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Video: Racing Action from Vallnord

07.30.2013 //

What happened in Vallnord this past weekend? Check out the action from the Downhill finals.

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

07.30.2013 //

North Vancouver, BC

Premiere! Anthill’s New Movie, “NotBad”

07.29.2013 //

From 10 A.M. to 12 A.M. (Pacific Standard Time) on July 29th, you can watch “NotBad”, the latest movie from Anthill Films, in its entirety right here. Enjoy the show.

Video: Enduro Vs. Downhill

07.29.2013 //

Still trying to wrangle with this whole enduro thing–what it is, why it is, what kind of bike makes sense? Curtis Keene–the American Dream–gives his perspective on the burgeoning “downhill racing on trail bikes” scene.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

07.29.2013 //

Aaron Whitley. Courmayeur, Italy

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

07.28.2013 //

Wade Simmons. North Vancouver, BC

Video: Colorado Freeride Festival Enduro–Day 2

07.28.2013 //

Here’s the action from the second day of the Enduro competition at the Colorado Freeride Festival (CFF) at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park, Colorado.

Video: Colorado Freeride Festival Enduro–Day 1

07.28.2013 //

Here’s the action from Day One of the Enduro competition at the Colorado Freeride Festival (CFF) at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park, Colorado. CFF is being billed as the largest freeride festival in the United States and features the best mountain bikers in the world battling it out for over $45,000 in prize money.

Video: A day in the life of Cedric Gracia

07.28.2013 //

Cedric Gracia is one of the most… well, he’s Cedric Gracia! With his home round of the UCI World Cup just around the corner, Cedric was keen to take us under his wing for a day and show us round.

Photo of the Day: Reuben Krabbe

07.27.2013 //

Devlin Montana. Whistler, BC

News: Giant Goes Big with 27.5

07.26.2013 //

Want to know what’s happening with Giant in 2014? Here, I’ll summarize it for you—27.5—as in 27.5 (a.k.a. “650b”) wheeled bikes. Giant will roll out 28 different 650b bikes next year around the world–from hardtails to enduro bikes. Here’s the story on the bold move.

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review–Trek Session 9.9

07.26.2013 //

The Session 9.9 is like some monstrous, all-mountain bike from the future that, once mastered, could dominate today’s race scene.

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

07.26.2013 //

Ripley (left) and Pitou (right) look for dog snack. Slocan, BC

Video: Red Bull Course Preview–Vallnord

07.25.2013 //

Gstaadt Scott’s Claudio Caluori talks us down one of the year’s most brutal World Cup tracks

The Bakery: Community

07.25.2013 //

When I left home, mostly to find work and to date someone I wasn’t related to, I left my community behind. I was lost. I had friends and family, but something was missing. It wasn’t until I found mountain biking and the people who make mountain biking happen that I felt at home again. My community was no longer a physical location. It was a common interest with no fixed address.

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson

07.25.2013 //

Mike Hopkins, Kyle Norbraten and Curtis Robinson. Sunshine Coast, BC

Video: #whyMTB Chapter 2–Brien Chartier

07.25.2013 //

What is the meaning of mountain biking? In this continuing Kitsbow video series, we explore what it means to ride from the motivations and perspectives of those whose tireless efforts have lent the sport meaning and inspiration to our own lives. In this second chapter, we head to the arid hills of Kern County to learn about what mountain biking means to Brien Chartier: the BLM Ranger tasked with policing the region’s public wilderness lands.

Video: Take a Tour of Breckenridge’s B-Line Trail

07.25.2013 //

In this video, Breckenridge local and pro rider, Kevin Soller, takes you on a tour of B-Line, a trail that’s part of the town’s trail network (the Breckenridge Freeride Park was one of the first municipally-funded parks in the country), which extends from downtown and is used to access spectacular high-mountain singletrack such as that along the Colorado Trail, Guyot loop, Wheeler Trail and many, many more.

News: Race Face Goes to 35

07.24.2013 //

Race Face will soon offer 35-millimeter diameter bars and stems across several of their lines. Sixc, Next, Atlas and Turbine bars and stems will soon be available in the extra-wide diameter that Easton popularized with their Havoc 35 line.

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