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Exclusive: The Sombrio Rig Life–Chapter 3

11.12.2012 //

Surf, beaches, fish heads, tattoo shops and one very sick rig…the Sombrio crew take a trip to California’s remote North Coast.

Video: Pursuing Perfection

11.11.2012 //

Anthill’s latest clip chronicles the 2012 World Cup Season and the top three riders as they battle it out for the title.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

11.11.2012 //

Sun Valley, ID.

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

11.10.2012 //

Matt Hunter. Vancouver, BC.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Big Girl Pants

11.09.2012 //

Sometimes getting out and riding–despite the horrible weather–is exactly the right thing to do, no matter how counter-intuitive it seems.

Video: Sam Needham’s “From Fell to Forest”

11.09.2012 //

There aren’t a lot of videos that make me want to climb out of bed and go riding in the rain all day, but Sam Needham seems to have made a bit of celluloid that does precisely that.

Photo of the Day: Reuben Krabbe

11.09.2012 //

Mike Watton. Whistler, BC.

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

11.08.2012 //

Thomas Vanderham. Red Bull Rampage Finals 2010

Exclusive: The Sombrio Rig Life–Chapter 2

11.07.2012 //

The Sombrio crew take their pump track to the streets of San Francisco.

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson

11.07.2012 //

Thomas Vanderham. Ebensee, Austria.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

11.06.2012 //

Winthrop, WA. Photo by Dan Barham.

Video: Specialized’s 2013 Demo 8

11.06.2012 //

Here’s a bit of background on the latest iteration of the Specialized Demo 8 and why Berrecloth chooses to pilot it.

Photo of the Day: Steve Lloyd

11.05.2012 //

Parker Williams. St. George, Utah.

Left Field: Mr. Burns Endorses Romney for President

11.04.2012 //

By Vernon Felton Ah, election time. Theoretically it’s that special occasion when America beams out a beacon of democratic bad-ass-itude across the globe. A sort of “Hey, world! Check us out while a whopping 58 to 64 percent of our eligible electorate kicks out the jams and exercises their right to vote.” Boom. Of course,

Video: The Story Behind Bontrager’s Latest Tire

11.04.2012 //

Legendary tire designer Frank Stacy has breathed new life into Bontrager’s tire line. The new G5 is a good example of his gift for making rubbery magic.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

11.04.2012 //

Southern Chilcotins, BC.

Dirty Words: A great day to be a selfish cyclist

11.03.2012 //

There is an election coming up next week and while much of the debate has been about the role of government in our lives, on our mountain bike micro-level the real issue is who owns the dirt.

Photo of the Day: Nicolas Teichrob

11.03.2012 //

Darcy Turenne. Vancouver Island, BC

In Praise of… Unconditional Allies

11.02.2012 //

t was 1977 when I first hucked my purple Schwinn Pixie off a pine-needle-covered hip on the hill below my house. I somehow landed it and pushed
straight back to the top to hit it again. And again. And again.

Video: Mojo Trail Diaries Part Two

11.02.2012 //

For part 2 of the Morocco trip Weir, Barel and company really get into the backwaters of the Moroccan Atlas.

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