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Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

01.01.2013 //

Garett Buehler. Kamloops, BC.

Preview: Rocky Mountain Instinct 970

01.01.2013 //

The 29er Instinct has a lot in common with the latest Altitude. Obviously, it shares the Element and Altitude’s basic frame design. Less apparent, but just as important, the Instinct 29er also boasts “RIDE-9”: a shock mount containing two interlocking chips that enable you to significantly customize the bike’s geometry and rear suspension behavior.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

12.31.2012 //

Kurt Sorge. Page, AZ.

News: 2012, We Hardly Knew You

12.30.2012 //

Tired of a biased media’s representation of the world around you? Fear not, The Onion gives you the score on what actually happened these past 12 months. Here’s to enlightenment.

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

12.30.2012 //

Joe Schwartz. Iceland.

Photo of the Day: Reuben Krabbe

12.29.2012 //

Kurt DeFreitas. Whistler, BC.

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

12.28.2012 //

Mike Seniuk. Rossland, B.C.

Preview: 2013 Specialized Enduro Expert

12.27.2012 //

Lighter and more efficient–Specialized tweaked the new 2013 Enduro with an eye towards improving its climbing abilities while retaining its unrivaled descending traits. Here’s a quick rundown on the bike, which is just now hitting stores.

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson

12.27.2012 //

Martin Söderström. Järvsö, Sweden.

Video: A Good Year in the Mountains

12.26.2012 //

This is a look back at some of the amazing places, people, and riding that we encountered this year. Here’s to 2012, and all the best in the new year!

Review: Scott Genius LT 20

12.26.2012 //

The Genius LT sports a “Twinlock” lever on its handlebar that, with the flick of a switch, morphs the bike from hardtail stiff, to 110-millimeter travel trail bike. Push the switch one more click and—bam—now you’re sitting atop 185 millimeters of uber-plush travel.

That’s worth repeating—hardtail to 7.3-inches of squish. This, for the record, is some crazy shit.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

12.26.2012 //

Seb Kemp. Bellingham, WA

Video: Life Behind Bars–FINALE w/ Unseen Footage

12.25.2012 //

It’s a wrap! Life Behind Bars season 1 has officially come to a close. We check in with Brandon and the Coastal Crew to get an inside look at unseen footage, the most unforgettable moments, and the biggest regrets from the incredible year that was.

Photo of the Day: Steve Lloyd

12.25.2012 //

John Gilchrist. Ogden, Utah.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

12.24.2012 //

Craig Oliver. Southern Chilcotins, BC.

Video: Brett Rheeder Dials in His New Session 9.9

12.23.2012 //

The week before the 2012 Red Bull Rampage, Brett Rheeder took a trip to Kelowna, BC to get his new Session 9.9 dialed in. Check out the video to see the results.

Photo of the Day: Nicolas Teichrob

12.23.2012 //

Dylan Dunkerton, Curtis Robinson, Kyle Norbraten, and Brendan Howey. Sunshine Coast, BC

News: Bell Rings in the Holiday with Shovels and Dirt

12.22.2012 //

For its holiday party this Monday, Bell rang in the holidays with shovels, rakes, gloves and plenty of mushy dirt along with reps rom the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC), helping improve a steep section of the Emma McCrary mountain bike trail in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

12.22.2012 //

Garett Buehler. Kamloops, BC.

News: Giant Factory Team Expands for 2013

12.21.2012 //

With a former World Champion, a U.S. Olympian and multiple national champions in ever y off-road discipline—from World Cup downhill to enduro and XC events—the Giant Factory Off-Road Team is looking toward one of its most exciting seasons yet in 2013.

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