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Video: Val di Sole DH Finals

06.16.2013 //

Missed the action from today’s DH finals at Val di Sole? Red Bull is graciously offering up the goods right here. Check it out.

Video: Whitefish Bike Park Opens Today

06.15.2013 //

Whitefish Bike Park opens today with lift-served access to new trails Kashmir and Freebird. Kashmir is two-thirds of the way completed with rideable sections near the Notch, and then from the top of Chair 2 down. You can catch it as in interweaves with the Summit Trail. Freebird, the most advanced new trail on the mountain, is completely open.

Off Track Podcast: From Fort William to Val di Sole

06.14.2013 //

Commentator Tristan Merrick hosts a rabble of some of the smartest, sagest, wittiest personalities in the cycling world as they churn over the latest happenings in the world of racing. Who killed it at the latest World Cup or Enduro World Series event? Who’s primed to come out of nowhere and lay the pimp hand down on this week’s competition? What’s up with fanny packs these days? Merrick and company lay down the truth in each week’s Off Track podcast.

Photo of the Day: Steve Lloyd

06.14.2013 //

Wendy Palmer. Moab, Utah.

Dirty Words: Stairway to Hell and Heaven

06.14.2013 //

Summer is coming to the Washington, D.C. area not on little cat feet, but with hammer blows of scorching heat, high-velocity derecho winds, sour armpit afternoons and enough humidity to grow mold in your toilet bowl.

Video: The STDD Breakout

06.14.2013 //

Singletrack Deficit Disorder (STDD) is a highly dangerous and almost virulent condition that affects thousands of Americans and Canadians every day. Science is also showing it to exist in the four corners of the globe. We have taken a close look at this condition and in this video, episode 1 of the Sun Valley Remedy, we look back at the origin of STDD.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

06.13.2013 //

Nick Quinn. Invermere, BC

News: Avid Updates Mechanical Disc Brake

06.13.2013 //

Avid recently debuted the BB7S–a sleeker and slightly lighter version of the long-enduring BB7 mechanical disc brake. While its been ages since mechanical disc brakes were an apples-to-apples alternative to hydraulic discs in the mountain biking arena, mechanical disc brakes still make sense for cyclocross bikes, commuters and folks with phobias involving hydraulic fluids.

Video: This is What It’s Like to Ride Val di Sole

06.13.2013 //

How challenging is the the Val di Sole track? If this video is any indication, it’s pretty brutal. Gstaadt Scott team manager Claudio Caluori comes out of retirement to give us a POV of the brutal Val di Sole World Cup track.

Video: John Watson’s “The Ends”

06.13.2013 //

Setting out from Shanghai, John Watson and Mission Workshop began their cycling tour of China’s Yangtze River Delta. Using both film and digital formats….

Video: Brook MacDonald Charging

06.13.2013 //

The Bulldog (a.k.a, Brook MacDonald) doesn’t go around stuff; he goes through it. Shot on location at Skyline Bike Park in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – GT Distortion 2.0

06.12.2013 //

Of all the bikes in our gear-guide issue, we had the toughest time pinning GT’s Distortion 2.0 to a specific category.The Distortion presents an interesting departure from the standard trail-bike formula—with surprisingly fun results.

Video: White Brothers Brototype Test Session–Backcountry

06.12.2013 //

Noah Sears and Nick Simcik put the new White Brothers “Brototype” enduro fork to the test on a seldom used, dusty backcountry descent.

Video: Riders in the Rockies Poised to Lose More Elevation

06.12.2013 //

Rocky Mountain-area riders will soon have another place to ride this season as Jackson Hole Bike Park reopens for daily riding on June 15th. This video shows off what’s in store.

Photo of the Day: Nicolas Teichrob

06.12.2013 //

Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton and Kyle Norbraten. Whistler, BC

Video: The Detail’s in the Dirt–Transmission

06.11.2013 //

It’s been around for about 100 years, and many believe there to be a better solution but the humble derailleur is still going strong. We get the lowdown on the why and the how courtesy of SRAM’s race coordinator Todd Anderson and the Santa Cruz Syndicate team.

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

06.11.2013 //

James Doerfling and Garett Buehler. Sunshine Coast, BC

Video: The North Face–Exploring the Bendor Range

06.11.2013 //

Part of mountain biking is that surge for the next location that’s going to push you as an athlete and push the sport of mountain biking. Often what happens is you overlook what’s in your own backyard.

Tested: CamelBak Agent

06.11.2013 //

With its 671 cubic inches of storage, CamelBak’s Agent is a midsize pack with big-pack aspirations. The Agent has room to haul all the essentials, in addition to body armor and a full-face helmet.

Video: Kyle Strait Vogues for Bike Magazine

06.11.2013 //

Kyle Strait, International Model and all-around glamour doll has perfected a look that has netted him countless covers–including the cover of Bike Magazine. The “Sassy Kat”, the “Prancing Pony”, “Blue Steel”, “Magnum” and, of course, his patented “I Just Drank a 40 and I’m Gonna F#@! some S#@% Up!”… Kyle Strait can ignite any of his trademark looks at a moment’s notice. Don’t believe us? Check out the video.

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