given a global, sloppy kiss and a free pass. I find that odd.

Preview: Sugoi RSX NeoShell Jacket

12.31.2013 //

Sugoi is making big claims about their latest top-shelf rain jacket, the RSX NeoShell, which features a serious dose of waterproofing and advanced venting capabilities. Here are some first impressions after a dozen or so rides in the wet.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

12.31.2013 //

Elliott Jackson. Whistler, BC

Exclusive: Bike’s Best of 2013–The Stories

12.30.2013 //

We published more than a thousand stories this past year. Here are just a few of the stories that we were particularly fond of.

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

12.30.2013 //

Brett Rheeder. Aptos, CA

Totem: Skin to Win

12.29.2013 //

Compared to the haberdashery of modern downhilling, Greg ‘HB’ Herbold’s roughly 20-year old, sublimated, spandex skinsuit is about as alien as a vegan in a steakhouse. But for a few years during mountain biking’s early history, a costume like this could turn a talented mortal into a hero.

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

12.29.2013 //

Garett Buehler and Kurt Sorge. Kootenay Lake, BC

Video: Cold Rolled, Chapter 4

12.28.2013 //

Chapter 4 of Cold Rolled explores the development of Marquette’s Snow Bike Route–a 15-mile stretch of perfectly-packed singletrack amidst the deep snow. If you never thought you needed a snowmobile and a welding torch, this video might seed a lust for those very things. Very cool.

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson

12.28.2013 //

Holger Meyer. San Vigilio, Italy.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

12.27.2013 //

Katrina Strand, Squamish, BC

Exclusive: Bike’s Best of 2013–The Videos

12.27.2013 //

Puppets, shouting engineers, advice from a cranky uncle, inside the heart of the toughest man alive and a serious side to the clown…. At the risk of patting ourselves on the back like some kind of obnoxious prat, these are a few of our favorite videos of the year.

Video: Matt Brooks – Out From Behind The Lens

12.27.2013 //

How does a cinematographer shoot their own section? It’s a challenge that Matt Brooks of Lone Wolf Productions goes head to head with every year.

Tested: 2013 Specialized Enduro Expert Carbon

12.26.2013 //

Lighter and more efficient–Specialized tweaked the 2013 Enduro with an eye towards improving its climbing abilities while retaining its unrivaled descending traits. I’ve been riding this bike for a solid year. Here’s how it fared.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

12.26.2013 //

Nick Quinn. Golden, BC

Tested: Turner Burner Expert

12.25.2013 //

It’s clear that Turner set out to make a 27.5-inch-wheeled bike that was uniquely its own with the new Burner. the high-speed stability and outstanding cornering prowess are standout ride features. Knowing that the bike climbs as well as it descends makes it an ideal candidate for someone looking for a no-nonsense, do-it-all trail bike.

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

12.25.2013 //

Wade Simmons. Mount Seymour, North Vancouver, BC

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

12.24.2013 //

Brett Tippie. Whistler, BC

Exclusive: 2013 Heavy Pedal Tour–Snow Summit (Big Bear)

12.24.2013 //

Drawing from a surrounding population of almost 20 million people and a rich mountain biking history, Snow Summit is poised to achieve great success moving forward? Well, judging by the number of vehicles with bike racks filling the parking lot, there’s no doubt that Snow Summit wins our vote for most likely to succeed. The weekend we spent there was a record breaker with 700 riders purchasing lift tickets in just one day! Coming back with a vengeance is an understatement.

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