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VIdeo: Brendan Fairclough in Southern California

05.31.2013 //

Southern California has its merits. Be it for the weather or the trails, Brendan Fairclough finds reasons to head down that way to get some final training in every year before the World Cup season begins in earnest.

Video: Night Riding with Brett Tippie

05.31.2013 //

Brett Tippie, Geoff Gulevich, Andrew Baker, and Dave McInnes take a spin on their home trails in North Vancouver, BC well after sunset–illumination courtesy of NiteRider.

The Bakery: Be the Change

05.30.2013 //

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Ghandi may not have been talking about women in mountain biking specifically, but this is exactly what we need to do. We could debate endlessly about how to get more women into riding but there is one simple technique that is so obvious it is often overlooked or dismissed; introduce a woman to the sport.

Video: Specialized/SRAM Enduro Series #3

05.30.2013 //

The third stop in the 2013 Specialized SRAM Enduro Series took place in Samerberg, Germany. The muddy and soft soil brought the riders to their physical limits.

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Trek Remedy 9

05.29.2013 //

There’s a reason the Remedy is so popular: it’s incredibly versatile and sports one of the best rear suspension designs available. We just wish it came with a stouter fork.

Video: Chasing Trail with Kelli Emmett

05.29.2013 //

Kelli Emmett is the type of rider that can’t be categorized. And that’s how she likes it. For her, racing is a way to see the world in her own way.

Video: Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

05.29.2013 //

With the clock ticking down to the first day of filming it’s time for Danny to step up his riding. But with the full scale of the project starting to dawn on him, Danny finds himself feeling the pressure. As the warehouse goes into lockdown and the cameras start to roll will he be able to take his riding to new levels and realise his dreams for the film?

Video: Before The Trip–Roubion

05.29.2013 //

What’s better than a little road trip to train ourselves for the big one in British Columbia, Canada this summer. A long weekend and let’s go to Roubion in south of France!

Video: Fox Air 40

05.29.2013 //

Fox recently launched a new mini-site dedicated to their new 40 fork. The site includes the video (above) as well as testimony from racers such as Aaron Gwin, Gee Atherton and Greg Minnaar who’ve piloted the 5.98-pound, air-sprung downhlll fork to podiums around the world.

Video: The Son Becomes the Sensei

05.28.2013 //

Eddy Merckx was a workhorse, a Belgian strongman who raced all year and kicked ass everywhere he went. Which probably made life a bit of a bitch for his son, Axel. The kid had a hell of a lot to live up to. People wanted Merckx the Younger to live up to his dad, but seriously, no one has ever lived up to Eddy Merckx. Hell, Eddy Merckx would have a hard time living up to Eddy Merckx.

Video: We Are All Animals

05.28.2013 //

Spring is pretty late in France this year so our trails are still wet. It’s not a good reason to let the bike stay in the garage.

VIdeo: The Dirty Sanchez Enduro

05.28.2013 //

Nearly 30 racers descended upon an undisclosed location in Northern California to battle for the top spot at the second annual Dirty Sanchez Enduro. The invitational race attracted some of America’s top enduro talent.

Video: 2013 World Cup XC1 – Albstadt

05.27.2013 //

The first race of the year is both a challenge and opportunity to get back to race pace and sort out equipment choices. Conditions at this venue were changing by the minute, making it that much tougher on everyone.

Video: Jarrett Moore – Doggin’ It

05.26.2013 //

Jarrett Moore rides all mountain with his Siberian Husky cross Luna.

Video: Devinci’s 2013 Carbon Atlas

05.26.2013 //

For 2013, Devinci offers the Atlas in carbon as well as aluminum. Perhaps the biggest story, in a sense, with the Atlas is its incredibly short rear end. The bike sports 16.85-inch chainstays; that’s short by any measure and it lends the Atlas a snappy, agile feel in the tightest of conditions.

Video: Out of the Shadows

05.25.2013 //

Since 2003, North Shore Billet has been making bicycle products in Canada with our own hands. It’s a challenge, but it’s what we love…

News: Big Bear Opens with a Bang…

05.25.2013 //

Snow Summit’s Miracle Mile Trail was built by Gravity Logic (the guys behind a lot of the trails at Whistler) and boasts sweeping S-turns, 34 berms, six rollers, 10 jumps and three wood features including a 30-foot bridge, diving board and berm. Check out the video to see it yourself.

News: SRAM Updates 10-speed Drivetrain

05.24.2013 //

SRAM recently announced that the bulk of its 10-speed shifter line (X0, X9 and X7) will now be outfitted with the same internals as the premier XX shifters. The company is also bringing its rear derailleur clutch mechanism down to the X7 ($89) price point.

Video: FRAMED II – with Andi Wittmann

05.24.2013 //

After a shoulder dislocation put Andi out of commission for a few weeks, the Giant Bicycles’ pro trained hard to regain his top form. Once he was back on the bike, he teamed up with filmmaker Mario Feil to produce FRAMED II, a sequel to 2010’s popular film, FRAMED.

The Bakery: Discovering YOLO

05.23.2013 //

Go have adventures! Carpe diem doesn’t always have to be about quitting your job and riding off into the sunset of your next adventure, unless you can (and if you can, go now!). Sometimes it’s about knowing what that adventure is and how you are going to make it happen.

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