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The Web Monkey Speaks: A Civil Conversation

04.27.2015 //

If you’re going to write stories and put you name atop the article, you better grow a thick skin. There’s no pleasing everyone. If that’s your aim, you might as well get a gig at Hallmark writing those crappy greeting cards with roses and kittens on the covers. That said, I draw the line at being called a “whore.”

Preview: Niner RIP 9 Carbon 2-Star SLX

04.23.2015 //

For 2015, Niner introducted a half carbon/half aluminum version of the Rip 9, which means you can get into a carbon Rip 9 beginning at $2,200 for the frame and $3,300 for the “1 Star” model. Here are some impressions on the slightly (and smartly) up-spec’d “2 Star” version of Niner’s all-purpose machine.

What Does it all Mean? 27.5+ and 29+ Bikes

04.21.2015 //

What the heck are plus-size bikes anyway? What are these bikes supposed to do well? What are their limitations? Why are we suddenly popping up? We dive deep into the answers with this story.

The Web Monkey Speaks: P-Funk, Fish Sauce and Disc Brakes

04.13.2015 //

What do fermented fish paste, the funky strains of George Clinton and disc brakes on road bikes have in common? Everything.

KMC Missing Link 10R Review

04.09.2015 //

Pull KMC’s Missing Link out of your pack and within two minutes you’re back on the trail, merrily turning circles, happy instead of hobbling, stumbling and hyperventilating. Cheap? Yes. Priceless? Without a doubt.

News: The Inside Line on Portland’s River View MTB ban

04.02.2015 //

What does Charlie Sponsol have to say about Portland’s decision to ban mountain biking at River View Natural Area? The voice behind the Team Robot blog doesn’t mince words in this in-depth interview with the professional racer and trail advocate.

The Web Monkey Speaks: A “Bike-Friendly” city? Let’s redefine that

03.30.2015 //

If cities want to earn that hallowed “bike friendly” badge, they have to dig deep. They have to confront some stereotypes they might have about mountain bikers being knuckle-dragging troglodytes. They need to open up those trails. You can’t call yourself “bike friendly” while crapping on us mountain bikers.

Preview: Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon

03.26.2015 //

The Santa Cruz Tallboy is, in many ways, the bike that proved the merit of full-suspension 29ers. But does it stack up to the new breed of big-wheeled bikes?

Preview: Troy Lee Designs T-Bone Knee Pads

03.19.2015 //

The trend over the past half decade has been to make leg armor more pedaling-friendly, by ditching the hard-shell and using lighter, better-ventilated materials. The T-Bones follow suit. Here are our first impressions.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Everyone Loves an A-Hole

03.16.2015 //

People say things online that they’d never, ever say in real life. Safe in the comfort of their cubicle or basement, the trolls deliver e-beatdowns to anyone who disagrees with their opinions–and other people lap it up. Here’s why that’s true…

Review: Dakine Split Roller 100L

03.13.2015 //

I’ve lost track of all the cities I’ve towed the Dakine Split Roller through, but I can tell you this-when it comes to packing a godawful lot of gear and humping it from terminal to terminal without herniating a disc, it’s hard to beat Dakine’s old standby.

The Web Monkey Speaks: The Best Bike of 2015?

03.02.2015 //

As a writer, you sound like you know your stuff when you come out guns-a-blazin’ and declare a single winner in your “shoot out”. You can even make it seem more convincing by creating a little ranking system with stars or imitating the voice of God in your writing. There’s just one problem with that kind of review: it’s rubbish.

Preview: Specialized Camber Comp Carbon

02.27.2015 //

Specialized’s Camber is like the aggressive rider’s cross-country bike… or maybe it’s the cross-country rider’s trail bike. I still can’t say which, but I can say this: it hauls ass up climbs and hangs better on descents than it has a right to, given how little squish it’s packing.

Tested: Nuun Active Hydration

02.19.2015 //

I used to think electrolytes were just some foreign thing skinnier riders on even skinnier hardtails worried about. Like VO2 max, lactate thresholds and peak training—I really couldn’t be arsed with crap like that. Then I tried Nuun and, had to admit, I was wrong. This stuff works, is cheap and tastes surprisingly good.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Beer Is Not the Enemy

02.17.2015 //

We Americans have criminalized gluten, sworn off sugar, compressed bean curds into discs and called them “burgers”. And what happened to bacon? When did eating bacon become a crime? Let me suggest a solution, a means of balancing the scales: beer.

Preview: Cannondale Jekyll 3 27.5

02.12.2015 //

Two bikes in one? Cannondale’s Jekyll has offered that promise for awhile now. The 2015 version, however, gets 650b wheels, an updated geometry and revamped Fox DYAD shock.

Tested: Maxxis Minion DHF

02.05.2015 //

Forget leverage rates, shock tunes and all the high-modulus marketing BS, nothing—absolutely nothing—matters more than a good set of tires. Really. And when it comes to aggressive riding in wet conditions, it’s hard to do better than the Maxxis Minion DHF.

Sabotage and desperation on the North Shore

02.03.2015 //

It would be sensational to call trail sabotage a massive issue, but recent events do indicate a certain level of animosity aimed at mountain bikers. This feature is intended to lend some perspective on what could be interpreted as a series of canary in a coal mine-type events.

Review: 7mesh Revelation Jacket

01.29.2015 //

7mesh’s Revelation is a case study in rugged, minimalism. It’s a no-frills rain jacket that sheds water like a champ, holds up to abuse and breathes well. Just don’t expect a ton of bells and whistles.

Preview: Ibis Mojo HD3 Special Blend

01.22.2015 //

Ibis sells the Special Blend version of their latest, carbon all-mountain bike–the Mojo HD3–for less than plenty of comparable aluminum bikes. That, for the record, is crazy. Here’s the report from the trail.

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