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Video: Riders in the Rockies Poised to Lose More Elevation

06.12.2013 //

Rocky Mountain-area riders will soon have another place to ride this season as Jackson Hole Bike Park reopens for daily riding on June 15th. This video shows off what’s in store.

Photo of the Day: Nicolas Teichrob

06.12.2013 //

Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton and Kyle Norbraten. Whistler, BC

Video: The Detail’s in the Dirt–Transmission

06.11.2013 //

It’s been around for about 100 years, and many believe there to be a better solution but the humble derailleur is still going strong. We get the lowdown on the why and the how courtesy of SRAM’s race coordinator Todd Anderson and the Santa Cruz Syndicate team.

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

06.11.2013 //

James Doerfling and Garett Buehler. Sunshine Coast, BC

Video: The North Face–Exploring the Bendor Range

06.11.2013 //

Part of mountain biking is that surge for the next location that’s going to push you as an athlete and push the sport of mountain biking. Often what happens is you overlook what’s in your own backyard.

Tested: CamelBak Agent

06.11.2013 //

With its 671 cubic inches of storage, CamelBak’s Agent is a midsize pack with big-pack aspirations. The Agent has room to haul all the essentials, in addition to body armor and a full-face helmet.

Video: Kyle Strait Vogues for Bike Magazine

06.11.2013 //

Kyle Strait, International Model and all-around glamour doll has perfected a look that has netted him countless covers–including the cover of Bike Magazine. The “Sassy Kat”, the “Prancing Pony”, “Blue Steel”, “Magnum” and, of course, his patented “I Just Drank a 40 and I’m Gonna F#@! some S#@% Up!”… Kyle Strait can ignite any of his trademark looks at a moment’s notice. Don’t believe us? Check out the video.

Exclusive: Ibis Launches Mojo HDR

06.10.2013 //

Today Ibis publicly unveiled the Mojo HDR—an updated version of their Mojo HD model. We’ve been riding the HDR, shod with 650b wheels, these past few weeks. Here are our thoughts on the new bike as well as the inside story from Ibis founder, Scot Nicol.

Video: Fort William DH Recap

06.10.2013 //

The 2013 UCI World Cup Downhill season is officially underway, with a stellar event at Fort William now in the books. If you missed the live stream this morning, never fear — you can watch the entire event replay here.

Gallery: Buzz #2

06.10.2013 //

It’s one of the things that has always set Bike apart from its competitors–the best photography and layout. With that in mind, here’s another great gallery from the pages of Bike Magazine.

Video: This Is Peaty – Fort William Helmet-Cam Run

06.09.2013 //

Let Steve Peat, along with Josh Bryceland and Greg Minnaar show you the 2013 Fort William Downhill’ course… Fast, dry and loose….

Video: Inca Avalanche Mass Start

06.08.2013 //

Here’s a quick, drone’s-eye view of the mass start for the 2013 Inca Avalanche. Racers were challenged by bog, steeps, rocky and exposed terrain all along the 5000-foot descent. There was again spitting rain for run one and slight hail greeted the riders for the final run. Yannic Wende (Gravity Global -Tigo), the 2012 champion […]

Video: Peregrine Falcon Dive Bombs Gee Atherton

06.08.2013 //

Is the premise ridiculous? Yes. Did I watch it twice? Absolutely. Proof positive that Red Bull Media can make anything look cool in a video.

Video: Sun Valley Has a Cure for Singletrack Deficit Disorder

06.07.2013 //

Singletrack Deficit Disorder (STDD) is a highly dangerous and almost virulent condition that affects thousands of Americans and Canadians every day. Science is also showing it to exist in the four corners of the globe. We have taken a close look at this condition and in this video, episode 1 of the Sun Valley Remedy, we look back at the origin of STDD.

Dirty Words: The Volunteer State

06.07.2013 //

Riding and racing a bike is a heck of a lot more fun than organizing, authorizing, certifying, insuring, assuring, cajoling and putting on a bike race. We feel guilty because we know our entry check doesn’t cover anywhere near the true cost of putting on a bike race. Volunteers who don’t get to raise their hands at the finish because they’re bent over wrestling with a heavy black plastic bag of your refuse see through your guilty gaze and easy wave.

News: GT Debuts 2014 Fury

06.06.2013 //

GT’s 2014 Fury has been rebuilt from the ground up–ready for the latest generation of World Cup tracks and bike parks around the world. Watch the full development story here.

Tested: Twenty6 Predator Flat Pedals

06.06.2013 //

There’s plenty of real estate to play around on here and the clearance is excellent—shorn pins notwithstanding. The traction pins are well distributed and the body is nicely concave. Weight—with aluminum pins and titanium spindles—is an impressive 340 grams.

The Bakery: Next Generation Tippie

06.06.2013 //

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Jessamy Carmen Tippie, the heiress to the Brett Tippie legacy and 4-year-old mountain biker. She was the Lance to my Oprah, but unlike Mr. Armstrong she wasn’t afraid to answer the hard questions as we tackled everything from wheel size to unicorns.

Video: Connor Field’s Backyard Playground

06.06.2013 //

Connor Field is an up and coming freeride mountain biker from Wilson, Wyoming. Riding on Teton pass near his house is where he trains an develops his skills. In an effort to expand his biking he built his own downhill jump course in his backyard and this is it.

Tested: Intense Spider 29

06.05.2013 //

There are times when the whole 29er/650b hoopla gets a bit, well, stupid. Slap some big wheels on an existing model and presto—the bike somehow gains a 29 or 27.5-percent boost in efficiency, stiffness and utter radness. Logic and reason go right out the window. Whatever.

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