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Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

11.02.2012 //

Crankworx 2011.

In Praise of…Primitive Lines

11.01.2012 //

Rustic diversity, the tactile challenge that comes with trying to stuff a pair of rolling wheels down a twisty piece of dirt that never had wheels in mind when it became a trail, gets shunted to the side as new trails are crafted that reward momentum and are tailored to ease the wheel’s passage.

News: You’re Invited to Sombrio’s Pump Track Jam in San Francisco

11.01.2012 //

Sombrio is teaming up with Bike Magazine, Boombotix and Ride SFO to bring their pumptrack to San Francisco this Saturday, November 3. Come ride! It’s free–plus Sombrio has bikes, pads and helmets for you to use.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

11.01.2012 //

Sun Valley, ID.

Argentina All-Mountain Finale

10.31.2012 //

With the trip winding down, we simply had to get one dawn patrol ride checked off the list.

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

10.31.2012 //

Kurt Sorge. Kamloops, BC.

Video: Argentina All-Mountain Adventure Episode 4

10.30.2012 //

Right outside of the town of Bariloche is some of the sweetest ribbons of singletrack any of us had ever experienced. Not only that, but directly in town is a top quality shuttle zone that had us saying “one more run” over and over.

News of the Tweet: Follow the Leader

10.30.2012 //

What does it take to become a Twitter success (and will doing so make you feel like a bit of a whore)?

Photo of the Day: Reuben Krabbe

10.30.2012 //

Crankworx A-Line Race. Whistler, BC.

Video: Argentina All-Mountain Adventure

10.29.2012 //

The Rocky Mountain crew–Wade Simmons, Andreas Hestler, Geoff Gulevich and Thomas Vanderham–went looking for the ultimate all-mountain adventure and wound up in Argentina. Huge climbs, huge descents, beers, high fives, sunshine…. All the good stuff. Check out the three videos and photo gallery below, and stay tuned for more. EPISODE #1 When we travel together

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

10.29.2012 //

Red Bull Rampage Finals 2010

Video: Transition’s TR450 in Action

10.28.2012 //

Bas van Steenbergen takes his TR450 to one of his favorite riding destinations, Silver Star, BC.

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson

10.28.2012 //

Paul Basagoitia. Livigno, Italy.

Video: Antoine Bizet Interview

10.27.2012 //

Antoine Bizet had a rough season. Injuries, infection and just plain old crap luck kept him out of contention for much of the year….right up until the very end. This video from Kona recaps the rider’s travails and triumphs.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

10.27.2012 //

Brian Earle and Dave Smith. Winthrop, WA. Photo by Dan Barham.

Video: A Closer Look at Roval

10.27.2012 //

By Vernon Felton It’s been said before, but one of the best ways to upgrade any bike is to add a new wheelset to the mix. Unfortunately, wheelsets (particularly those of the light, strong and stiff variety) don’t come cheap. Not by a long shot. Wheelsets, in fact, have become outrageously (dare I say “stupidly”)

Photo of the Day: Steve Lloyd

10.26.2012 //

Eric Porter and Parker Williams. St. George, Utah.

Dirty Words: Election 2012, Who is “Bikier?”

10.26.2012 //

Sal ponders the, er, mountain biker-ness of the oval office candidates

Video: Mojo Trail Diaries: Morocco

10.25.2012 //

This video (the first in a series) highlights the initial foray of a group of international riders (including Mark Weir and Fabien Barel) as they explore the trails of Morocco.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

10.25.2012 //

David Bishop. Southern Chilcotins, BC.

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