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Video: Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate–Episode 3

05.15.2013 //

“Perfect Space” – As the project gathers pace, Danny finds the perfect space to start building his lines. He takes some inspiration from the Athertons at Fort William and as the UK prepares to welcome the Olympics, Danny has the honor of carrying the torch through Glasgow.

Video: This is Peaty–Episode 1, Season Two

05.14.2013 //

The second season of This is Peaty rolls off with a bang, Rocky-style: cue the beards, the sweats, the pummeling of beef slabs of beef, the splitting of lumber…from a cinematic point of view, this clip is actually a marriage of both Rocky I and Rocky IV, but more to the point, it’s just funny as hell. Good stuff here. Oh, and there’s riding too.

Video: Nicolas Vouilloz – The relentless pursuit of balance

05.14.2013 //

After being the most successful male mountain biker of all time, and a rally car racing champion, Nico Vouilloz now embarks on the next phase of his competitive life: the first Enduro World Series.

Review: The North Face Long Way Home

05.14.2013 //

At $125, The North Face’s “Long Way Home” jacket is a hell of a value. It’s also a smartly-designed product: highly breathable, incredibly comfortable and, thanks to its removable sleeves, extremely versatile. An ideal jacket for cross-country rides in fall and spring conditions.

News: Whitefish Resort Doubles Down on Downhill

05.14.2013 //

Whitefish Mountain Resort is working with Terraflow Trails headed by Pete Costain who is not only renowned for his flowy trail building, he’s a local biker and skier and knows our mountain like the back of his shovel. The word from around the campfire is…stoked.

Video: Breaking Down Walls

05.14.2013 //

China’s exploding middle class has created an interesting side effect. Now that more people have cars, some of those people are using those cars to escape the cities and go mountain biking.

Video: How To Create A Force of Nature

05.13.2013 //

It’s just around the corner–May 17th–the day Whistler Bike Park opens up for the season. Here’s a fun video about what it takes to make that happen.

Photo of the Day: Steve Lloyd

05.13.2013 //

Steven Lloyd. Hurricane, Utah.

Video: Rusch Hour

05.13.2013 //

“There’s just a start, a finish and the struggle in between….” So begins this short documentary on Rebecca Rusch’s attempt to set a new record on the 142-mile long Kokopelli Trail. Despite injuries and broken lights, Rusch smashed the female record by an hour–completing the entire trek in just 13 hours and 32 minutes.

Video: Ross Schnell and Nat Ross on Enduro Racing

05.13.2013 //

Can I do an enduro? Is enduro for me? What’s the sport all about? Ross Schnell and Nat Ross give their take on the Enduro movement in general and why they’re excited about the upcoming Big Mountain Enduro Series.

Video: The Wheels of Industry

05.13.2013 //

Hope Technology give an insight into the “average” working day at the Barnoldswick factory. The Tour features a slightly star-studded employee guest list including: Guy Martin, Dougie Lampkin, Steve Peat, Martyn Ashton, Chris Akrigg, Rob Warner, Adam Brayton, Rob Jarman, Neil Donoghue and Olympic Gold Medalist Tim Baillie.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

05.12.2013 //

Nick Quinn. Invermere, BC

Video: Brett Rheeder in Kamloops

05.12.2013 //

Brett Rheeder makes a strong case for both himself and Kamloops.
Simply so much rad footage packed into one video.

Video: Jono Jones – Spring Awakening

05.12.2013 //

Transition rider, Jono Jones, gives `er on his big bike at about Mach 5. Some jaw-dropping cornering shots in this one.

Photo of the Day: Nicolas Teichrob

05.11.2013 //

Curtis Robinson. Whistler, BC

Video: Simultaneous Dirt Board and Bike Descent in Kamloops

05.11.2013 //

Where can you snowboard and ride your DH bike at the same time? The rock quarry, of course! Check out the lines when Brett Tippie, Jake Tippie and Graham Agassiz drop into the dirt!

Video: On Top of Whistler

05.11.2013 //

With the Whistler Bike Park opening looming large, we thought we’d post Ghost Bike’s Spring 2013 clip, which shows off the singletrack atop the mountain.

Video: The Search for Scree – Brook MacDonald 2013

05.10.2013 //

New Zealand Downhill Mountain Bike Champion Brook MacDonald searches for some new and challenging scree. Brook found some at the Glentanner trails near Mount Cook and quickly picked up some speed. This clip shows him shredding the trails and also riding at his hometown of Hastings.

Video: Chris Akrigg–Five

05.10.2013 //

This box isn’t big enough to tell the full story, so all I’ll say for now is I had a lot of fun putting this edit together and it was probably one of the most challenging in every way. Have a watch and we’ll talk later….

The Bakery: Leprechauns, Lumberjacks and Bob Ross

05.09.2013 //

A few weeks ago I pulled a douche move and went riding on a trail day; my indiscretion has weighed on me ever since. It was time to alleviate this guilty conscience of mine; forgive me father for I have sinned it has been 237 days since my last trail work.

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