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Left Field: The Death Star Cafeteria

09.01.2012 //

And now, for yet another installment of things that having nothing whatsoever to do with bikes…. Here’s an animated clip that gives life to comedian, Eddie Izzard’s conception of what a day in the death star’s cafeteria must have been like.

Review: Bontrager Specter XR Helmet

08.31.2012 //

The Specter XR is equipped to go toe-to-toe with the better brain buckets on the market. While a few other lids offered better ventilation, the Bontrager is supremely comfortable, lightweight and easy to adjust.

Heavy Pedal Tour Photo Gallery #3

08.30.2012 //

Natty and Trey hit the road in search of the best that Utah and Wyoming have to offer–moose encounters, bucking broncos and big descents ensue.

News: Kona’s New All-Mountain Bike

08.29.2012 //

Both of Kona’s new Process models should skulk about in the chain-smoking, tough-kids’ corner of the all-mountain, high-school parking lot, alongside Specialized’s Enduro and Trek’s Slash models.

BIKE Mag’s Heavy Pedal Tour: Episode 3

08.28.2012 //

Natty and Trey hit the trails in Park City, Utah and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

2013 Kona Bike Launch

08.27.2012 //

Kona recently officially launched their 2013 bike line. This week we’ll take look at some of the new models as well as a few that have been given significant facelifts. Today? The massively re-worked Abra Cadabra.

Video: Giant Factory Off-Road Team 2012, Episode 2

08.26.2012 //

This isn’t another huck-fest video. It’s an exacting look at what it takes to win against a field of the world’s best riders.

News: Grandmother Destroys Religious Work of Art

08.26.2012 //

Octogenarian attempts to restore famous fresco and winds up making Jesus look like a monkey. Part of me thinks this is hilarious. The other part of me feels a bit bad for the little. old lady in question.

Video: Fabien Barel Presents…Episode #4

08.25.2012 //

Fabien Barel’s international road trip finds him ripping singletrack in the alps with Brook MacDonald.

News: Armstrong Throws in Towel in Legal Dispute over Doping

08.24.2012 //

Armstrong announces he will no longer dispute charges that he doped his way to a record-breaking seven wins in the Tour de France.

News: Intense Unveils Carbon Spider 29er

08.24.2012 //

Intense recently announced that, come November, they’ll begin shipping out a new, carbon fiber-framed version of their Spider 29 model.

Bike Week Exclusive: CamelBak Volt Hydration Pack

08.23.2012 //

Eric Porter goes over the nitty gritty details that went into making CamelBak’s new Volt hydration pack.

News: Danny Hart is Out

08.23.2012 //

Danny Hart, the 2011 UCI Men’s Downhill world champion, will sit out the remainder of the 2012 season (including the upcoming world championships) while he recovers from a shoulder injury.

Bike Week Exclusive: Santa Cruz Blur TRc

08.22.2012 //

Santa Cruz Bicycles’ engineer, Nick Anderson, breaks down what makes the Blur TRc unique and points out the upgrades that you’ll see on the next generation of Blur TRc.

Heavy Pedal Tour Photo Gallery #2

08.22.2012 //

Natty and Trey hit a trio of famed destinations–Crested Butte, Vail and Breckenridge–and discover that, though all bike parks are not created equal, there’s always amazing riding of one flavor or another to be had.

News of the Tweet: Crankworxed

08.21.2012 //

Crankworx is arguably the best event in mountain biking. And if you agree with this statement, you probably agree that it is better by a very long way.

Bike Mag’s Heavy Pedal Tour: Episode 2

08.21.2012 //

Natty and Trey discover that there’s a very good reason Colorado’s classic destinations keep attracting the faithful: Colorado rocks.

Video: Strength In Numbers, Nepal

08.20.2012 //

Here’s the Nepal segment from Anthill Films’ new community film project, “STRENGTH IN NUMBERS”.

Video: Developing the XtC Advanced SL 29er

08.20.2012 //

Liam Killeen gives his take on Giant’s latest flyweight carbon 29er hardtail. If you’re all about pedaling fast laps at 90 percent of your VO2 Max, this is your kind of sick pony.

Left Field: Rhett Miller Tribute to Johnny Cash

08.20.2012 //

By Vernon Felton Listening to covers of great songs is usually the auditory equivalent of taking a bath in razor blades and rubbing alcohol. Nevertheless, I have to admit that Rhett Miller’s take on Johnny Cash’s classic Old `97 proves the exception to the rule.

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