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News: GT Debuts 2014 Fury

06.06.2013 //

GT’s 2014 Fury has been rebuilt from the ground up–ready for the latest generation of World Cup tracks and bike parks around the world. Watch the full development story here.

Tested: Twenty6 Predator Flat Pedals

06.06.2013 //

There’s plenty of real estate to play around on here and the clearance is excellent—shorn pins notwithstanding. The traction pins are well distributed and the body is nicely concave. Weight—with aluminum pins and titanium spindles—is an impressive 340 grams.

The Bakery: Next Generation Tippie

06.06.2013 //

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Jessamy Carmen Tippie, the heiress to the Brett Tippie legacy and 4-year-old mountain biker. She was the Lance to my Oprah, but unlike Mr. Armstrong she wasn’t afraid to answer the hard questions as we tackled everything from wheel size to unicorns.

Video: Connor Field’s Backyard Playground

06.06.2013 //

Connor Field is an up and coming freeride mountain biker from Wilson, Wyoming. Riding on Teton pass near his house is where he trains an develops his skills. In an effort to expand his biking he built his own downhill jump course in his backyard and this is it.

Tested: Intense Spider 29

06.05.2013 //

There are times when the whole 29er/650b hoopla gets a bit, well, stupid. Slap some big wheels on an existing model and presto—the bike somehow gains a 29 or 27.5-percent boost in efficiency, stiffness and utter radness. Logic and reason go right out the window. Whatever.

Video: Why do We Ride?

06.05.2013 //

Apparel maker, Kitsbow, recently launched a video series entitled, #whyMTB which digs for the truth beneath the simple question: Why do we ride? For their first episode Kitsbow sought out Scot Nicol, founder of Ibis Cycles, because as they so aptly put it, “Who else would know more about mountain biking’s meaning than one of its very pioneers?”

Video: Fabien Barel Presents–Season 2, Episode 1

06.05.2013 //

Fabien Barel starts the season in Sicily with Jerome Clementz. They experience a full spectrum of Sicilian cycling, including a boat ride to access the best trails, a donkey shuttle to the top of a hill, and a traditional fisherman’s meal of local fish.

Video: What it Takes to be a Pro

06.05.2013 //

Just in case you were under the impression that the life of a professional racer was all roses and champagne, there’s this video, which details the good, the bad and the ugly of life as a member of the peloton. My favorite line? “I woke up in the hospital with my teeth sitting beside me in a plastic cup.”

Tested: Specialized Roval Control Trail SL

06.04.2013 //

Specialized’s Roval Control Trail SL wheels are lighter than most cross-country racing wheelsets, yet outshine the usual suspects in both the XC class and the more rugged all-mountain category. All this, while selling for between $300 and $1,000 less than comparable carbon wheelsets.

Video: Kyle Strait Discovers Buried Treasure

06.04.2013 //

After some time waving the wand in the sand—and in the sea—Strait hit what he thought was paydirt. Alas, the real treasure came moments later…

Video: Mark Matthews Rides the Whistler Bike Park

06.04.2013 //

Mark Matthews rides his favorite trails in the Whistler Bike Park.

Video: The Rise

06.03.2013 //

Devinci Global Racing is entering the 2013 gravity arena with a lineup best described as “stacked”. On the eve of the new season, the team decided to warm up for the big event by sampling some of Vancouver Island’s finest. This video gives you a glimpse of the squad’s speed and skill.

News: New Models from GT

06.03.2013 //

Details are sparse. In fact, shoot, details are pretty much non-existent, other than this: GT will debut new models on June 18th. Here’s a teaser that showcases the, as of yet, un-named bikes.

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Specialized Status II

06.03.2013 //

Specialized’s Status II is one of the most affordable DH bikes on the market, but it’s not just a bargain—it’s a phenomenal bike at any price.

Tested: Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand

06.03.2013 //

While the Team Issue costs a bit more than many other models on the market, the superior-grade materials and brilliant execution fully warrant the higher sticker price. This thing is bomber.

News: Santa Cruz Debuts new “Solo” Model

06.02.2013 //

You can think of Santa Cruz’s latest model, the Solo, as a 650b version of their existing Blur TRc–roughly five inches (125 millimeters) of travel, a slack head angle (68 degrees), low bottom bracket (13.1 inches) and–this is the point of departure–650b wheels.

Video: 12 Months, 12 Stories with Jerome Clementz

06.02.2013 //

The race season is upon us and after a winter full of travel and training, it’s time to see how the work will pay off for Jerome Clementz. This “Race to race” episode gives you a glimpse of how Jérôme (accompanied by Ben Cruz and Pauline Dieffenthaler) gets into race mode and how life is going during the season. Follow the life of the Cannondale Overmountain Team for two weeks on the road.

Video: Into the Arrow

06.01.2013 //

From March to May the landscape of thge southern hemisphere is transformed by the second season of its year. In other words, this video of Conor Macfarlane is full of ripping leafy, loamy, loose single track under an incredibly colourful canopy in Arrowtown, New Zealand.

Video: Anthony Messere Rides Vancouver Island

06.01.2013 //

Fox team rider Anthony Messere spent a few days riding on Vancouver island earlier this year.
Here is the video from the guys at Mind Spark Cinema.

Video: Out There

05.31.2013 //

Blackburn’s “Out There” program tells the story of two iconic cycling routes, the people who ride them and the uncommon adventures they have along the way.

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