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Video: Developing the XtC Advanced SL 29er

08.20.2012 //

Liam Killeen gives his take on Giant’s latest flyweight carbon 29er hardtail. If you’re all about pedaling fast laps at 90 percent of your VO2 Max, this is your kind of sick pony.

Left Field: Rhett Miller Tribute to Johnny Cash

08.20.2012 //

By Vernon Felton Listening to covers of great songs is usually the auditory equivalent of taking a bath in razor blades and rubbing alcohol. Nevertheless, I have to admit that Rhett Miller’s take on Johnny Cash’s classic Old `97 proves the exception to the rule.

News of the Tweet: Heroes, Superstars and Hacks

08.18.2012 //

By Seb Kemp Apologies to anyone who was waiting for this. Somewhere around last Friday things became a blur after a rider plowed their front wheel through the back of my head. After that it has all been bright colors and loud noises, blow-up sex dolls and the odour of seared body armor. That’s right, […]

Video: Red Bull Joyride 2012

08.18.2012 //

By Vernon Felton It’s been quite the buildup, but here’s a link to video of today’s big show. Grab something to drink, get comfortable and prepare to get your mind blown. Enjoy.

Left Field: GZA Reminisces on the Early Days of Rap

08.18.2012 //

Here’s another animated clip from Pitchfork’s website, in which Wu Tang’s GZA reminisces on the first time he took RZA up to the Bronx to see a block party.

Video: Red Bull Joyride Qualifying Runs

08.17.2012 //

Here’s a link to coverage from today’s Joyride qualifying runs, courtesy of Red Bull.

Dirty Words: Bike Shops and Beer Joints

08.17.2012 //

Bike shops and beer joints: the best of both worlds attract us because we all need a haven from the mad, mad world; a place where we’re just one adjustment away from perfect.

First Impressions: Banshee Rune Version 2

08.16.2012 //

By Vernon Felton Banshee marketing manager, Jon Hadfield, is standing in line for the chairlift when a rider ahead of Hadfield turns around and fixes Hadfield with an eager grin. “Are you guys from Banshee Bikes,” he asks. It’s as good a guess as any—three of us are wending brand new Banshees through the crowded […]

Red Bull Joyride 2012: The Course & Its Architect

08.15.2012 //

Paddy Kaye, the primary architect of the Red Bull Joyride course, gives us the lowdown on what it takes to design and sculpt one of the biggest contests of the year.

First Impressions: SRAM XX1

08.15.2012 //

We rode the poop out of SRAM’s new single-ring group at Whistler Bike Park and, on the whole, walked away mightily impressed by XX1.

Bike Week Exclusive: Scott’s New 27.5 and 29er Genius

08.15.2012 //

In 2013, Scott Sports will prove one of the most avid proponents of 27.5 (650B) wheels. Scott Sports’ marketing director, Adrian Montgomery, gives us the low-down on both next year’s 27.5 (650B) and 29er Genius models.

Bike Week Exclusive: Dakine Upgrades the Humble Tailgate Pad

08.14.2012 //

Dakine went back to the drawing board and came up with some simple, yet clever, tweaks that make their venerable tailgate pad even better.

Video: The Future–Anthony Messere

08.14.2012 //

The future of mountain biking? It’s a lot to lay on the shoulders of a 16-year old, but Anthony Messere’s proven he’s up to the challenge.

Meet The North Face “Send It To Win It” Contest Winner

08.13.2012 //

Kurt Shimada won The North Face’s “Send It to WIn It” contest with this video right here–and now he’s going to Whistler for free.

Red Bull Joyride 2012: Riders to Watch

08.13.2012 //

Any of the 18 finalists in the Red Bull Joyride could roll in and win this sucker, but here are a few that just might take the crown.

Giant Trance X 29: A Closer Look

08.12.2012 //

Giant’s new 29er trail bike already has a national title under its belt and a pedigree that suggests that this is going to be one of the best sellers of 2013. Here’s the scoop on the new bike.

Dirty Words: The Happiest Place on Earth

08.11.2012 //

By Sal Ruibal This weekend’s Olympic Mountain Bike races are the last events in the London 2012 Games and while these races are far from the most popular events at the Olympics, they are the happiest. That’s because, despite all the teary fake-hugs and glad-for-bronze smiles on NBC, the men and women racing on mountain […]

Video: Why Whistler Really Doesn’t Suck

08.11.2012 //

Video Courtesy of Cycles Devinci With Crankworx gearing up, you might be wondering why Whistler gets so much press. Ian Morrison and Steve Smith do a fine job of providing proof that Whistler lives up to its hype. Crankworx 2012: A Local’s Guide from Cycles Devinci on Vimeo.

Heavy Pedal Tour Photo Gallery #1

08.10.2012 //

By Vernon Felton Though Natty and Trey are still in the first stretch of the 2012 Heavy Pedal Tour, they’re already racking up a sizeable horde of photos. Including these right here.

Bike Mag’s Heavy Pedal Tour: Episode 1

08.10.2012 //

Natty and Trey–co-pilots on Bike’s Heavy Pedal Tour–hit up some of Colorado’s finest bike parks, including Trestle, Granby and Keystone.

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