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Video: Sunshine Coast – Welcome the Trail Wizard

05.23.2013 //

In this clip, Linden Feniak and James Doerfling just rip through one amazing scene after another. Absolutely stellar camera work on this one. Not to be missed.

Exclusive: The Racer’s Perspective–Enduro World Series #1

05.22.2013 //

It’s funny, the collective mountain bike community has been pretty pumped on the inception of the Enduro World Series (or “EWS”), myself included. On one hand, at the inaugural round, there was certainly a lot of excitement. On the other, the EWS is a series comprised of events that have been running for quite some time.

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Rocky Mountain Altitude 750

05.22.2013 //

Rocky Mountain’s new Altitude 750 is a capable trail bike that can be fine-tuned like no other model on the market.

Video: Red Bull “Born and Raised”

05.22.2013 //

We’ve seen the racing, we’ve seen the action, but what happens away from the track? What makes a World Cup winner? Mike Parenteau documents the elements that came together on the day of July 29, 2012, a day that will live long in the memory of Brook MacDonald.

Video: Cedric Gracia, Through My Eyes #1

05.22.2013 //

The CG Brigade is rolling out a new series of videos. Will they include scenes of men riding around in banana hammocks or in very little clothing? Yes. Will it make sense? No. Will there be great riding? Absolutely.

Video: Chasing Trail with Curtis Keene in Sedona

05.21.2013 //

Ostensibly a promotional video for Avid brakes, this is simply a pretty cool video about Curtis Keene, the impact bikes have had on his life and, if you are not particularly into the transformative powers of the knobby tire, you can just geek out to some rad footage of Keene roosting around the red rock of Sedona. Good stuff.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

05.21.2013 //

Wade Simmons and Brian Lopes. Sedona, AZ

News: Troy Lee Designs Debuts 2013 Summer/Fall Apparel

05.21.2013 //

Troy Lee Designs recently debuted their 2013 Summer/Fall Bike Collection. The full apparel line spans the spectrum from DH to cross-country and were designed with feedback from a who’s who of the world’s premier riders.

Video: Opening Day at Whistler Bike Park

05.21.2013 //

What’s opening day at Whistler Bike Park like? As one rider summed it up, “It’s better than Christmas.” Well put. Here comes the new season.

Video: Best of Red Bull Berg Line 2013

05.20.2013 //

All eyes were on the starting tower, when Brett Rheeder prepared for the last run of the day. Thus only the Canadian could grab the victory from Sam Pilgrim (GBR) who was leading at that stage…..

News: Trek Remedy and Fuel EX Go to 29

05.20.2013 //

By Vernon Felton There’s no way to keep a secret bike secret when it’s being raced under the spotlight of world attention. Thus, once Tracy Moseley showed up on a 29er Remedy for her practice runs at the Enduro World Series in Punta Ala, the internet was quickly abuzz with images of the wagon-wheeler enduro […]

Video: Enduro World Series–Punta Ala

05.20.2013 //

Check out this video. It’s an excellent recap of all the action from Round 1 of the new Enduro World Series in Punta Ala and a good primer on what enduro racing is all about.

News: Fabien Barel Wins First Round of Enduro World Series

05.19.2013 //

Fabien Barel won the first round of the Enduro World Series in Punta Ala. Clementz came in 2nd place. Jared Graves took third.

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

05.19.2013 //

Photo: Sterling Lorence

Video: Enduro | A Bike Movie 3 – Episode #6

05.19.2013 //

Watch this video and marvel that the second rider, Thibaut Daprela, is just 12, freaking years old. How fast will this kid be when he’s the ripe old age of 17?

Photo of the Day: Reuben Krabbe

05.18.2013 //

Stephen Matthews. Whistler, BC

Video: A Road Trip with Rheeder

05.18.2013 //

Brett Rheeder used to be just another kid ripping it up on his backyard slopestyle course. Today he’s full-on freeride royalty. We rode along as he traveled to Trek to pick up his new bike, then on to Ray’s Indoor Park to put it down.

Video: Yeti Cycles in Green River

05.18.2013 //

Green River, Utah. Take a racer to the desert and he will still find a corner to rail. This trip was Yeti’s first foray shooting with the highly anticipated and much hyped Red EPIC.

Video: Mike Montgomery at Ranchstyle 2013

05.18.2013 //

This is what a dialed-in practice run looks and sounds like from the point of view of Specialized rider Mike Montgomery.

Video: Aaron Gwin Makes Crazy Look Sane

05.17.2013 //

Aaron Gwin has a big target on his back these days. Winning will do that for you. If this video is any indication, a lot of racers are going to have to get up real early in the morning to take this guy down.

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