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Review: 7mesh Revelation Jacket

01.29.2015 //

7mesh’s Revelation is a case study in rugged, minimalism. It’s a no-frills rain jacket that sheds water like a champ, holds up to abuse and breathes well. Just don’t expect a ton of bells and whistles.

Preview: Ibis Mojo HD3 Special Blend

01.22.2015 //

Ibis sells the Special Blend version of their latest, carbon all-mountain bike–the Mojo HD3–for less than plenty of comparable aluminum bikes. That, for the record, is crazy. Here’s the report from the trail.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Winter Tastes Like Humiliation

01.19.2015 //

Winter will not cut you a break, buy you a beer or be your buddy. Winter is cruel. She tastes like humiliation. But she might also be your best friend.

Preview: Five Ten Freerider Contact

01.15.2015 //

Five Ten’s all-mountain style shoe, the Freerider Vxi, gets several updates for 2015, including a new name: The Freerider Contact.

Preview: Trek Slash 8 27.5

01.08.2015 //

Trek’s Remedy might be better known, but the Slash is the real bruiser in Trek’s all-mountain/enduro line up. The Slash 8 27.5 might just be the best buy in the 2015 Slash family.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Mean Streets

01.05.2015 //

How safe are our streets? The good news–the risk of being plowed down by cars has declined over the years. The bad news? When you ride the street, you still have a target on your back and the legal system still isn’t doing enough to protect you.

Tested: Primal Wear Fusion Thermal Jacket | $120

01.01.2015 //

If you remember Primal Wear as the company with the obnoxious, print jerseys, you might be surprised to find just how subtle many of their newer pieces are. The Fusion is a nice..and sleek… bit of kit.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Best of 2014

12.29.2014 //

What did I like in 2014? Other than bacon and Bruce Lee YouTube clips? These bikes and parts, right here, are what fill me with the warm and fuzzies.

Preview: Kona Process 153

12.25.2014 //

We’ve tested Kona’s short-travel 29er Process 111 and their mid-travel Process 134 already. How does the all-mountain Kona Process 153 compare? Here are some first impressions of the 2015 model.

The Web Monkey Speaks: My “Mountain Bike Mecca”

12.22.2014 //

The perfect place to ride isn’t some exotic locale, loaded with hundreds of miles of singletrack. Sure, we all wish we could live in Whistler or Moab or Finale Ligure, but most of us don’t and never will. The best place, then, is the place you ride most often. The place that soaks up your blood and sweat. The place where you suffer defeat one day and come back swinging the next.

Preview: 7Mesh Revelation Jacket

12.18.2014 //

New company, new jacket. The 7mesh Revelation ain’t cheap, but the rainy-day warrior is made from Gore’s top-level water and windproof material….and it’s built to last. Here are our initial thoughts on it.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Time is Cruel

12.15.2014 //

People wax poetic about “classic” bikes and parts. I am not one of them. I’m not saying there’s no value to the past. I appreciate the artistry that made those old components a reality and I love the memories that come flooding back to me whenever I see some cool, rare quirky piece of mountain biking history, but do I actually want to ride that crap? Hell no.

Tested: Easton Haven 27.5 Wheelset

12.11.2014 //

There are lighter wheels on the market and a few that are lighter and less expensive, but I haven’t found any of them to be as durable as the Easton Haven. That’s why I continue to run these things, even though I’d love to see them grow wider in the future. Looking for a solid all-mountain wheel set? Check this out.

The Web Monkey Speaks: The Tao of Dio

12.08.2014 //

People fixate on the ride quality of a $3,000 carbon wheelset or obsess over how to shave another eighth of a pound off their 23-pound race rocket, but if you’re really interested in getting the most out of your ride, there are less obvious, but more important, items to sort out. Consider these the Ronnie James Dios of your bicycle. Underappreciated. Disrespected. Downright obscure. But in the grand scheme of things, so very important.

Tested: Gore Fusion Tool Jacket

12.04.2014 //

Winter generally comes in two basic flavors: clear and cold or cloudy and wet. Gore’s Fusion Tool jacket is the right bit of kit for that first kind of winter day. Even when the mercury is well below the freezing mark, the WindStopper-equipped Fusion Tool is downright toasty.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Bicycle on the Brain

12.01.2014 //

The odds are good that you can recall the bikes your best friends rode back in grade school. You probably remember every mountain bike you’ve owned, which parts were on it, what you upgraded and why…. Which, when you imagine all the other things in life you’ve surely forgotten, is kind of crazy.

Tested: Giant Trance Advanced SX–the Dream Build

11.27.2014 //

The best bikes and components of 2014? Each of Bike’s editors gave their spin on the “dream build”. Here’s Vernon Felton’s choice: a hopped-up version of Giant’s Trance Advanced SX. Here’s the review.

The Web Monkey Speaks: The Cold Truth

11.24.2014 //

Riding a bike can’t all be cruising buff singletrack under bluebird skies full of cotton-candy clouds. That’s great and all, but it’s only a part of the cycling experience. Taste the whole thing. Grapple with Mother Nature. Take a few lumps. Grow some snot-cicles and give as good as you get.

Tested: Specialized Deflect Gloves

11.20.2014 //

It’s hard to get excited about a glove, but a pair of good winter gloves like the Specialized Deflect can make the difference between riding and merely dreaming of riding.

First Ride: Ibis Mojo HD3

11.17.2014 //

The new Ibis Mojo HD3 represents a ground-up redesign of Ibis’ famed all-mountain bike. We’ve been lucky enough to ride the thing. Here’s the story.

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